Welcome to Mystic Butterfly!

I’m so happy you have landed on this website. I believe everything happens for a reason, and there is a great reason why you are here right now.

My name is Jana and I’m the founder of Mystic Butterfly®. What is Mystic Butterfly? Mystic Butterfly is a name I’ve given to the human soul. Your soul is the mystical, often unexplainable part of our being, and a butterfly, is a sign of transformation. I believe, that we, us humans and souls, are on a journey of learning and transforming while experiencing this adventure called life. And your adventure matters to all of us.

My mission:

I’m here to assist you on this adventure, by helping you to own your truth and step into your power. When you do so, you will start aligning with the best version of yourself. You will start dissolving any limiting beliefs you may have and start seeing your life from a new perspective. This process is very exciting, because you will realise how powerful you truly are and that life is full of so many amazing possibilities.

You are a unique human and a soul, and you deserve to experience life fully. And your uniqueness, is your superpower. You have so much to offer to this world, just by being your true self.

‘Let’s make this experience on the Earth happy and fulfilling one, to help us reach a higher consciousness for ourselves, the planet and the entire universe.’

~Jana Prackova