Welcome to Mystic Butterfly!

I am so happy you have landed on this website. I believe everything happens for a reason, and there is a great reason why you are here right now at this moment. Your Soul has directed you here! Something within you kept saying: “There is so much more to this life than what I’ve been experiencing up to this point!”

My name is Jana and I am so excited for you right now. It is my great honour and my pleasure to be your guide on this mysterious journey to your true self. Together, we will uncover and demystify what is the real meaning of your own unique journey here on Earth.

You are here for a reason and you have an important life’s purpose. Your adventure matters to us all, and it is very important that you bring your true self up to the surface now, and start sharing your beautiful gifts with the world. This Universe is waiting for your truth, your light and all the fantastic gifts you came here to offer!

With love,

Jana x

~Founder, Mystic Butterfly®


My mission:

“Let’s make this experience on the Earth happy and fulfilling one by doing what we love, and keep raising the collective consciousness of us all.”

~Jana Prackova