About Jana

Hi, I’m Jana!

I am the founder of Mystic Butterfly® and your guide to your true self ~to your Soul. I was born in Slovakia, a little country in the heart of Europe, but I currently live in the United Kingdom. I’m a writer, certified life coach, spiritual coach, meditation teacher, musician and artist. I love writing poetry, inspiring stories, composing music, and I believe part of me is a forest fairy. I love spending time in nature. Nature always helps me align with my true self, and it has an incredible healing effect. I am also a private pilot and I love taking aeroplanes up to the skies and enjoy the beauty of our planet Earth from a higher perspective.

In my coaching work, I teach people how to align with the true essence of who they really are, how to find their purpose in life and create the lives they desire.

My Story…how it all began

Ever since I can remember I have been on an interesting journey. As a child, I was a creative little soul. Writing music, stories, poetry and singing, were just a few of my passions, and they truly shaped my world.

I was very intuitive from a young age. I remember so clearly all the early encounters of my strong, vivid intuition and so-called knowings! They were amazing, but often unexplainable to my childhood self. I often perceived myself as weird and thought maybe there is something wrong with me. I often kept wondering: “How is it possible that something would flash in my mind, and then within a short period of time it would become reality?” This awareness used to frightened me and brought many fears into my life. But amongst all of this, I always had a strong inner knowing, that there is a reason behind it all.

In my teens and in my early twenties (while trying to fit in into this reality and be like everybody else), I began experiencing feelings of not being good enough. I felt disconnected from the outside world. I was looking for happiness outside of myself, only feeling worthy when I gained some kind of credentials or any external approval. Those so-called moments of happiness never lasted for too long, and inward, I was still unhappy, anxious and worried. I was afraid of my truth, and I believed I needed to impress people, so they would like me. At that time I didn’t realise, that my outside world is a reflection of my internal state. My early to almost late twenties were very challenging. I began feeling disconnected from the outside world more than ever before. I began experiencing severe anxiety attacks and I was overwhelmed by fear. Now I know, they were the warning signals from my soul screaming out loud to finally start looking after myself.

Ever since I began looking after myself, physically and spiritually, my life took a completely different direction. I no longer perceived myself as weird…quite the opposite actually. I realised, none of us is separate from one another, we are all equal and all in this together. I started noticing many signs around me, and my entire life’s journey began making more sense to me. Daily moments of stillness and connection with nature allowed me to realise who I really am. I was suddenly inspired by the world I live in. I realised this life is one great, exciting adventure. Our goal is to enjoy this adventure, learn and grow.

To give up is not an answer in my opinion, but to take a deep breath and begin again it’s a great choice. And you have that opportunity every single day no matter how difficult your life may seem right now. Break the spell and realise you are so much more that you believed up to this point.

I don’t have a perfect life all the time, well…who does? Fears come up, things don’t go according to my plans, but I choose not to hang around in the darkness for too long now. I do my best every single day to live my life to the fullest, have fun and by living this way inspire others.

So here I am, and this is the reason why I’ve decided to create Mystic Butterfly® for you ~a guide to your true self.

I love my life and I can finally say I found my true life’s purpose. My future plan is to be of service to people around the world and guide them to find the true meaning of their own unique journey on Earth.

Thank you for stopping by. I am looking forward to connecting with you on this beautiful, mysterious journey called life.

With love,

Jana Prackova x