Artists, creatives & all of you multi-passionate people

Are you an artist or a creative? Have you got many interests, talents and things in your life that excite you? I’m glad you have stopped by, because this blog is just for you. I, myself am a multi-passionate kind of girl. Having lots of interests always inspired me. I hardly get bored or uninspired, but there is also a price to pay for this. I must admit my passions used to overwhelm me and occasionally still do. That happens in the moments when I’m not sure what I should be focusing on. Shall I write music, record a new song, focus more on flying, do some literary work, get myself to a ballet studio or give a full attention to my coaching and teaching? As you can see being multi-passionate is not always easy, but after all it’s exciting and very rewarding.

People used to tell me and sometimes still do, I should just pick one thing and let that be my passion turned into a career. For me, it’s almost impossible. I used to be very hard on myself when it came to my passions and talents. When I looked at others I could see something very clearly. Some of them were just writers and that’s what they were doing, others just singers, actors, teachers or pilots and they were fully focused on that. Comparing myself to them put so much pressure on me. “Why do I have to deal with an overload of interests? It would be so much easier just to choose one thing which excites me the most and give it my full attention? But which one?” The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I felt.


Then, I came to this realisation: “I came here to the Earth, to be Jana, nobody else. I am excited about all these things, and if I choose to be good at all of them, I can be. I can focus on one thing at the time in a given moment, but I can be a multi-passionate artist and still do a good job. This doesn’t mean I need to do all of those things as my career. They can purely be my hobbies and let’s what happens later.” This realisation brought so much clarity into my life and put my busy mind at ease.

My inspiration of a multi-passionate person

One of my greatest inspirations of a multi-passionate person is Maya Angelou. This incredible lady was an American poet, memoirist and a civil rights activist. She wrote screen plays, directed films, she was a singer and have been involved in many successful television series and radio talk shows. She was also a lecturer and has done many other inspiring things that made a huge contribution to the world. She did all of those amazing things with so much passion and enthusiasm. She will always be a huge inspiration of mine.

Embrace your passions

So, if you are a multi-passionate person, relax and take a deep breath. Don’t be hard on yourself, instead, dwell in joy! Be grateful for being who you are. All of those amazing gifts you have came to you for a reason. You are an amazing artist. Shine your unique light and show it to the world. It doesn’t matter whether you share your gifts on a smaller scale or with a wider world. Live in your truth by embracing your talents. This always inspires others. Don’t leave your passions hidden in the dark. Bring them out of the closet and share them with others. Let your soul sing its own unique song, which can only be sang by you.

A quote to live by

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style,” ~ Maya Angelou

Jana Prackova

Jana Prackova is the founder of Mystic Butterfly® ~ a guide to your true self, writer, traveller and a spiritual life coach. She loves inspiring people and her mission is teaching others how to reach their true potential by connecting with their spiritual side. In her spare time, she flies aeroplanes, writes music and loves exploring the mysteries of the Universe. Jana has been featured in the LOOP flying magazine and The Flight School Times and inspired many aspiring pilots worldwide to follow their dreams. She is the author of Mystic Butterfly ~a guide to your true self, which came out on the 18th January 2019.