Mystic Butterfly ~a guide to your true self

Do you ever feel lost, and not know which way to go? Do you ever wonder: Why am I here? What is the meaning of this journey? Do you ever feel there should be more to life than there is right now? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

All of us want lives that are happy and fulfilled, but achieving that can sometimes seem like a major task. Why do some people find it easy, while others struggle? In Mystic Butterfly, Jana Prackova, a life coach and spiritual teacher, shares her own story, her struggles and her realisations on the journey to her true self.

Using real life examples and step-by-step exercises, she invites you, the reader, on a journey of self-discovery. You’ll be shown how to nurture the non-physical part of your being, your soul, so you can shift your perception of the world.

Jana will show you how to see yourself in a new way, as a powerful universal being with incredible potential, and the ability to achieve great things.

Mystic Butterfly is available in paperback, hardcover and in eBook format:

Paperback: £8.99

Hardcover: £14.99

eBook: £4.99

You can purchase it on Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, Kobo, Booktopia, Foyles and many more places where books are sold. 

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Mystic Butterfly Notebook 

1) It’s here to accompany my book Mystic Butterfly ~a guide to your true self

I strongly encourage you to use it when you are working through the exercises in the book. Write it all down and keep it as a guide you can refer to.

2) To begin each day by listing things you are grateful for & fill the rest of the pages with your thoughts, feelings, dreams & visions for the future

Every left-hand side page begins with a saying: Today I am grateful for… which basically means, you can use it as a journal. Start each day by listing things you are grateful for. When you adopt this as a daily practice, you can set yourself on a positive note first thing in the morning. Remember that when we are grateful for what we already have in our lives, that often turns everything else into enough. What a wonderful exercise to begin the day.

At the bottom of every right-hand side page, is a positive affirmation (a different one for every day), which is designed to inspire you. Fill the pages of your notebook with your thoughts, feelings, dreams and visions for the future. It is yours and you can say it all your secrets and desires.

The notebook is available in a hardback cover format and has 154 pages.

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