Rejection is a universal redirection

young lady with flowers at spring sunset skyHow do you feel when someone says no to you? Do you immediately fall into a victim zone, get angry or start feeling worthless? If so, that’s completely understandable. We all want things to go right for us and as smoothly as possible. We all want people to like us, to agree with us, to understand our point of view. But this is not always the case. Although as souls we all came here from the same source, which is a pure love and light, we are currently living in the physical bodies and having an individual experiences. On this earthly plane we experience our differences and that’s the beauty of being a human. There is so much beauty, love and peace around us, if we choose to see it. But of course, there are also challenges, difficult situations and people who don’t agree with us and sometimes reject us. Suddenly this experience on Earth can become a struggle. Therefore I’ve decided to blog about rejection today and show you how to start looking at it from a different perspective.

It’s the point of view

I have experienced rejection far too many times in my life. I have been told many things which hurt me greatly and it took me years to to let them go. Strong words like: I am not good enough, smart enough, I don’t have the right education or I didn’t come from a family with a certain status made me feel worthless and very upset. When I was younger I believed all those labels. I accepted all these lies within the whole level of my being. After a while when I realised I am the creator of my own reality, none of the above could control me anymore. I said to myself: “This is my life and only I decide what I want to do with it!” What other people think of you and tell you about you has nothing to do with you! It is purely their opinion. Don’t let anybody the power to control your life this way. Step out of the victim zone by rejecting rejections, labels and lies. Choose to see them only as someone’s point view, because that’s what they really are. Whether somebody rejects you at work or in a relationship, it doesn’t matter. Don’t dwell on it for too long. Your time here is very precious. Accept it and focus on what’s important to you.

New Chapter

Every rejection is a closure of one chapter of the book and the beginning of a new one. It’s time to turn the page and stop re-reading the one which has already ended. Start looking at rejection as a fresh, new start of something special and exciting. When one door closes, another one opens. We all have to go through certain situations in life, sometimes unpleasant, to learn more about ourselves and realise what really matters to us. Rejection is an opportunity to explore and learn more about you. Get to know yourself and begin the new chapter of your life by getting excited what is going to follow next.

Universal redirection

I believe rejection is a universal redirection. When someone says no to you, the higher power of the Universe is actually protecting you from a place which isn’t useful for your soul’s growth. If something doesn’t work out in your life the way you want, trust and know the Universe is redirecting you to something which is far better for your particular soul’s path. Every time something doesn’t work out in my life the way I planned it, I know there is something so much better coming my way. And there always is! 

I thought to keep!

“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation, you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret!” ~Shannon L. Alder

Dealing with guilt and shame

young woman meditation on sunset beachOver the last few years, I’m realising more and more how much denial and scarcity I used to live in. At that time I didn’t accept myself for who I was, instead, I was always trying to be somebody I wasn’t. I believed I wasn’t good enough. Replacing my true self with all sorts of ‘false personas’ was painful, but it seemed like an easier choice at the time. After a long period of living in this confusion, I exhausted myself so deeply, I had troubles functioning in my daily life. I knew that sooner than later I needed to escape this unpleasant nightmare. When I finally made this decision, it was very liberating, but it also came with feelings of guilt and shame from my past choices. I began learning to accept myself for who I was, but those disturbing feelings became ever-present in my daily life. They were making me feel uncomfortable and often worthless. The magical shift occurred when I’ve made a choice to see myself as a beautiful human being and a soul beyond all the imperfections I believed in. I became willing to start accepting myself for who I really was one day at the time.

My healing journey still continues. As I’m aligning more and more with my true self every single day. Many old past wounds and some ugly truths are still coming up to the surface. I know they are asking to be dealt with, so they can finally be healed and transformed. They are often creeping into my life at the most unexpected times, in the moments when I think I’m finally on the right track. But now, no matter how unpleasant or scary they seem, I am fully committed to clear them up. I know I want to step into this world as a powerful spiritual teacher, and this is part of my healing and transformational journey and I’m grateful for it.

Sometimes in life, we reach a point where everything seems to be going against us. We may feel everything is falling apart. In the moments like this, it’s important to remember, that everything may actually be aligning to the right place. I know it’s scary, I know it’s uncomfortable and it hurts an awful lot. But it is part of your healing process, so you can finally be who you really came here to be. You may not understand the reason behind those challenges right now, but you can learn to trust this journey, even if you don’t understand it yet. This certainly is a path to your truth and many blessings which will be revealed to you when the time is right. It is one of the most liberating paths you can ever take.

So I forgive myself now! I know, I am slowly, but surely cleaning up my side of the street and the damage I caused to my beautiful self in the period of those thirty-something years living on this planet. I do know, I’m done with denying my true self.  I’m done with being ashamed of my story and I’m ready to step into my light fully now~ no matter how long it may take!  If I fall, I will try again and again for the rest of my life!

Dealing with guilt and shame isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to start healing them and transforming them. I want to give you some tips I’ve been finding very helpful whilst dealing with those emotions. Remember you are not alone. All of us experience those feelings whether we admit it or not. We act from a place of fear and create many painful stories in our lives unnecessarily. Most of us just don’t talk about them. This is the reason I’ve decided to take the first step and begin this conversation. Let’s start honouring our true identity and let’s start learning how to be proud of it.

Forgive yourself  

Guilt and shame are very low and draining emotions. You don’t need to be carrying those emotions around with you for the rest of your life. Choose to forgive yourself today! Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to yourself. Stop being hard on yourself and try to accept yourself a little more today for who you are. You are constantly learning and growing. You are not the same person you were a year ago, a month ago. You are not even the same person you were ten minutes ago. Accept this truth, love yourself and respect yourself. Even for the ‘unwise’ choices, you might have made. Past is not here anymore and there is nothing which can be changed about it, only your approach towards the past can be changed. It taught you some powerful and important lessons. Try to accept what was and focus on the person you are becoming now. In the real truth, you are a beautiful, pure soul full of love and light.


The process of releasing guilt and shame isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible to let those feelings go. You can set yourself free from the chains you put around yourself. When the old feelings of guilt and shame float into my reality, I do this simple exercise: “I take a few deep, cleansing, conscious breaths. I visualise breathing in all the goodness and love this Universe has in store for me. When I breathe out, I visualise I am breathing out all that guilt and shame I’ve been thinking about. I know those feelings are not part of me anymore and I am willing to let them go!” I repeat this cycle of breathing for about five rounds (but you can do this for as long as you like) and I feel so much better afterwards with a clarity on my mind. Try it.

Focus on your dreams

What would you like to experience in your life? What goals and dreams do you still have? Here is a suggestion for you! When you are dealing with guilt and shame instead of worrying about those feelings, re-focus your attention to something worth-while such as concentrating on your dreams. This way you’ll start feeling excited about something which is important to you and your attention will shift from a negative vibration to a positive frequency. What you focus on always expands, so start focusing more on what you would like to create in your life.

A thought to keep!

You are a brave soul and I am so proud of you right now! Taking the first step towards your real truth is one of the most courageous decisions you will ever make in a world that tells you otherwise. Keep going and know it is never too late to start. Even if you fall off the path and it doesn’t matter how many times you do,  you can always begin again and again. Set yourself on this new authentic journey and become the real you and finally free.

The powerful elements of nature

Magical forest scenery with a mix of summer and autumn colors and the sun shining through the leavesMany of you know how much I love nature. I love spending time in the woods being surrounded by beautiful tall trees. Nature always helps me to align with my true self~ with my soul. Nature is also a wonderful healer and a story teller. Albert Einstein said: “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” These words are very profound and there is so much truth in them. I visit nature to listen to the whispers of the wind. I love the sound of the rivers and waterfalls. I listen to the singing birds, and enjoy feeling the warm rays of sunlight on my face. The grounded trees with their deep roots always remind me how strong and powerful we all really are. Nature nourishes my mind, body and soul.

Many of you might have heard of the nature elements- the Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These elements are very powerful and have an incredible healing effect. I believe we can enrich our lives physically and spiritually, when we learn about them and also how to work with them. I am going to give you a brief introduction to the four nature elements, and a few rituals which you can apply into your daily life to experience the wonderful magic they hold within.

THE EARTH ELEMENT: grounding and stability

What people want is to feel healthy, happy, safe and secure. They want to be taken care of and know that all is well. They want to experience a stable relationships with no drama involved. If you are currently not feeling a stability or safety in your life, if you live in a constant fear and worry, there is a possibility you might be ungrounded. This was the case for me. In my early twenties I struggled with anxiety for a number of years. I wasn’t trusting in the process of life. My every day life was filled with constant fear and worry. I was always worried what others thought of me. Instead of focusing on what can go right, I focused my precious energy on what could go wrong. I felt unsupported and ungrounded. After a long search, I discovered the healing powers of nature. I learnt to ground myself and to connect to my truth. When I sat down underneath a tree, and I felt the supporting energy and the connection to the planet Earth beneath me, I felt calmer and my mind got clearer. In those moments my entire being began healing. I realised, instead of fighting my feelings of anxiety, I learnt to accept them and co-operate with them. By grounding myself more often, I learnt to love and accept myself fully. I believe many people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks are disconnected from the element of Earth. This also applies if somebody is a ‘natural worrier.’ They stopped trusting in themselves and in the process of life in general.

If this resonates with you, try this ritual: Next time you go to nature, intuitively find a nice, healthy tree. Sit underneath it and feel the connection to the Earth. Feel the Earth purifying your mind, body and your soul. Know that it is healing you and rejuvenating you. Know, that you are safe and secure at all times. Drink in the beauty of our planet Earth and absorb it through all your senses.

Also repeat this powerful affirmation: I trust in the process of life to take care of me!”

THE FIRE ELEMENT: purification and transformation

Fire is a very powerful element. One of the easiest ways to experience this element is to tune into the sunlight. Get out to nature and allow the beautiful rays of sunlight to gently caress your face. I love sunrises and sunsets. Try to wake up before the sunrise when possible and experience the beauty and the healing powers of a rising sun. The same applies to sunsets.

Another great ritual I use almost on a daily basis is to light a candle. I’ve learnt from one of my beautiful teachers this ritual: When you light a candle, you immediately clear the space where you are in. Any negative or heavy energies will start slowly start dissolving and fading away. I do this before every meditation class I teach ~I light candles. I also burn (aka smudge) Sage and Palo Santo (Holy Wood), to cleanse the space and my energy field from any negative energies floating around. Incense sticks are also very popular. Fire purifies and transforms! Caution: When you work with the element of fire, always make sure there is nothing flammable around and when you finish, extinguish everything properly.

To deepen your connection with this element, use this affirmation: “I am letting go and dissolving anything which is no longer serving me!” 

THE WATER ELEMENT: love, purity and flow of life

Do you feel emotionally drained? Do you feel exhausted just by getting off the phone with a friend who always complains? If so, you might be in a need of a Spiritual shower. What do I mean by this? An actual shower, but adding a spiritual visualisation to it. When you have a shower, visualise the element of water washing away any negative energies, worries and fears from your energy field/ your aura. As the water is running down your body, it is clearing and purifying your entire being. This water goes down the drain and all these unwanted energies are leaving with it.

Another powerful ritual which involves the water element is to go to nature and watch the rivers flow. This also has a wonderful purifying effect and brings clarity to your mind. Breathe deeply and just relax. The last but not least example is the power of the Rain. Rain does not only clear the air, but the Earth also experiences lots cleansing and healing which is beneficial to us all. Visualise this cleansing taking place every time it rains.

To deepen your connection to the water element use this affirmation: “Life is unfolding as it supposed to.”

THE AIR ELEMENT: intuition and learning

The element of air can move away anything we want to let go of. I have an exercise I practice in the morning (of course, if I’m not somewhere around the world in an air conditioned hotel room where I can’t open the windows). When I’m at home, I open my bedroom window and breathe deeply. I take a few cleansing breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth. I visualise they are clearing and purifying my mind, body and spirit. I immediately feel more awake and energised. My auric field also gets purified and cleansed.

The final ritual I’m going to share with you includes the power of the Wind. On a windy day, I sometimes get outside for a few minutes and open my arms very wide. I let the element of air to blow away any negative energies, worries and fears I may be carrying in my energy field.

An affirmation to deepen the connection with the air element I often use is this: “With every deep, cleansing breath I take, I feel more energised and empowered!” 

A thought to keep: Air moves us, Fire transforms us, Water shapes us, Earth heals us.”

How to be kinder to yourself

tale. fantastic redhead girl in a mysterious forestWe as human beings can be very judgemental and critical of ourselves. Many of us think we are not good enough, we don’t do enough, we compare ourselves to others and think we should be somewhere we are currently not. We believe when we gain certain credentials, acquire some possessions and many other things which are important to us, then the real life starts and we will be finally happy. This way we are not only postponing our true happiness to some future event, but we are also becoming edgy, feeling uneasy and often exhausted. We are not kind to ourselves, instead we are hard on ourselves. I speak for myself here. I happen to be a perfectionist. I like to have things done certain way and I often have high expectations of many things I do. But I have learnt many valuable lessons from my perfectionism. I know, when I go overboard with it, I need to take a step back and tune back into my soul. My soul always gives me the answers I need to know and reminds me to be kinder to myself. I learnt to accept that it is okay not to be perfect all the time. I learnt to pause, take a deep breath and focus on what really matters in my life (this can mean different things to different people). I have a few ideas which I would like to share with you. They helped me along my journey and I hope they will inspire you to start being kinder to yourself today.

Praise yourself

Instead of being critical of yourself, tell yourself how well you are doing. Here is an example. Look in the mirror and say: “I am so proud of you! You have done so well today!” If something doesn’t work out the way you hoped it would, be kind to yourself and say: “You have done your best today and you have learnt some new lessons. Next time, you’ll do so much better! You can do it. Don’t give up!” Supporting yourself every day is very important. I support and praise myself on a daily basis. It empowers me. Also remember, you are allowed to make mistakes in life. Sometimes you can take five steps forward, another time two steps back. Know this and be kind to yourself. You are always doing the best you can.

Accept compliments

Many people don’t know how to accept compliments from others. If somebody tells you: “I love your hair or You have done a fantastic job today!” What is your response? Do you reply: “No, do you really think so? I think I soon need to visit a hairdresser.” Or: “Ohh, no, it was just a pure luck!” A better response to both of those questions would be: “Thank you so much, you are so kind to say so!” I have learnt this powerful lesson a long time ago. Every time someone pays me a compliment, my response is always short and simple: “Thank you very much!” I learnt to love myself and I learnt to accept compliments with gratitude. It’s an act of unconditional love and all of us deserve it. Be kinder to yourself and accept compliments from others. It will not only increase your self-esteem, but it will also teach you to love and appreciate yourself more.

Listen to your body and soul

Being kind to yourself also means listening to your body and soul. Become kinder to yourself by paying attention to the messages your body and your soul are constantly giving you. When you feel tired, take a break. When you feel you need a vacation, organise it. It doesn’t have to be far away or expensive. It can be a weekend break at the mountains nearby or a day out in nature. Do you lack energy? Think about your latest diet and make some adjustments. Also exercise. Any kind of exercise is always good. And you don’t even have to go to the gym. You can exercise at home for just 10 minutes a day or go for a walk. Listen to your body, when it’s telling you to sleep. Try having a goodnight sleep as much as possible. When you are well rested also your performance at work will be a prove of that. Look after yourself and listen to your body and your soul. They are always talking to you. Our minds often get very loud, so we don’t hear the important messages they want to share.

So these are just few simple suggestions how to start being kinder to yourself. Start today, you definitely won’t regret it.

Why I want to be more and more truthful to myself

img_2987Being yourself is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to yourself. To bring your uniqueness out to the world and decorate this planet with it, it’s a gift to all of us. I understand it can sometimes be difficult to be fully yourself. We are all part of the society which is continuously telling us, how we should act and present ourselves. We may believe we are not good enough unless we follow the crowd and comply with the majority. This creates lots of pressure on us. From a spiritual perspective, we were born at this time and space to face this challenge and bring our true self up the surface anyway. This way, our authenticity can be a powerful example to others. Remember, you have nothing to prove to anybody and you are good enough just as you are. Of course there is always a place for an improvement (this means always growing and learning spiritually and as human beings) while living in our truth as much as possible. It does take lots of courage and bravery to be fully yourself. I’ve struggled and I still struggle with it myself! But in the moments when I am fully aligned with my truth, I feel most content, I smile more, life flows smoothly and naturally for me, and the right people are always sent on my path. In those moments I get my most creative ideas and that’s where some of my best work happens.

When I am fully myself, I am empowered! I came to this Earth to be Jana, nobody else. There has never been anybody here exactly like me and there is never going to be. That Jana, which loves flying small aeroplanes, listens classical music, loves ballet dancing, is often sensitive, occasionally sounds quirky to others when she talks about her spiritual interests or ghosts, loves fairies, nature and everything mystical. That’s the person I want to be aligned with as much as possible! That’s me and I am so proud of that girl. From the moment I start comparing myself to others, mirror their behaviours I realise, it doesn’t feel good at all and I need to get “home” to me. One of my beautiful teachers once said to me: “Jana, the true power of yourself lies in your vulnerability. Get more in touch with that beautiful part of your being.” I can actually see now, how this part of me empowers me. When I’m in my fullest truth, I am also able to hear the voice of my soul louder and clearer. My soul guides me through my life’s journey and tells me everything I need to know. When I am most content and fully aligned in my truth, other people pick on it too.

It does take a courage to be fully yourself, but it is one of the most liberating experiences one can have. It truly empowers you! Try to accept your “flaws” a little more today, forgive yourself for not being “perfect” (who is?). Forgive yourself for pretending (in the past) you were somebody you are not, and put it behind you. Know, that it is never too late to make a new choice and to start living in your fullest truth. This is one of the most courageous decisions you can ever make. And if you ever detour from your true path, you can always begin again. I am choosing living in my truth every single day. Some days are harder than others, but I am closer to be more myself than ever before. The “fake” part of my persona I once created is surely fading away. I AM NOT AFRAID OF MY TRUTH ANYMORE! I don’t need to pretend I am somebody who I am not, just to be accepted by this society. I want to be fully myself and actually enjoy being me. I have nothing to prove to anybody. I truly love myself for who I am. This journey I’ve decided to take, is making me more powerful with every step I take.

Let me give you 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to start being more true to yourself. Start when you are ready, and know that you are unique, beautiful, good enough and most powerful in your own truth.

  1. Living in your truth empowers you
  2. Being true to yourself liberates you
  3. When you are true to yourself, it’s an act of unconditional love towards yourself
  4. You will be so much happier with a positive outlook on life
  5. You will attract the right people into your life / the true people who will match your “real frequency” 
  6. When you are true to yourself, you will feel at peace with yourself and the world around you
  7. Being truthful to yourself will increase your confidence
  8. You will hear the voice of your soul clearly and notice more signs, warnings and messages which are worth paying attention to
  9. You will take responsibility for your own life (no blaming others anymore)
  10. You will discover your true life’s purpose

Learning to let go

box6Last week I was in Israel. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to travel around the world so much and to see and explore some incredible places. Although I enjoyed my trip to this beautiful country, they were many disturbing thoughts constantly floating on my mind. Many people who know me look at my life and say: “This girl has a fantastic lifestyle!” I have to admit, I love my life and I am excited about many things I do. But I still go through challenges and not everything is always as perfect as it may appear on the outside or on my FB page. We all have good days and sometimes we go through some challenging seasons in life. No one has it all figured out no matter how great their life may seem on the outside.

My life has been very interesting lately. Many old unhealed wounds” and situations have been coming up to the surface, bringing some challenges with them. People I knew in the past and I haven’t seen in the last 10 even15 years, are hauntingly appearing in my life. Some are coming back to reconnect and this is a huge blessing. Renewing old friendships can be very refreshing. The others which have also made contacts, reaffirmed they were not meant to share this journey with me. Some old friends who have been in my life for many years and I trusted fully, are suddenly letting me down, and I sadly had to end couple of those relationships. And lastly, some new friendships I strongly believed would last a lifetime, have suddenly disappeared without any explanation. Even though I try to keep positive and I always turn any situations around to see only the good in them, it isn’t always that easy.

When I was on the way to the airport from Tel Aviv, I started feeling a little uncomfortable as some unpleasant thoughts floated in my mind again. I was a bit emotional, upset and to say the truth, a bit fed up feeling like this for such a long time now. Wasting so much of my precious energy on things I have no control over is only keeping me stuck, and I could definitely invest this energy into something meaningful. In that moment I asked myself: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just let it all go at once? To forget about the bad things and only remember the good. To feel completely free of all the unpleasantness? Wouldn’t it be great to start again with a completely fresh and new outlook on all of this?” I suddenly smiled. I realised, of course it is possible and it is all up to me. It is only a decision away from me. The question is: “Am I ready to let it all go yet?” Probably not all at once, but maybe steadily, day by day and one step at the time would be a good start. What a liberating feeling would it be to clear out the obstacles, which are keeping my mind working overtime and preventing my soul’s voice to be heard.” I’ve decided to take a new approach. I am currently going through an important clearing and a healing process. I am discovering many ways to keep focused on my life’s purpose and trying to see everyone as a loving being wandering through this journey called life (just like me) unsure, sometimes scared and only doing the best they can in any given moment. I would like to share with you some ideas, which I remind myself every single day, and I believe they can help you if you are going through some changes or difficulties in your life too.


Past is not here anymore and there is nothing which can be changed about the past, only our approach towards the past can be changed. Your past doesn’t define you or anybody else. You are always changing, always growing spiritually and as a human being. When you are thinking about the past mistakes, you are losing the beauty of the present moment and that is the only place where the real life exists. Let’s focus more on what is happening right now.


Forgiving yourself and others is the best gift you can give to yourself. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes~ you have learned from them. Forgive others, not because you agree what they’ve done to you it’s okay. Forgiving someone means you are not letting them to control your life anymore. Let the resentment go and release yourself and others.


Focus on what you are grateful for rather than what isn’t working in your life right now. When you find yourself feeling low or negative, start listing things you are grateful for. For example: you have a loving family, your children make you proud, you have a job, you have a roof over your head etc. When you start listing those things, you will change your focus and shift your attention from negative to positive. Focus on what is important to you and what you feel excited about. Let the rest go and trust that something great will always come out of the challenges you may be going through.

So these are just few of my daily reminders to keep positive and focused on what is really important in life. They are helping me to let go of any disturbing thoughts and feelings and to only see the real truth, which is love, light and good in others and in myself.

5 strategies to keep your energy levels high

woman try to grab the sunWe live in a fast moving world. We work very hard, making sure our bills are paid on time, all the deadlines are met, trying to get as much done as possible every single day. Sometimes we don’t even get a chance to focus on ourselves, our hobbies and any other things which really matter in life. This kind of lifestyle often leaves us feeling tired (sometimes even exhausted) and unhappy. In those moments, even a little challenge can feel like an overwhelming burden to deal with. Our energy gets low and we don’t enjoy life as we hoped we would. I have a few easy strategies, which I believe could help you to keep your energy levels high and can also bring you more positive outlook on life.


Getting enough sleep is very important. Your productivity and being energetic throughout the day has a lot to do with how rested you are. A day has 24 hours. An average person sleeps 8 hours a day. Every hour of sleep gives you 2 hours of activity. This means you have 16 hours in an awaken state. Getting enough sleep is not only going to keep your energy levels higher, but it will also bring a fresher outlook on life, you become more creative and excited about life in general. If it’s possible, always try to get a goodnight sleep.


I love yoga and I take ballet classes. Amongst my passion for ballet dancing and a spiritual benefits of yoga, those activities also keep me active, fit, balanced and energised. Some people like going to gym, some like walking in parks. Find a way to get active at least twice a week to keep yourself healthy and happy. You will not only going to get a good workout, but your energy levels will also rise up and your entire perspective on life will change to the better.


Eat foods which nourish your body, not drain your energy. I know in this busy world it’s sometimes so much easier to get a take away, or just buy a ready meal at the supermarket and then heat it up in a microwave.  Try to look after yourself a little more and cook yourself and your family a nice, healthy meals more often. You can always find the time, if you really prioritise your daily tasks and discard the unimportant and distracting things from your life. Throughout the day, drink plenty of water and instead of drinking coffee, switch to herbal teas or decaffeinated green tea. I personally love green tea and I can’t go a day without it.


Nature is one of the greatest healers. Visiting nature on a regular basis will not only keep your energy levels high, but you will also become more positive and optimistic about life. Go to the woods and breathe in the fresh air and get grounded. Listen to the bird songs and watch the trees swinging with the breeze. Every season of the year has its own special beauty. My favourite is Autumn. I love watching the trees being covered in the most magnificent, magical colours. I feel energised, happier and at peace with myself and the world around me.


Slow down and every single day do at least one thing which makes you happy. De-stress and Re-energise yourself. Read a good book, watch your favourite film, meditate, get a relaxing massage, take a bath, watch the sunset, get outside in the evening and get amazed by watching the sky full of bright, shining stars. Doing what you love will definitely raise your energy levels and it will also make you more positive and excited about life.

There are so many ways and strategies to keep your energy levels high so do your research. I have only chosen some of my favourite ones with the hope and the belief they will make a difference in your life too. Start looking after yourself today, get healthier, happier and more energetic.

The art of manifesting

Beautiful girl staring at fairies in a magical forest . Fantasy conceptCouple of weeks ago we talked about how powerful our thoughts are and how they can affect our reality. Today, I would like to dive deeper into this topic and introduce you to the art of manifesting. We all have a natural ability to manifest what we desire in our lives. Manifesting is a spiritual experience and a very exciting process which does not only bring many miracles into our lives, but it can also help us becoming more aware how powerful we really are. The language we use, the thoughts we think and the feelings we have, influence our reality (our experiences). What we focus on always expands. So let’s have a look how manifesting really works.

There are 5 important keys to a successful manifesting:

Clarity        Belief        Feeling        Releasing        Action 



 What would you like to manifest in your life? Become very clear about what you desire. This is a very important step in the process of manifesting. You need to be as specific as possible. For example: If you would like to manifest a dream holiday, be very clear and specific about it. Where would you like to go? When would you like it to happen: this Winter, next Summer? Which airline would you like to fly with? What about the hotel? What may your room look like? What view is there from your balcony? What kind of adventures would you like to experience on your holiday? If it helps, get a pen and paper and write it down. Be as specific as possible. Clarity is a very big step in the manifestation process, do not skip it!


You have to believe that your dream is possible for you. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to make it happen. Who is going believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself? Believe that you are worthy of receiving that what you desire.


You have to feel your dream is manifesting now. You have to feel it within the whole level of your being. Start to visualise and experience the feelings you want to be feeling, once your dream is manifested. Feel them now. Coming back to our example of a dream holiday: Feel what it would feel like to fly on an airliner to your destination. Ask yourself: “What airline is it? What type of aircraft? Where am I sitting? What am I saying? How am I feeling? What am I seeing when I arrive to the hotel?” Your imagination is endless. Create a picture in your mind what you would like to experience. Make it as real as possible. Visualise and feel the experiences as if they were already happening right now.


When we are trying to manifest something in our lives, we often hold on so much to the outcome. You have to remember some things are easier to manifest and others take more time, so you have to be patient. Don’t get discouraged or disappointed when you don’t see it materialise straight away. Don’t let anything or anybody distract you. Know what you want and be prepared to get it. Release the worry of “how and when” to the Universe. Be patient and relaxed about the outcome, and be open to any possibilities. The Universe works in mysterious ways and when you really understand this, the manifesting becomes so much easier. Trusting, knowing and letting the Universe to bring the desire to you the best way is right for you, equals a successful manifesting. Be open to anything and don’t be attached or obsess about the outcome. It may arrive in a very unexpected, miraculous way.


The last step (which shouldn’t be taken for granted) is taking action. You need to take action if you want to manifest something. While doing so, you need to also trust and know, the Universe is working with you and supporting you along the way. Notice any signs and synchronicities around you, and follow them if they feel right to you. They can be your greatest guides. Please remember, even though taking action is listed as a step number 5 here, it’s not really the last one. This step should be done every single day while you are manifesting, beside the other manifestation steps. Then, the whole process will flow very nicely and naturally together, and the results will be steadily revealing themselves to you.

***Final, but very important points about manifesting***

Start with small things first:  (which are believable to you). This will strengthen your belief system and your manifesting will become more natural.

Don’t manipulate other people:  E.g. Many people want to manifest romantic relationships or even specific people in their lives. This doesn’t always resonates with the other person’s truth and what they want to do. Remember, every soul came here with a Free will. They choose what they want to do and what they want to experience. Be mindful of this and please don’t try to manipulate other people when you are manifesting. If you want to manifest your soulmate, trust and know that he/she is on the way to you, and they will appear when the time is right for both of you.

– Trust:  The Universe is always on your side and wants you to enjoy your life to the fullest. Be aware of it and always trust and know that what is meant for you will always find its way. If something doesn’t work out the way you want, trust and know there is something so much better coming your way and it is for your highest good.

A THOUGHT TO KEEP: “Everything is energy. Your thought begins it, you emotion amplifies it and your action increases it’s momentum!”  

How to stay motivated

Happy womanWhen we are trying to accomplish something in our lives, it can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated. We get a great idea, we get excited about it, but later when we realise what it actually involves to bring it to reality, we may get discouraged, demotivated and sometimes we may even start doubting ourselves. We all feel like that sometimes. The good news is, there are many ways we can stay motivated, focused, and in the end achieve what we really want. Here are few suggestions:



We often get overwhelmed when we look at the big picture of all we “have to do”. My suggestion? Break it down to a smaller steps. It’s great to have the end result in mind, but only to certain extend. When you break it down and focus on a smaller steps, you are on a better path of reaching your goal. This way ,you stay motivated and more positive. Focus on what you have to do today and tomorrow and know that you will figure out the rest as you go along.


Reward yourself every day, even for what you consider a small successes. This is another powerful way to stay motivated. For example: “You have written the first two pages of your first novel? Take yourself for a lovely meal and congratulate yourself for taking the first step. You went to the gym twice this week after haven’t been exercising for a year? Reward yourself for that.” It is very important to acknowledge your own successes and to be kind to yourself, instead of being hard on yourself. Remember: “You are always doing the best you can with the knowledge and understanding you have at the time!”


Praise yourself by using a positive and supportive language. I do this every single day. For instance: “Well done, you’ve done so well again, I’m so proud of you! You see, I told you, you can do it! You can do anything you set your mind to! You are more than good enough!”  These are just a few examples. Try it! If you do this every single day, it can become a habit and this is one of the best habits to keep. Be kind to yourself!


You are a very special, unique individual and there is nobody in this world exactly like you and there is never going to be. You came to this Earth to be yourself and do things in your own unique way. I know it can be hard sometimes, but try not to compare yourself to other people. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone has a different story. It doesn’t mean, if someone does or achieves something certain way, you have to do it like that too. Absolutely not! You do it your own special way. You were born an original. When you see other people’s successes whether online or in the real life, celebrate those successes and let them be a reminder that you can do anything that you desire too. Don’t get jealous, competitive or think they are better than you. Focus on yourself and enjoy your own unique journey.


Create your dream vision board. Find pictures in magazines or flyers that represent what you want to achieve in your life. Cut them out and place them on a poster board, which you can buy in any stationary shop. Place this board on the wall where you are going to be able to see it every day (it can be your office or any room you spend most of your time). This will keep you motivated and focused on your dreams. When I was learning to fly, I created a vision board with many pictures of aeroplanes and powerful, inspiring messages. This kept me focused on my dream of becoming a pilot. Every time I felt demotivated and discouraged (but not only then), I looked at my vision board and it reminded me why I want to do this and my energy shifted instantly. So get creative and make your own vision board today!

How to be more organised in life

11229285_10207288592482440_648415440516388802_nWe live in a fast moving world. Most of us are constantly running around, trying to reach deadlines, and even without realising picking up unhealthy habits along the way. There is so much pressure on us these days and we are getting “busier and busier” than ever before. Many of us are feeling disorganised in life and may be asking: “What am I doing?” Can you see yourself in this? I have to admit, I get trapped in this circle myself occasionally. I often have so much to do and this can be sometimes overwhelming. Fortunately I’ve learnt now, that every time I notice just a slight indication I’m headed that way, I need to stop and take a different approach. I believe being organised in this hectic world is so important and it can avoid any extra stress and bring more light into our lives.

Here are some tips for you: 


Clear your space. Clean up your apartment or your house very thoroughly. Throw out any clutter and get rid of anything you were planning to get rid of years ago. Clear your draws and cupboards. If you have been procrastinating to clear your desk for way too long, do it today. Open the mail you have been avoiding to open and deal with it now. Tidy up and make your place look beautiful again. Remember the saying: Clearer space~Clearer mind.” When you are done, open the windows and let the fresh air get in, so it can cleanse and purify the space from any trapped and old negative energy. Buy some flowers or plants and decorate your house/apartment with them. Get a fresher outlook on life today by space clearing. It’s life-transforming!


We often get overwhelmed by things we have to get through the following day. We overthink and overanalyse. My tip for you? Make to do lists! List all the things you have to do the following day. I write down almost everything, from what I have to buy in a supermarket to appointments. This way, it’s out of my head on a piece of paper. Then, I look at my list and prioritise. I like get the easy things out of the way as quickly as possible, then deal with the more complex tasks. But this changes based on the importance. Ask yourself: “What can wait and what do I have to do first thing in the morning?” The next day you are going to see very clearly right in front of you what you have to do. You will have a plan, and this will make you feel more organised and more in control.


To become more organised in life and eliminate any stress also means preparation. Don’t take anything for granted. Important meetings, your work, exams or appointments should be respected and be given your best. You must prepare. By being prepared you are not only going to feel more confident on a day, but you are also going to avoid any unnecessary stress, anxiety and confusion. Be responsible and always prepare for the following day as best as you can.


Nature has a beautiful healing effect and can bring more clarity into your life. Try to connect with the natural world at least few times a week. Go to the park or a forest. Breathe in the fresh air, watch the trees swinging in the air, rivers flowing beautifully, listen to the bird songs. Purify all your senses and your auric energy field with the healing powers of nature. You’ll feel the benefits almost immediately. When you visit the natural world on a daily basis you will notice your outlook on life will change to the better.