Become a conscious creator of your reality

In the last few months, I’ve been really paying attention to my thoughts and emotions. I always believed in the law of attraction, but ever since I began fully focusing on what is going on in my mind, I realised how I’m actually creating my reality. I strongly believe that our outside world is a mirror of our inner world. Whatever thoughts we are thinking and the feelings we put underneath these thoughts is what we will see in our lives (or something on a similar frequency). We are the masters of our reality and we have the power to make it the way we want, just by what we we give our energy to. What we focus on always expands.

Learning about manifesting and the law of attraction from so many amazing spiritual teachers and coaches also helped me to come one simple realisation: When we want to create something specific, we need to simply INTEND IT and then fully BELIEVE IN IT. We have to be clear exactly what we want and believe within the whole level of our being, that it is possible for us. Then, of course, we have to take some necessary steps to bring it into our reality.

We are the masters of our lives and we make the rules even though it may not seem like that all the time. But really, we are. ‘Life is not happening to you, life is responding to you’, like Rhonda Byrne says. We are choosing our thoughts, which are creating our beliefs, and these beliefs create our perception of the world we see.

This week, I’d like to share with you a brand new visualisation meditation (linked below), which I created with an intention to help you become a conscious creator of your reality. Make yourself comfortable, put on the headphones and let my voice be your guide. I believe you will enjoy it.

I have a brand new meditation for you

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve working on a brand new meditation, called: ROSE QUARTZ CAVE MEDITATION’. This meditation has been designed to help you become more loving and compassionate towards yourself and others. Make yourself comfortable, relax and let my voice be your guide.

If you have never meditated before, don’t worry. Just follow my guidance, have no expectations and enjoy the experience. The meditation is just over 13 minutes long, so set aside at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet before you begin. It is important to give yourself some extra time before getting back to your daily tasks after you’ve meditated, to properly align with your body and the physical reality.

For the best results and effect, I recommend using headphones.

You can access the meditation through the link below. I hope you will enjoy it, as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Happy meditating! 

Jana x