Do you worry a lot these days?

There is no need to re-emphasise how much our world and our lives have changed in the last few months. While we are going through something very challenging, as a collective, our personal lives have also being affected in so many ways. Some find it more challenging than others. Some cope better, others not. Some are struggling deeply, others take it as it comes. On top to that, we all have our own worries and fears, which are not connected to any of this.

To those of you who are struggling deeply, I want to acknowledge you and give you a virtual hug.

I fully understand that when we have a lot going on in life, it can be almost impossible to see the good and the positive. But I’d like to share with you a few simple thoughts, which I believe, when you try to implement into your life, can at least light you up a bit and make you feel better.

Appreciate the good around you

Appreciating the good around you can shift your mood almost instantly. Just the other day, when I found myself worrying, I’ve decided to notice all the good around me. A kind gentleman opened a door for me when I was about to walk into the coffee shop. A lovely lady at the supermarket wished me a nice day and really meant it. I was grateful for a beautiful weather that helped me to see things from a better perspective. There is always something to be thankful for.

Focus on how you want your life to go

When we worry about something, we often give it so much energy, it overtakes almost all the space in our minds. I find this very helpful: When you worry about something, try to think about the best possible outcome of what you worry about. This is focusing on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. I understand this may not be easy, but try. Set aside 10 minutes every day and visualise the best possible outcome for any situation you worry about. By visualising, daily, you can get into a good habit of doing this naturally. By doing so, you are giving a focus to something you want, instead of what you don’t want. And what we focus on always expands. Let’s try to focus on the good, on the positive, on the inspiring. Give yourself that 10 minutes, daily, and see how it feels.

Share how you feel with people you trust

I used to keep almost ‘all my thoughts and emotions’ to myself. I used to be the ‘suffer in silence’ type of person, and I’d ‘happily’ deal with problems quietly on my own. I didn’t want to bother anyone. After suffering an emotional breakdown, I quickly realised, keeping things to myself, all the time, wasn’t such a good idea. I learned to share how I feel with people I trust. Ever since I started sharing how I feel, I noticed so much weight coming off my shoulders. I stopped worrying what would others think of me and I put the thought, they wouldn’t want to listen to me, out of my mind. I realised, that people who love me and care about me will always like to listen to me and help me. In fact, it’s essential to express our emotions and share them with our loved ones. They can offer us support and a fresh, new perspective on life, which we might have not even considered before. Don’t be afraid to share how you feel with the people you trust.

Your past does not define you

Do you often re-visist your unpleasant past experiences, and every time you do so, you feel like as if you were re-living them? Is thinking about these experiences draining you? Do you feel uneasy when someone brings up certain past memories (I’m not talking about the great memories, but the ones that make you cringe)? Do you feel uncomfortable just by remembering something you’ve said to someone or they’ve said to you? Do you feel ashamed of some things you’ve done in the past?

If so, this week’s post is for you.

A few days ago I shared with my community a short video, where I talked about honouring our personal and spiritual growth. In this video I touched on the topic of past.

So many people are being so hard on themselves, because of their past mistakes and for some of the unwise choices they’ve made. And many, can still feel very uncomfortable every time they remember them. They feel like, they are still paying for their mistakes.

Over the years I’ve written quite a few articles about letting go of past, about forgiveness (forgiving yourself and others). I created meditations and taught classes dedicated to this topic. The more and more research I do on the topic of past, in general, the more I notice how difficult it is for us, humans, to actually stop our daily time-travelling back to this place. Our past plays a huge role in our lives. However, we don’t have to let the old, painful stories from our past stop us from moving forward.

How can I move forward in life, when I have so many old stories continuously on a repeat?

By honouring your personal and spiritual growth.

This means making peace with your past. In other words, beginning to look at your past from an observer’s perspective, rather than being an active participant and re-living your past experiences over and over again. And I know this can sound easier said than done, but: ‘Would you rather be a prisoner of your past or would you prefer to rise above these painful stories and look at them as valuable lessons?’ I’m sure you’d choose the latter.


‘Your past is not a place of residence, but a place of reference.’ 

The truth is, you will always think of the past and the experiences you’ve been through. That’s a fact of life. However, by honouring your personal and spiritual growth, you are not directing so much energy back to the past itself, but you are rather trying to understand the past choices you’ve made. These choices do not define you, no matter what they are. They are merely the experiences you’ve been through and are part of your journey. You’ve gone through these experiences and they’ve taught you something. You’ve learned some important lessons from them.

If you’ve done something  you are definitely not proud of, remind yourself, that if you knew better, you would’ve done better. If somebody did you wrong, and you are still feeling resentful and uneasy when you remember it, forgive yourself for having that thought. Remind yourself that you are not there anymore. You are right here in this moment. What happened is now only a memory. It’s no longer here. Your power lies in the present moment. Don’t give it to the past.

You might have been through a lot and I want to acknowledge you and honour you for that. Looking back and noticing where you are now just shows how strong and resilient you are. What you’ve been through is not you, it’s just the experiences you’ve been through.

I also want to acknowledge those of you who might have been through a very traumatic past experiences. I can understand that it may not be so easy to look at your situation from the above’s perspective. There is much deeper work that needs to be done. To those of you, I strongly recommend seeking a health care professional or a therapist who can offer you guidance and support. These amazing people are only a phone call or email away. Never hesitate making an appointment with them. They are there to help.

Stay strong and keep well, 

Jana x 

Honouring your personal & spiritual growth video: 

Praise yourself & Reward yourself

Do you praise and reward yourself for your accomplishes? It doesn’t matter how big or small they may be. Praising and rewarding yourself is an act of self-love and a respect towards yourself. Praising and rewarding yourself, even for the little things you do, is very important. It can help you stay motivated and focused on what you are doing and why you are doing it. It’s incredibly empowering too. If you have a difficulty in this area, I believe the ideas I share in today’s post can inspire you.

Praise yourself

Praise yourself every single day for the great job you have done at something, even if other people haven’t noticed. Praise yourself for making a phone call you were reluctant to make. Praise yourself for asking for help. Praise yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone. Praise yourself for doing something others may not consider amazing, but it took you so much courage to do it.

I often praise myself for making phone calls. I have an ‘old fear’ of making phone calls and I can sometimes still feel quite uncomfortable, before I’m about to pick up the phone. The fear is not always there, but occasionally creeps in. Some people may think this is crazy and may say I should just get over it….hmmmm….That’s the way I feel and I’m dealing with it as it comes. I want to mention this example, in case someone else has a similar difficulty (it doesn’t matter how old they are) and now they read it and no longer feel they are the only one feeling this way. Anyway, every time this happens, I remind myself, that the people I’m phoning and asking to help me with something, are there to be of service to me. They are waiting on the other side of the phone line to deal with my enquiry and help me. Then, the discomfort fades away.

Another thing I praise myself for is my creations. Sometimes, when I write an article or make a video, people don’t acknowledge it. I love creating these little pieces and I believe my job is to put them ‘out there to the world’, and let people decide whether they will accept this gift from me or not. I put so much love and effort to everything I do and I praise myself for it, whether somebody watches it, reads it, likes it or not. I know I have done a wonderful job and I put so much love and energy to these projects, and I praise myself for it.

As well as praising yourself, also accept praise from other people. Their praise is a gift to you. Don’t reject the gift, but accept it graciously. If someone compliments your outfit, just say thank you. Don’t come up with things, such as: it’s old or it’s something I just threw on. Simply say: Thank you.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself when you have done something you are proud of. Again, no matter how big or small it may be. I love rewarding myself for my accomplishments. I reward myself with a nice coffee after I’ve done some exercise. I reward myself by watching a comedy when I finish writing an article. And the list goes on. This also makes me look forward to doing things. I know you may not always feel like exercising or cleaning the house. However, when you make the choice of doing it anyway, reward yourself afterwards. When you reward yourself, it will keep you motivated to do even more, and as a bonus, you’ll feel more positive too. Reward yourself whenever you can, even for some little accomplishments.

Do you ever question your beliefs?

Today, I would like to share with you a short video I recently created about beliefs. In this video I cover what beliefs are, how they are formed and what made them stick with us.

Do you ever question yours?

Are they serving you well?

Are they empowering you or are they unhelpful to you?

Unfortunately, many people never ask themselves these simple questions, and as a result of that, live a life based on somebody else’s beliefs.

I’m not here to say that all of your beliefs are necessarily bad or wrong. I’m just here to point out, that it’s important to, at least once in a while, do an inventory in your life and ask yourself: ‘Is this what I truly believe or is that someone else’s belief? Is this who I truly am?’ And many other, deep questions you may have.

I hope the video will inspire you 🙂

Jana x

Protecting your energy

This week, I would like to address a topic I feel we don’t talk about much, unless you are part of a spiritual or a self-developmental circles, you are taking a meditation classes or training to become a therapist or a healer.

The topic is: Protecting your energy field. 

Just the other day I was speaking to a friend and he was telling me how drained he feels at work, especially around particular work colleagues. Halfway through our conversation, it became very clear to me, that he needs to start protecting his energy field and do this on a regular basis. He is an empath, and empaths can unconsciously, and very easily, pick up other people’s energy, which can leave them feeling tired, even exhausted.

I can fully relate, because I’m an empath too. As an empath and also an introvert, you sometimes perceive the world as an overwhelming experience. You have a rich inner world and worry about so many things other people would not even give a second thought to. Also, you may feel everything on a such deep level, that you take it personally.

But, whether you are an empath, an introvert or not, I believe it’s important to protect your energy field as much as possible.

There are so many techniques you can use to protect your energy. Over the years I’ve learned quite a few from my teachers, and now, I also teach them my students and clients. Many of these techniques are so easy to apply into your daily life and can take only a couple of minutes of your time. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to put in some work.

Today, I’d like to share with you my favourite three.

*An important note*

Before you begin these exercises, make sure you are not driving! 

1) White Light

Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. As you are getting centred and grounded, visualise that you are standing in front of a beautiful white light. This light is here to protect you and your energy. Visualise, that you are taking a step into this light. As you’ve taken the step, the light is surrounding your entire being now. It is a protective shield of energy where you can feel safe and secure. Trust and know that you are being protected. When you are ready open your eyes.

2) Four mirrors exercise

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. When you are feeling more centred, visualise, there are four long mirrors placed around you. One is in front of you, one is behind you, one is on your left and one is on your right. These mirrors are not facing you, but they are turned away from you. Trust and know that any negative or heavy energies that reach these mirrors will be reflected away from you, and will also be automatically transformed into a positive energy. You are safe and secure. When you are ready open your eyes.

3) Archangel Michael

Do you believe in angels? Call upon Archangel Michael to protect you with his beautiful blue protective light. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. When you are ready, call upon Archangel Michael. It can go something like this: ‘Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please surround me with your beautiful blue protective light. Please, keep me safe and secure at all times. Thank you so much Archangel Michael for your help and your protection. And so it is.’ When you are ready open your eyes. This is a simple prayer we use in the spiritual circles to call upon Archangel Michael when we feel we need protection. I personally ask Archangel Michael for protection every single day.

I hope this post has inspired you.

With love and best wishes, 
Jana x 

Dreams & Magic: ‘I want to be a Wizard!’

I have known a lady, who’s son, when he was little, had the best way of answering questions. His answers were always full of fascination and amazing possibilities. There was one answer in particular I really loved, and it still puts a smile on my face every time I remember it.

Every time you asked him: ‘What would you like to be when you grow up?’ His response was the best: ‘I want to be a wizard!’ No hesitation, no second-guessing. He wanted to be a wizard.

Whether he became a wizard or not is irrelevant 🙂

The point of this post is to remind us of that child-like wonder we used to have. I’d like you to notice all the incredible things that surround you. When we are children we see the world through a different lens. We do believe in magic, in fairies, dragons, unicorns and many, many mysterious beings. And some of us still do. We do believe anything is possible. But for most, that child-like wonder quickly fades away by joining adulthood and all the responsibilities, daily worries, meeting deadlines and everything that comes with it. That child-like wonder is almost non-existent in adulthood.

The good news is, however, we can still tap into it.

I’m not asking you to believe in any mysterious creatures, if this doesn’t resonate with you. I’m not asking you to strive to become a wizard 🙂 What I’m asking you, however, is to consider becoming more open to the incredible possibilities which lie in every corner of this Universe. What I’m asking you is to dream. Dream as big as you can. Go back to your childhood and ask yourself what were you thinking of becoming when you were a child? Ask yourself, what brought the most joy to your little soul back then? What activities did you enjoy? Wouldn’t it be great to re-visit these activities again? You may even find a stepping stone that can lead you to your true life’s purpose. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

The world is full of magic and many possibilities, even if we can’t always see it that way, especially these days when we are going through a lot. But by becoming open to seeing the world from a slightly different angle, a new perspective, we can notice so many incredible things we have not been able to see before.

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’
– Dr. Wayne Dyer 

Looking at life from a soul’s perspective

Lately, I’ve been noticing that more and more people are being quite impatient with each other. They are also being easily triggered by each other, and as a result of that, feeling edgy and uncomfortable. I must admit, I’ve also been getting triggered more than usual lately, and feeling quite edgy and a bit blunt (although feeling so much calmer in the last few days).

And all of this is completely understandable. 

Let me explain how I see it: 

With the constant pressure upon us, with the new rules, with all the changes we are still adjusting to or resisting, certain parts of our personalities, some we didn’t even know existed before, easily come up to the surface.

The more I’m noticing my reactions and responses to some situations, the more I understand there is a lot of work that I need to do on myself, especially ‘inner work’.

I have my own opinions on the current situation. I have my own perspective on the ‘new normal’ and I also get frustrated with it sometimes, especially when I think about it too much.

But, what really matters, I think, is how we truly feel about everything that is going on, on the inside. Because there, lies our wisdom.

When I get still and I listen to my intuition, I always get a higher perspective on things. I look at myself and everything that I’m experiencing, from a soul’s perspective, rather than from a human perspective. With that, ‘in mind’, I feel calmer and more at peace with myself and everything that is happening around me.

In these moments, I keep asking myself more deeper questions, such as:

‘What can I learn from this experience? What is it in me that is making me to judge? What is it in me that is making me to point my finger at others? How can I let go of what is no longer serving me? What more inner work do I need to do to become a better version of myself? How can I be more loving and compassionate towards myself and others?’ 

When I ask myself these sort of questions, I feel more in control, while having the knowing that it is up to me how I want to perceive everything and respond to everything. I am aware, that there is still so much power that lies within me, and there is still so much I can do. I dwell in the knowing, that I have a choice. I get still to access this wise part of my being. Every time I feel edgy, impatient or frustrated, I know I need to go home. I need to go home to my true self, to my soul. 

Celebrating 10 years of sobriety

Yesterday, I celebrated 10 years of sobriety, and I must say, the last decade has been quite a journey.

So where do I begin? 

Since 2010 I’ve been on the path of so much learning, transforming, but also releasing many unhealthy and unhelpful habits. Some of these habits offered me some temporary relief, others were quite harmful and affected my life in many ways. One of them was a temporary alcohol dependency.

I’ve never really opened up about it before, but as I’m celebrating 10 years without alcohol this week, I’ve decided to share part of my story in this post.

In my early twenties suffered from a severe anxiety and panic attacks. During that time I was often turning to alcohol, which temporarily numbed the unpleasant feelings I was feeling. To be honest, I never really liked the taste of alcohol, but at the time, it offered me some relief from anxiety, which was hard to cope with. Unfortunately, with the hangover, in the morning, the feelings of anxiety always deepened, and I was feeling twice as bad. And what did I do to block these ‘twice as bad feelings’? I poured myself another drink.

I got depended on it. It seemed easier to have a drink to ‘fix’ the way I was feeling, then to deal with the unpleasant feelings I was going through on my own. I became trapped. It was getting more and more difficult to let go of the alcohol, and I felt I had to have a drink every single day. I was lost and scared.

You may be asking, at this point, if I sought any help. Yes, I did. But at the same time, I also knew I had to become willing to help myself first.

To cut long story short, after a very painful 4 years of living this way, I stopped drinking alcohol completely. At the beginning, it was hard, because I didn’t have the ‘quick fix’ that would numb my anxiety for a while. I developed other unhelpful habits, which took some time to let go of. I’m still working through some of them. But after about 6 months, the thought of going back to alcohol became irrelevant. I’m pleased to say that I am now 10 years alcohol-free, and my daily battle with anxiety also faded away.

It has been an interesting journey and so much learning came out of this experience. Even though the times were tough, I wouldn’t change them for anything. The whole experience taught me so much about myself, my life and that I can overcome anything, if I’m really determined to do so.

If you are struggling, please do seek a professional help. Please know that you are not alone and you can get through anything. There is so much help out there. All you have to do is get out of your comfort zone and ask.

Jana x 

3 ways to stay motivated

Recently, I was filling out an important application form, which took me couple of weeks to work on. The application required so much tweaking, adjusting and thinking things through, just to get my answers into the shape I was 100% happy with. I eventually submitted it last Thursday, with a very positive feeling and knowing that I’ve done my best.

And this has inspired today’s post.

When you are working on something, such as filling out an important application form, changing a diet or perhaps writing a book, you need to be disciplined. But having discipline also requires certain amount of motivation. And I know, from my own experience, that motivation is not always there when you need it. Very often, you have to begin, keep going and then you become motivated.

This week, I’d like to share with you my 3 favourite ways to motivate yourself:

1) Plan ahead and keep promises to yourself 

When I was working on the application form, I set the time of the day I’d be working on it. This helped me to stay on track and do certain amount of work every single day. Make an appointments with yourself. Set a reminder on your phone or write it down in your diary. Once it’s written down, don’t postpone it and don’t procrastinate. Keep promises to yourself. Treat it as an important appointment you need to attend. This is about your future. Be disciplined.

2) Have a positive mindset 

I know this can be easier said then done, but staying positive is very important. What often helps me to keep a positive mindset, is looking after myself (drinking enough water, eating nourishing food, keeping promises to myself, as mentioned above, and finding moments of stillness, daily). It energises me and helps me to stay motivated.

3) Keep reminding yourself why you are doing, what you are doing 

Do you want to get to the next level? Do you want to create something better for yourself, because you are currently not happy with your current situation? Do you want a better career or more opportunities? Do you want to feel more content? I’m sure you do. And I know when you are working on changing your life or working towards something, you may not always feel motivated. That’s completely understandable. Try this: When you feel de-motivated, remind yourself why you are doing, what you are doing and simply get on with it, even when you don’t feel like it. Many successful people kept going, because they set their minds to something and kept working towards it. They kept going and then they became successful.

I hope these tips have inspired you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me: 

Keep well and stay motivated, 
Jana x 

Dealing with situations ‘out of your control’

Recently, I’ve been dealing with a situation when someone had to sort something out on my behalf. I had no control over it and all I could do was wait. During that time, the communication from the other party was quite poor and I was getting very frustrated with the lack of update. At the end of each week that had passed I kept calling or sending them emails, trying to find out what is going on. I could not see what could be taking them so long. To me, the issue didn’t seem that hard to resolve. I felt they were putting it aside and not treating it as important.

We all have examples in our lives when somebody else has to deal with something on our behalf. They can be some professional people who are, e.g. issuing a contract for our new accommodation or someone responding to our request by email or returning a phone call with an important information. We trust these people and expect them to get back to us ASAP, and if they don’t have any answers yet, at least keep us updated on the progress of the situation. Updating someone makes us and our requests important and more at ease.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. We all have certain expectations and if these expectations aren’t fulfilled, we feel disappointed. When you have to keep reminding someone over and over again the same thing, it can feel quite frustrating. If you are someone like me, I’m sure you can relate. When I wait for someone to get back to me, I always think how I would deal with the request. I know, I don’t like to keep people waiting. I respond to them as quickly as I possibly can, making them feel valuable and their requests important. If you are someone like me, and you are an empath, you can easily put yourself into other people’s shoes and understand how frustrating it can feel to wait for a response for ages or being completely ignored. But I also understand, not everyone is an empath or has a similar outlook on life. I know I can’t compare everyone to myself or to the people on my wave length. That’s something I’m learning to accept more and more.

But let’s go back to the situation I’ve described above. In the end, I’ve decided to let go. I’ve cut an invisible cord (in my mind) between myself and the institution, and made a peace with them getting back to me when they were ready. As soon as I’ve done so, things begin to speed up and the situation got sorted out very soon.

I’d like you to understand that if something like this occurs in your life, first of all, it isn’t your fault. It’s simply someone else’s failing. People know exactly what to do. Unfortunately, not everyone is doing their job properly or taking it seriously. There are all sorts of people in the world. Some people go to their jobs very de-motivated and only deal with what they really have to on the day. Most of the people are unwilling to put themselves into someone else’s shoes and understand how they may feel.

I’ve learned to accept that I have no control over other people’s actions at all. What I have control over, however, is how I view and respond to the situations I’m presented with. The important thing is I know who I am and how I would deal with similar situations and how would my actions make other people feel.