Five powerful daily reminders

How are you all doing? I hope you are keeping well. I know that we are experiencing so many big changes in the entire world right now and a great deal of uncertainty. Times are not easy, but here I am with another post, which I hope can lift you up.

I’ve been going through my own crisis, but there is something I find very helpful right now: Reminding myself of some important things, daily, that keep me grounded and to look ahead with hope.

I’d like to share some of them with you today:

1) I count my blessings

Every day I remind myself how grateful I am for my life, my health, my family, my friends and the list goes on. This does not only make me appreciate everything I have, but it also helps me feel calmer, especially when there is so much going on in the world. I count my blessings every single day.

2) I pause several times a day and breathe deeply

Our minds are always racing, jumping from one thought to another. Let’s be honest, we live in a very fast-moving world. What helps me, especially in these critical times, is to pause several times a day and just breathe. Really taking some time out from what I’m doing just do nothing else but breathe. I close my eyes and take a few, nice, long, deep breaths. Then I ask myself: ‘Where am I?’ The answer to that question is very simple: ‘I am right here in this present moment and this is where my power lies.’

3) I remind myself why I do what I do

Every day I remind myself why I do what I do. And this goes from inspiring others here on social media, to writing books or teaching a class. I do what I do to make a difference in people’s lives. If I could shine a little light or bring hope to just one person every single day, I feel I’ve done something right. Making a difference in someone’s life doesn’t have to be big, it only has to happen.

4) I am worthy of my dreams

This is huge and so important. We are all worthy of the dreams we have. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are allowed to dream as big as you like and bring these dreams to life. You are 100% worthy of them. I remind myself that I am worthy of my dreams every single day.

5) What has happened served its purpose

Do you worry about the past and your past mistakes? Do you still sometimes think about the people who let you down in the past? We all do. A great tool I implemented into my daily life (in times when such thoughts come) is to remind myself that all these situations have served their purpose. They are only lessons on my life’s journey.

I hope these few daily reminders have inspired you. Feel free to add some more to your own list or you can also share some with us in the comments below.

Jana Prackova

Jana Prackova is the founder of Mystic Butterfly® ~ a guide to your true self, writer, traveller and a spiritual life coach. She loves inspiring people and her mission is teaching others how to reach their true potential by connecting with their spiritual side. In her spare time, she flies aeroplanes, writes music and loves exploring the mysteries of the Universe. Jana has been featured in the LOOP flying magazine and The Flight School Times and inspired many aspiring pilots worldwide to follow their dreams. She is the author of Mystic Butterfly - a guide to your true self and Aerin and a Troll children's book.

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