Beautiful soul, be who you really are

You are a soul with a free will. You are making choices as you journey through this life. In truth, you are a multi-dimensional being and you are always supported by many seen and unseen forces that surround you. The three-dimensional reality you exist in at the moment, can seem like a very controlling place to live. This is your perception of it. It is a perception you are currently experiencing by your five physical senses. You are pressured by time and space. Living in this three-dimensional reality isn’t easy, but after all, it is exciting and incredibly beautiful. There is a reason why you have incarnated to the Earth and currently expressing yourself as a human being. Your beautiful soul longs for experiences. It wants to know, what it feels like to be a human, to live in this world and to experience everything that comes with it. It wants to learn new things, even though it’s hard at times. If this sounds a bit alien to you, don’t worry please. It can sometimes be difficult to put the soul’s language into words. But, if some of the above resonates with you and you are sensing any familiarity, please carry on reading. I want you to know, that you are a powerful soul, an incredible creator, and you should start being aware of your wisdom now.

When I joined the crowd….

Ever since I can remember, I had troubles fitting in to this reality. School, work, any social gathering, I was out of my comfort zone. I always had to make an extra effort to fit in. This wasn’t natural to me. I felt, I needed to force myself and let go of the truth of who I really am to join in. I had difficulty understanding and adjusting to the rules this world was presenting me. At school, the kids often made fun of me, telling me I was odd and stupid. I figured, that perhaps, there must be something wrong with me. I thought, I wasn’t good enough being myself. Since then, I would do anything, to be like everybody else. Copying others, pretending I was somebody who I wasn’t, just to be accepted by this society was controlling my daily life. I joined the crowd, because I longed to be accepted and popular. In my early twenties, I realised, that living this way won’t work. It was painful, I was unhappy, confused and under constant pressure. I became very tired of it. Fortunately, my soul saved me from it. Well, at the time it actually didn’t look like a saviour to me, it rather seemed like a more struggle and darkness just entered my already painful life. The feelings of my denial exploded to one of the most challenging periods of my life. Many years of severe anxiety, living in every day worry whether I will survive today (literally) were ruling my life and haunting my daily existence. It was terrifying, uncomfortable and it felt like a nightmare with no ending in sight. I tried almost everything to help myself. Regular check ups at doctors, counselling, throwing myself into situations I was afraid of (thinking this way I will overcome my fears), I would basically try anything that would get me out of that storm. Unfortunately, nothing and nobody was able to help me. I knew something had to change and change very soon.

A magical shift

One day, I was sitting in my living room obsessing about something, yet again, when something very unusual happened. I’ve heard a whisper, an inner voice saying to me: Acceptance! It was loud, it was clear, but at the same time very calming and loving. I recognised this voice from my childhood. I couldn’t deny it. I made a decision that day to accept the unpleasant feelings I was experiencing up to this point and stop pushing them away. I said to myself: If I have to feel like this for the rest of my life, so be it. A sense of liberation lightly touched my body and my very tired soul. I began to accept how I was feeling, instead of denying these unpleasant emotions. They were part of me and as they were part of me, I needed to learn how to co-operate with them, rather than push them away. Since that day, things started to change, of course on a very small scale. Slowly, but surely, I began feeling better. I realised, that my power actually lies within my truth and not in trying to be somebody I wasn’t. I stopped denying my authenticity. The desire of pleasing others began to fade away. I started remembering who I really am and by doing so, my soul’s voice got louder and clearer again, exactly the way it’s been when I was a child. The right people who were supposed to share this journey with me stayed on it. Others, were led away from me, and some, which are not meant to be on my path are still drifting away as I write these lines. I don’t force anyone to stay anymore. I’m letting go of the controlling attitude. I believe there is a divine reason behind everything we encounter in life, and it is unfolding as it should. I trust and know. I realised, being true to myself will naturally bring the right people to me.

Be you, that’s where your power lies

You are like nobody else. In some mystical-cosmic way you already know this. On a deeper level, you are aware, that you are so much more than you think you are. Growing up, you may have been perceived as a weird kid, maybe you didn’t have many friends and others were avoiding you. You might have been bullied, laughed at or called names. This used to be the story of my life. But, when I look back, I wouldn’t change any of those experiences. Yes, it was tough and it was overwhelming at times, but those experiences shaped me to who I am today and continuously doing so. They made me stronger, wiser and proud of who I am. After all, my soul has chosen this path and I am grateful for it. In my adult life, I began creating a reality that works for me. It’s fun and it works. Even though, there are many things in this world I don’t agree with, find difficult to deal with and would like to change, I try to rise above them. Following my soul’s voice is my every day saviour. When I get still, in that solitude I find my strength and I am reminded of my truth. Listen to that wisdom, the wisdom of your own soul, which is here to guide you and help you realise the true nature of your being. Be proud of you, beautiful soul.

This made me cry…(knowing your purpose and facing your fears)

Recently, I was doing some editing on my YouTube channel. As I was scrolling down, I came across some of my old videos that I made back between 2012-2015. Most of those videos were made private (only for me to view) as I was embarrassed to share them. The day I was going through them, I realised, how many of them I actually made and how much effort I put in. Unfortunately, at the time I was very critical of them and considered them as being not good enough. A worry of being judged, laughed at or ridiculed made me take them down. But, as I was watching myself back, I suddenly became impressed by the message I was trying to put across and I felt so much compassion for that girl, who was trying her best to talk about the things she believed in. She was pursuing her dream with a great intention to help others and spread the message that was important to her. I could see her vulnerability, her insecurity and worry what would other people think, but at the same time, she also looked determined, passionate and confident in the message she was trying to put across. This made me cry. I honour that girl. The brief moment of going through those old videos made me realise couple of things, which I would love to share with you today. I am also sharing one of my old videos bellow this blog, made in 2013. I hope it will inspire you.

Don’t be afraid to begin

Have you got an idea, a project in your mind, a book you would like to write? What is stopping you to begin? My suggestion is, start now. Start with the imperfect, unsure and a hesitant you. Your strength lies in your vulnerability. By practising, you will get better and more comfortable in whatever you are doing. You will learn as you go, you will gain experiences and you will be amazing.

What other people think is ‘irrelevant’

I used to worry so much what other people think. This fear still creeps into my reality occasionally. If somebody says they don’t really care what other’s think, I don’t always believe them. On some level we all care. It’s our human nature. To care, is completely natural. You are not going to let go of this habit just as easy, but what you can do, is liberate yourself by starting to feel more at ease about it. What other people think is simply their opinion, nothing else. You and I have different opinions. Your spouse’s or your parent’s opinion can contradict. Not everybody will resonate with your truth. That’s okay. Make peace with that and focus on what is important to you.

Let your uniqueness shine

You can start shining right now. Focus on what you love. I’m not saying it will be particularly easy, but it will definitely be worth it. You are one of a kind. You are a unique individual and you are capable of amazing things. You can do this 100%. Will it be messy, will it be imperfect, will it be………..? Fill in the blank. YES! But, it will be done by you and that is already something very special. Express your individuality. Nobody can do things the way you do. Get your creations out there to the world. We cannot wait to see them.

‘Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.’

~ Arthur Ashe 

When you are in pain…

Last Monday, I had an emergency dental appointment. After a thorough examination, my dentist revealed to me, he can’t save my tooth and it has to be pulled out. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I never had a tooth extracted before, so it was a bit of shock. After the appointment I was in pain for over 24 hours, but as the time passed, the pain slowly decreased, and the wound began to heal. It wasn’t a pleasant experience to go through, but I dealt with the best way I possibly could. During this time, I was reminded to use some of my favourite spiritual, but also none-spiritual tools, which assisted my healing. I would like to share some of them with you today. Whether you are in a physical or an emotional pain, you can apply these tools. I also would like to point out, that these exercises are not to be used as a replacement to any professional medical healing. What you can do, is apply these techniques beside any professional treatment and use them to assist you.

1) Try this visualisation

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this cycle of breathing for about 4-5 rounds. Now, when you are feeling centred, I would like you to visualise a beautiful white healing light around you. Visualise  this light surrounding your entire being. Breathe this light into the space where you feel the pain (if is an emotional pain, breathe the light in your entire body). When you do this, visualise the healing light melting away any pain or discomfort and breathe it out. Repeat as many times as needed. It’s a very powerful exercise.

2) Prayer

You don’t have to be a religious or a spiritual person to pray. All of us can pray. When I was in pain after my dentist visit, I prayed to the higher power of the Universe (you can also pray to God, the Goddess, the angels or your higher self)  for a speedy recovery. I thanked the Universe for healing me and I trusted that all is well and I will be okay. This put my mind at ease straight away and I began feeling better. Trust and know that your prayer is answered.

3) Positive self-talk

Positive self-talk it’s important. I know it can be hard, especially when you are in pain and feeling down, but try to fill your mind with positive and happy thoughts. Here are couple of examples: Of course I will start feeling better soon. I’ll recover before I know it. All is well. This too shall pass. Even though I’m in pain right now, I know can get through this.” Challenge yourself to create some positive statements like the ones above. They will help you to shift your vibration from a lower frequency to a higher frequency, where things start looking lighter and brighter.

4) Taking rest

After my dental appointment, I took a nap. It helped me to feel better. Whether you are in a physical or an emotional pain, try to rest as much as you can. Even if it’s only lying down and closing your eyes for a few minutes. If you can fall asleep, even better. Sleep is wonderful way to give your busy mind a rest and let your body heal and restore naturally.

5) Distracting from pain

You can also do something that will distract you from the pain you are experiencing. Watch the TV, read a book, text your friend and ask how was her day, post something inspiring on the social media (which will lift your energy and therefore other people’s energy too). Think about a happy memory, or try to remember something that made you laugh. The key is to redirect your attention away from the pain.

Try these techniques and see if they work for you. Feel free to add to the list and you can also share them in the comments bellow, so others can benefit from them too.

Jenny, a girl who ‘has it all’

Jenny is 35 and lives in London. She is single and working for a well known fashion magazine. She has a beautiful figure and a long blond hair. Her pretty wide green eyes reflect her wisdom and a kind nature. She sends out a vibe of a goddess, a mysterious energy that is very attractive.

On the outside, Jenny seems to have it all. She is stylish, beautiful, successful and admired by many, but on the inside she feels lonely, sometimes lost. Every time she falls in love with someone, she gets heart broken. People often get surprised when she tells them, she is single….always single. What keeps Jenny happy and fulfilled are her amazing hobbies.

She is taking acting classes three times a week. She is very serious about it and believes that one day she will becomes a movie star. She does an amateur acting in her local theatre too. It’s a friendly place full of nice people of all ages. One of the actors there is Gareth, a 34 years old Welsh architect who moved to London couple of years ago. Jenny has been secretly in love with him for a couple of months now. Sadly for Jenny, Gareth has been in a relationship with another woman. Jenny loves Gareth, but she is not ready to tell him how she feels. She wants him to be happy. His relationship with the other woman seems serious. Jenny often says: “You can’t really choose who you fall in love with? It just happens.” Jenny wouldn’t want to interfere and break this relationship, so she suffers in silence, keeping all her emotions inside. Unrequited love is something very familiar to Jenny. She has experienced it far too many times. Strange it may sound, but it feels good to be in love anyway. Maybe she is hoping deep within that this platonic love will one day turn into a real one and everything will be perfect. Miracles and magical surprises do happen and Jenny is a big believer of that.

Gareth and Jenny have a lot in common. They are both an aspiring actors, love adventures and adore all the work by Shakespeare. Recently, the whole theatre group visited Shakespeare land in Stratford-upon-Avon in England. They loved every moment of it. They tried on several shakespeare-an costumes and even played Romeo and Juliet while there. And guess who was Romeo and who Juliet….? No surprise then.

Jenny often cries. A good romantic film, an inspiring book, someone who touches her heart…she gets really emotional. She doesn’t mind it. Crying often washes away her sorrows and she feels better afterwards. One time a psychic told her, that she is an old soul who feels people’s pain and emotions, and it’s very sensitive to them. When she cries she lets the emotions she absorbed from others out.

At times, life can be monotonous for Jenny. Work, home, study, sleep, then work again. Even tough she likes her job, lately it became more of a routine and she is ready for a shift in her career. Recently, an interesting audition came up for Jenny and she has done a great job at it. She is currently waiting for a decision to be made whether she will get a role at a film with a brilliant prospects. That could be her big break. She feels excited and nervous at the same time.

Today, was a big day, as Jenny made a decision to tell Gareth how she feels about him. This wasn’t an easy task, but after listing many reasons why she shouldn’t, she has found one why she should tell him. She deserves true happiness and holding on to something which she may only be wondering about isn’t healthy. She faced her fear and approach Gareth to tell him how she felt. To cut long story short, Gareth very gently revealed to Jenny that he has just got engaged. Jenny gave him a hug and said that she was genuinely happy for him with tears in her eyes. Of course, she wants him to be happy. When you truly love someone, you want the best for them even though it’s not in your favour. Gareth didn’t like to see Jenny upset like this, but there was nothing else he could do. His heart belongs to someone else.

Jenny, being so familiar with the feeling of a broken heart went home and cried all night. Tears always wash away her pain and her sorrow, and after a while this allows her to see clearly again. The following morning she remembered a past memory when she travelled across the world to take a leap of faith to visit someone she met on the internet. She really liked this person and wanted to know if it was real. This actually happened twice in Jenny’s life. Jenny falls in love easily, but yet again the love was only platonic and unrequited. One time, she travelled all the way to New Zealand, the other time to Hawaii, only to find out these guys didn’t feel as she was. She felt distraught for a while, but as time progressed her wounds have been healed. Jenny pulled herself together as she always does. Remembering these stories gave Jenny a hope. She realised, that no matter what, she will be okay and will get over Gareth too. She also knows, why her previous relationships didn’t work out. She always notices the lessons she learns from any experience and recognises the great wisdom behind them.

A week later, something exciting happened. Jenny has just landed her first major role in a big film she auditioned for. Even tough she is heartbroken and still thinks about Gareth, she is happy and ready to focus on her promising acting career. They want her to start in a couple of months. It will be an every day job for some time. Jenny has given a notice at her present job in the magazine. She has been ready to do that for a while now. After all, acting is her passion and that’s what she wants to be focusing on.

Despite her romantic misfortunes, Jenny will continue flying high and keep radiating her goddess-like energy everywhere she goes. She knows this energy has also brought her the role in the film and will make her a big star. She knows this already without needing other people’s or the world’s validation. She is strong, independent and she understands that even though things sometimes don’t work out exactly as she would like them to, there is something magical always waiting for her around the corner. Jenny knows life is an exciting adventure, which should be celebrated in her own special way and for this wonderful gift from the Universe she will always be grateful.

~A short story by Jana Prackova 

Are your past relationships still haunting you?

Past relationships can often be a difficult topic to talk about, especially the ones that have caused us hurt or disappointment. People often don’t realise, when they don’t heal from a past relationship and jump straight to a new one, they may be carrying an unhealed energy to the new relationship. I am not saying you may not be ready for a new relationship straight away. I understand that everyone  is different. We are all on a different stage of this journey, but I also believe, we need some time to accept what happened, forgive and most importantly heal the past wounds. Bringing unhealed and unresolved energies to a new relationship can be unhealthy and also unfair. This week’s blog is about how to let go and move on with grace. Hope the suggestions bellow will inspire you.

Take responsibility for your part

This also applies, if you are the one who has been hurt. That’s right. Don’t stay in the victim zone. On some level, you have attracted this relationship into your life. You’ve made certain choices, said things, done things you may not even be proud of and you should own them. I have been hurt in some of my previous relationships and it took me time to let them go and take responsibility for my part. Now, I see things differently. This is a huge step in letting go and healing your past wounds. There are no mistakes, only lessons. I am grateful for all of my past relationships. I can say that confidently now, because they helped me grow and evolve personally and spiritually.


Once you take responsibility for your part, it’s time to move on to forgiveness. This can be tough, but it is crucial. People carry so much resentment towards former relationships. Some may be full of anger just by thinking about the other person. Remember that forgiveness doesn’t mean to agree what the other person did to you. Forgiveness means to set yourself free. Forgiving someone means you are not giving the other person the power to control your life anymore. Forgiving could be one of the hardest things you would ever do, but it could be one of the best gifts you give to yourself and to others.

How to forgive

When you make a decision to forgive, it becomes the first step to your liberation. Then, we can move to something which we call in spiritual circles a Cord cutting. Every time we enter a new relationship, an energetic cord is attached. It is an etheric, invisible cord that is attached to you and the other person. This doesn’t mean is good or bad. When you are ready to let go and move on with your life, it’s important to cut this cord. Cord cutting is a powerful tool that can serve you in many incredible ways. I use it every time I need to forgive someone. This applies to any relationship (romantic, business, friendships….). Carry on reading to find out how. The exercise in the next paragraph can be life-transforming for you.

Cord Cutting Meditation

Find a comfortable place where you are not going to be disturbed for a few minutes (let’s say for about 10 minutes or so). Close your eyes to avoid any visual distractions. Take a long, deep, cleansing breath in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Repeat this cycle of breathing for about 3-5 rounds until you get centred and more relaxed. Now, I would like to visualise the person you are willing to forgive standing in front of you. Look at this person and say to them either silently or aloud: “I’m willing to forgive you” Visualise an energetic cord connecting you with this person. Where do you see it? Is the connected to your chest, to your stomach, to your throat? See it clearly in your mind’s eye. Also see this cord attached to the other person. Now, I would like to visualise that you are holding a magical sword that is going to cut this cord with one swift cut, until it falls on the ground. If you are not able to see the cord being cut the first time, keep trying. I had many experiences, when I couldn’t cut the energetic cord straight away. It took me a few tries (even few meditations like this). Don’t be hard on yourself. Once it’s cut, see this cord falling onto the ground and dissolving any pain and struggles you have been holding onto. Visualise any resentment or anger towards this person dissolving. Take another few long deep breaths in and out. When you are ready, open your eyes and take your time getting back to your day. Have a glass of water to cleanse your body. You have just given yourself a wonderful gift. The gift of forgiveness. Do this exercise as many times as is needed.

Lessons learned

Keep in mind that relationships are teaching you some great lessons, which are helping you on your personal and spiritual growth. Ask yourself: What can I learn form this experience? The answer may come to you straight away or in time. Focus on the present moment as much as possible and when you notice your mind wandering to the thoughts of anger or resentment, pause and take a deep breath and ask yourself: Where am I? You are right here, right now in this moment and that’s the only place where your power lies and the real life exists.

I will leave you with a powerful quote by Mother Teresa:

“If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive” ~Mother Teresa

Compliments & positive energy

A few days ago I visited my local Starbucks. That day, I had a very busy morning. I recently moved to a new home and still had so much organising to do, beside trying to carry on with my life as normal as possible. All I wanted was to sit down, listen to some music on my iPhone and drink my favourite Chai Latte. As I was ordering my drink, a lovely barista, let’s call him Chris, complimented my new bag. This shifted my energy instantly and uplifted my spirit. ‘How lovely it feels, when somebody pays you a compliment?’ I thought. Especially that day, when I was feeling a little overwhelmed with so many things on my mind. It seemed like this person has just been sent to me like an angel from heaven to shift my energy and make me feel good. And to be frank, he probably was. I personally love paying compliments to other people, because it does not only make the other person feels great, but it also brings so much happiness to my soul. Genuine praise from someone and lovely comments also create some magical vibrations around us and this positively affects everyone around.

Your positive energy creates a magical vibrations in the entire Universe

By sending out positive energy into the world, we affect the vibration of the entire Universe. The world we live in, became a very negative place and therefore we need healing and positive energy more than ever before. But the world is also is a beautiful place, the place full of wonder, adventures and exciting experiences. I believe, we always have a choice how we respond to what we see around us. Our outside world is also a reflection of our internal state. What we believe and feel about ourselves, will be reflected in our reality. It’s like looking in the mirror. So, let’s become more mindful of our self- talk and the thoughts we keep in our minds. Let’s think thoughts which empower us, rather than thoughts that contaminate our beautiful minds. The vibrations we send out to the world are very powerful and affect the collective consciousness of us all. Focus on the good, instead of the negative. Look for solutions, rather than the obstacles you may be currently facing. Stop blaming others and take a full responsibility for everything that is happening in your life. When you do that, you’ll have no one else to blame and that gives you power, which you already have anyway. The choice is yours. Remember, you are a magnificent being full of strength and incredible knowledge. Feed your mind with positive thoughts and focus on the good, that’s how you begin. Be the one, who makes other people feel good about themselves and spread your positive energy everywhere you go.

Compliment people

Compliments are like a beautiful butterflies. They brighten up our days whenever we see them. Compliments shift our energy when we feel down and they make us feel good about ourselves. When you compliment someone, you may not realise what an impact that can have on that person. Your simple random act of kindness can change their day, even their life. This way, you are also adding more positive energy to the world. Become mindful of this and spread your love wherever you go.

Compliment yourself

I often write about self-love and how important it is to praise ourselves for our little achievements or anything we do well. Try this exercise: Once a day (can be more than that, if you like) compliment yourself about what you’ve done well. Compliment yourself on the way you look, how you dealt with something important today, how supportive you were to your work colleague and so on. Complimenting yourself is not selfish, it’s an act of self-love and self-appreciation. It also creates positive energy around you and other people will definitely pick on that. Compliment yourself today.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂 Get out to the world, give compliments and share your love with others, because with positive attitude, positive vibrations, love and peace we make this world a better place to be for everyone. The energy you bring to the world matters to all of us. Be the incredible love messenger you know you are.

A thought to keep

“Every time you put something positive into the Universe, the world changes. Your kindness invites miracles to show up, not just in your world, but in the whole world” ~Unknown 

5 ways to increase your confidence

Many books and articles have been written about confidence. I used to read them all the time, because I wanted to be like all the confident people out there. Being an introvert, anything to do with confidence was always a bit alien to me. A big shift happened, when I began attending a personal development seminars and courses in my mid-twenties. On top of that, throwing myself into an occasional situations that were out of my comfort zone gave me a great amount of confidence too. Over the years, I learned a lot and I’m constantly doing so. The truth is, not all of us (myself included), will be confident in every life’s situation. But still, there are some useful tips you can apply to your daily life, which can definitely help you to increase your confidence. Life is an exciting journey and there is always something new to be learned and experienced. Why waste some great opportunities, because we lack confidence? Listed bellow are five of my favourite ways which can help you. I hope they’ll inspire you.

1) Healthy body = Confidence

Physical exercise will not only increase your energy levels, it can also help you boost your confidence. I personally like yoga and I take ballet classes. Those two activities are very dear to my heart and always make me feel good. Even when I have a bad day or I feel de-motivated, after just a few minutes of yoga or a going to a ballet class, I feel energised, more confident and motivated once again. When I’m in this state of mind, anything is possible. On top of that, many creative ideas come my way as a bonus. Do whatever works for you. Is it an exercise in a gym, a dance class, or is it running? Do it! It will definitely make you feel good and will help you increase your confidence. And lastly, but very importantly, don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat healthy food every day. Look after yourself the best way you can.

2) Positive self-talk

Throughout the day, notice your self-talk. Is it positive or is it negative? How do you talk to yourself? Our minds are constantly active and we often don’t realise how our self-talk affects our reality. Start paying attention to your internal dialogue. Don’t judge yourself, just notice. Start filling your mind with the thoughts of love and appreciation towards yourself. Stop being hard on yourself. You are doing the best you can. Choose your thoughts wisely, they really have a lot to do with the world you perceive and of course with your confidence. Here is a tip for you: When you wake up in the morning, begin your day with positive affirmations such as ‘I am healthy, beautiful, confident, successful and happy’ and repeat it throughout the day. Repeat it hundreds even thousands times. It works. 

3) Inspiring literature

They say, all the great leaders are a good readers. But even if your desire is not to be a leader, you can become a good reader. Books are magic, especially, adding some inspiring or a self-help literature as a prescription to add to your confidence, would be a wise choice. What I find incredibly helpful, is reading couple of pages of something inspiring first thing in the morning. This always sets my day right and on a positive note. The same applies to evenings. Reading something inspiring before retiring to bed, can help you have a better night sleep, because you are feeding your mind with positive ideas, not worrying about what you have to deal with tomorrow.

4) Celebrating your little successes

It is always a great idea to celebrate your little successes, even the smallest ones. This will definitely boost your confidence. Even if  it’s something like making a phone call you were afraid to make. When you do that, congratulate yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone. Acknowledge every little thing you do well. Praise yourself. Why not? Celebrating your little successes will increase your confidence.

5) Your appearance has a lot to do with your confidence

This is really important. Remember, when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you can do whatever you want!  Dress up for confidence. If you are a lady, put on a little make up. Visit a hairstylist and have your hair done. Looking good will definitely increase your confidence. And don’t forget to smile. Smiling does not only make you look beautiful, but it also shifts your frequency to a higher and positive vibration. Your happy internal state will be mirrored back to you by the outside world you perceive. Isn’t that wonderful?

Feel free to add to the list and share your ideas in the comments bellow. This will help other people, and can definitely create a seismic shift in the entire Universe. Remember, your positive vibration matters to us all.

A Bonus tip!

‘Inhale confidence, exhale doubt!’ 

Somebody upset me last week…this is how I dealt with it

Last Thursday somebody upset me. A complete stranger, who didn’t even know me, made some comments about me that were very hurtful. First of all, his attitude really surprised me, even shocked me to be honest…I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Secondly, it upset me and overwhelmed me, making me feel quite fragile for a couple of days. Some of my unhealed wounds (which I forgot were still there) have been touched and once again became very painful. I have to say I handled the situation very well on the day. I dealt with him as calmly as I possibly could, and stayed true to myself and to what I try to teach others. It is not my intention to go into the full details of this story, however, I want to tell you about what I learnt from it. I want to give you some tips that can inspire you, when dealing with unpleasant emotions of being upset.

1) Feel it

Feel your emotions. ‘When you feel it, you can heal it.’  We often hold lots of old, unresolved emotions within us. Feel those emotions fully and let them come up to the surface, so they can be healed and transformed. If you want to cry, do that. If you want to hit the pillows, why not? Feel them and let them out.

2) Will this matter a year from now?

Probably not! Last week, when I was upset, I reminded myself what is important. I said to myself: ‘I want to save my precious energy for people who love me and appreciate me, instead of dwelling on things which upset me. It is simply not worth worrying about it and waste my energy, which I could invest to something far more meaningful. 

3) What do I have to learn from this?

There is always something to learn from these kind of situations. I’m a quite sensitive person and these kind of situations always toughen me up bit. Of course, there is no excuse for somebody having a poor behaviour towards anyone. The good news is, I’ve learnt something new once again, which can definitely help me on my personal and spiritual growth. I also believe, this situation happened, so I could tell you about it in this blog and give you those tips.

4) Talk to someone about it

Sharing how you feel with others is always very therapeutic. Express your feelings and talk to people you trust. You will feel lighter and so much better when you do that.

5) Fresh air always helps

Getting some fresh air will always do the trick. On the day when I was upset, I took a long walk. It was sunny, but a windy day. This was perfect. I allowed the element of air to carry away my worries and my upsets from my energy field. The wind took them far, far away to an unseen distance, so they could be transformed to the positive energy. I immediately started feeling more relaxed and more at ease.

6) Let it be

I used to over-analysed my bad experiences to the point of exhaustion. This old habit sometimes still creeps into my reality. The truth is, over-thinking about what happened won’t change anything. We may only make ourselves more upset, agitated, tired or angry. Let it be. Let it stay in the past, where it belongs. It’s just another experience.

7) Higher Power will take care of it

I also surrendered this situation to the care of the Universe. I gave it up and prayed for it to be dissolved, so it won’t affect me anymore. It took a little while, but having the willingness to surrender it, made me feel lighter, freer and myself again. I trust in the higher power of the Universe to take care of me no matter what. I pray, I meditate and I listen to my soul. These spiritual tools never failed me and I can rely on them 100%.

We always have a choice how we respond and how we deal with anything. On that day, I also had a choice. I chose to stay true to myself. We have to keep in mind that not everyone will always like us and understand us. That’s okay. You are not here to please everyone. You are here to be true to yourself, learn, grow personally and spiritually, and express your true self in the world.

Patience, please

Couple of weeks ago, I found myself rushing around my local supermarket. It was a murky day outside and quite cold. I was a bit tired and agitated. I wanted to get my shopping done as quickly as possible and get home. On top of that, so it seemed, everybody decided to be in my way. When I was at the fruit section, it was crowded with people. When I went to pick up my tea, there was a woman, who was indecisive about her tea choice, taking over the entire section. It annoyed me. By then, I began feeling frustrated, exhausted and somehow trapped. Why is everybody in my way today? …I asked myself. Then, I suddenly realised, what I was actually doing. I was attacking innocent people in my mind and making myself feel bad at the same time. I acknowledged my own impatience. I had to take a different approach. I’ve decided to step aside for a couple of minutes and take a few, deep breaths. Deep breathing always centres me back in the moment and makes me realise what really matters. After couple of minutes, everything rearranged and I felt so much better. I reminded myself a beautiful quote by Saint Francis de Sales: ‘Have patience with all things, but, first of all with yourself. I was able to finish my shopping, get home and finally relax on the sofa with a cup of nice tea. Listed bellow, are some ideas I would like to share with you about patience. May they inspire you.

Conscious breathing

When I was stressing out in the supermarket, the breath was my saviour. It centred me back in the moment and made me realise what I was actually doing to myself. Whenever you find yourself being impatient, take a few deep breaths. It will centre you back in the moment and will certainly make you feel better.

Daily moments of stillness

Meditation or moments of stillness on a daily basis, can help us become more calm and patient with ourselves and others. Of course, we are all humans and we all detour into the places we often don’t want to go. My suggestion? Find some quiet moments for yourself every day. When you do, you will create a healthy habit, which will serve you in a great way.

Great things take time

We can often become impatient with ourselves while learning new things. We compare ourselves to others and don’t really acknowledge that everyone is on a different path, has a different learning style and speed. It does not matter, if someone does something quicker than you do. Remember that everything takes time. Be patient with your beautiful self. You are doing the best you can. Honour yourself, praise yourself and be patient. Great things do take time.

Patience with other people = Compassion

As I have mentioned at the beginning, I found myself selfish and impatient with all those people, who were probably (without realising) doing the same to myself. We all wanted to get our shopping done and get home. In the moments like these, take a step back and realise, what you are actually doing. You don’t know the other people, their problems or daily challenges. Let’s be more compassionate towards each other, and this will bring more light into our lives and the lives of others.

Patience is a great teacher

Patience is teaching you calmness, letting go and living in the present moment. Every time you find yourself in a situation when you are feeling impatient, ask yourself: What is this situation trying to teach me? Really listen for an answer. It may come to you instantly or a bit later.

Going with the flow

One of the best advises I have ever been given is to go with the flow. Nothing is in a complete control and everything takes time. Life is full of distractions, inconveniences and disturbances. But it is also full of beauty, amazing people, exciting adventures, love and kindness. Choose to go with the flow, and whatever you are facing right now, deal with it as it comes, in the best and most loving way as you possibly can. By going with the flow, you will release the control and become the best version of yourself possible.

‘Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time’

~ Jon Kabat Zinn 

7 Books that changed my life

Books are a pure magic. When we read, we not only escape this reality for a little while (which some people like to do), but most importantly, they educate us. Reading is one of my favourite activities. Whether it’s a good fiction, a self-help or any book about the mysteries of our Universe, I can get lost in it very easily. In this blog, I would like to share with you some of my favourite books, which changed my life in many ways. If any of them speak to you, definitely check it out. Dive deep into that book, and see if the magic that occurred for me happens for you too.

1. You can heal your life ~Louise Hay

This has to be a number one for me. I have learned so much from Louise Hay. She is one of my favourite teachers. You can heal your life is a fantastic book, and its message is very simple: If we love ourselves and think positively, our life can change in a miraculous way. In this book, Louise shares how our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. You can heal your life has sold millions of copies around the world. I always recommend it and gift it to my friends and family. In my opinion, it’s a must read. If you are serious about creating the life you desire, this book is for you.

2. Heal yourself ~Anne Jones

Another great book, which I would recommend to everybody. Anne is an amazing and experienced healer. In this book, she shares some fantastic ideas, how to look after our mind, body and soul on a deeper level. Heal Yourself  is filled with many exercises and also unique symbols, anybody can use and apply to their daily life. If you are thinking to take your spiritual practice to the next level, read this incredible book. It won’t let you down.

3. Embraced by the light ~Betty J. Eadie

In this book, Betty talks about her near-death experience, which changed her life forever. This books is very inspiring and beautifully written. It gives people the hope and the explanation of the unknown that is beyond the veil (in the spirit world). Her experiences, described in the book, make so much sense, and it personally gave me a glimpse of familiarity which I couldn’t understand. I remember when I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

4. Miracles Now ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabby is also one of my amazing teachers. I first met her in London, when I began transforming my life and finally ended my never-ending battle with anxiety. She is an author of many great books, but one of my favourites is Miracles Now. This book is easy to read and offers 108 amazing tools anybody can practise. You can open it at any page (the same way you would open a tarot card deck), and what you need to know will be presented to you. The exercises in this book can help you shift your perception to a miracle mindset.

5. Opening to channel ~ Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

This book has taught me how to connect with my spirit guides and higher self on a deeper level. It also taught me how to trust my intuition more. It is a step-by-step guide to the art of channeling, if this is something you are interested in. It is filled with great meditations and exercises, and it will show you that channeling is a skill that can be learned.

6. Feel the fear and do it anyway ~Susan Jeffers

This brilliant book helped me enormously, when I was dealing with an anxiety attacks and fear in my early twenties. Susan explains that the only way to overcome fear is to face it. One of my favourites affirmations from this book which I use to this day is this: ‘I am powerful and I am loving and I have nothing to fear.’ It changed my life forever. Thank you Susan for writing this incredible book.

7. When ghosts speak ~Mary Ann Winskowski

Last, but definitely not least is When ghosts speak. What an amazing book this is. I must admit, I am a bit of a ghost geek. I’ve always been. Anything paranormal intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. I have been having some unexplainable and mystical experiences from a very young age, which I didn’t understand at the time, and only realised later in life what they actually are. This book talks about what happens, when souls of the deceased refuse to cross over to the the light (to the other side), and become earth-bound. It explains a lot about life and death. If you have ever experienced any unexplainable presence around you, you may find some answers for yourself by reading this book. There is nothing to be scared of. Mary Ann has done a brilliant job explaining the unknown to us in the best way possible. In my opinion- A must read. 

‘ Books are a uniquely portable magic’ ~ Stephen King