Confidence- a key to successful manifesting

Lately, I feel very drawn to write about the law of attraction and manifesting. One of the reasons for this, is because these days, I, myself, am very focused on consciously creating my reality and manifesting things I’d like to see in my life. I fully believe that my thoughts and emotions have a lot to do with what I’m experiencing on this physical plane, therefore I’m willing to put in some work and effort to be as positive and optimistic as possible. I’m aware that when I feel good and radiate positivity, this is also reflected in my outer reality too. On the contrary, when I feel low or negative, I sometimes manifest no-so-favourable outcomes for myself.

Today, I’d like to talk about confidence, because I believe having confidence is an important key to a successful manifesting. This includes having confidence in yourself, having confidence in your dreams and having confidence in the power of this Universe. Having confidence truly is a superpower. Once you believe in yourself, magic starts to happen.

I hope what I’m about to share with you will inspire you and hopefully can assist you in the process of manifesting your dreams. And again, as I always say, this is my perception and what has helped me. If you like what you read and it resonates with you, use it.

So, here we go:

Become aware of your self-talk

I find that the first step to more confidence is becoming aware of how you talk to yourself. Is your self-talk positive or negative? Do you easily judge yourself and others in your mind? Are you critical of yourself? If so, try to reverse the process. Focus on the opposite. See if you can talk to yourself more positively. For example: if you normally judge yourself, see if you can find something positive about yourself. It could be something you’ve done well today. If you judge others, see if you can find something you like or find attractive about these people (a nice hair style, the way they speak/present themselves). Be inspired by them rather than envious or threatened by them. How you speak to yourself matters. Become aware of your self-talk and make it more positive.

Speak up more

Speaking up can really help you gain more confidence. I used to be afraid of speaking up, but over the last few years I’ve been learning how to step out of my comfort zone and use my voice. This often felt, and sometimes still feels uncomfortable and daunting, but ever since I started speaking up more, my confidence increased. If you feel called, give it go.

Believe in yourself

One more thing I’d like to talk about is believing in yourself. Again, this used to be one of my weak points. But, one day I asked myself: ‘Who is going to believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself?’ The answer was pretty simple: ‘No one.’ Ever since then, I set upon on a path of learning to believe in myself, not just by repeating the plain words, but really living it and fully embracing it. I’ve convinced myself that I’m more than good enough, I can succeed in anything I set my mind to, if it’s important to me and I put a certain amount of time and effort into it. I intended that I’m a powerful creator of my experiences and I can create a wonderful life for myself, and as a result of that, others can benefit from my successes too.

So, I hope these suggestions have inspired you and can help you become more confident and also have more confidence in your dreams.

I will leave you today with this powerful quote:

‘Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.’ – Samuel Johnson