Is it time to upgrade your relationships?

I believe everyone comes to our life for a reason. But, not all of these people will stay in our life for a lifetime. Some of them may only come for a season, perhaps for a few years, a decade maybe, and others may only be passing by. And, that’s all okay. We are all learning, growing, changing, shifting our perspective, and it is perfectly fine for every single person on this planet to choose who they want to surround themselves by in this particular time in life.

So, I have a few questions for you: Have you ever had a feeling you need to do a little clear-out in your circles or maybe to upgrade your relationships? Are you keeping in touch with certain people, just to be nice, or because they have always been there, but the truth is, you have nothing in common anymore? Do you dread picking up the phone when you see a particular name on your telephone screen? Are there any people in your life who have been holding you back for years or are just too negative and dragging you down? Are there people in your life, who don’t really care about you (you just know this), don’t answer your text messages, ignore your emails and only contact you when they need something?’ 

Well, my friend, it may be time to let go.

This may sound a bit harsh, but some people are not meant to share this journey with you, or to put more precisely, be part of the journey you are on right now. We often know when the friendship or a relationship has served its purpose, but the hard part is to let go. I know you care about other people’s feelings and worry how they would they react, because you are a genuine and a nice person. But, you always have to put yourself first, and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. On the other hand, if you truly care about the relationship and want to save it, the wiser choice would be to sit down and talk it through with the other person.

But sometimes, it really is a time to let go. When you finally let go, you’ll feel lots of weight coming off your shoulders. You’ll feel you can see more clearly and breathe more easily. This way, you will also make space for some new people to come into your life; the people who are meant to be part of your journey.

It is perfectly okay not to hang around with people you used to go to school or college with, or some former work colleagues you have nothing in common anymore. You have all grown on many different levels, may want different things now and just simply not much to say to each other anymore. Letting go can be a steady process, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process filled with anger and resentment. It can be a process filled with love, grace and compassion. And how this is done is all up to you.

I’m mentioning this topic today not to make anyone feel bad, but because not many people are talking about it. We are living in this, sometimes fake and dishonest, reality we created ourselves, and this reality is pressuring everyone to accept and believe the fact that it’s okay to live this way when it clearly isn’t.

Enough of fake relationships, enough of dishonesty, enough of pretending. 

Try this:

If you feel it’s time to let go, sit quietly and take a few deep breaths to get centred. Then, ask yourself (your inner wisdom): ‘How can I let go of this person gracefully and without hurting them?’ The answer may come to you immediately or later. Be open and listen. And by listening, I mean being open to any intuitive message you receive, any signs and synchronicities. Then, every time you think of this person during the day, try to send them loving thoughts and see them as a fellow soul that came to this earth to learn, to grow, to experience whatever it needs to experience. They are also scared, unsure and uncertain of many things, just like you. Be compassionate towards them and let them go steadily and gracefully. Forgive them and wish them well on the next part of their journey. This relationships has served its purpose and it’s okay to let go, without any hard feelings.