Being honest & transparent

I often ask myself: ‘How can I be more honest with myself and others?’ And the answer to that question is pretty simple: ‘By being my true self.’

But, what does it really mean to be our true, authentic self?

You see, the early years of our lives we get conditioned certain way. We are born into certain families, with certain beliefs, and most of the time, we accept these beliefs without questioning. These beliefs then become deeply planted into our subconscious and often become part of our identity. This gives us some sense of SELF. But, is this our true self or a false self? This is another one of the many deep questions.

As children, teenagers and in adolescence, we may copy others, thinking that what they do is cool. We want to feel liked and accepted. We want to fit in and get a sense of belonging. We think this may give us some recognition, so we mimic their behaviour, which they’ve probably picked up from someone else too.

As we go about life, we pick up more beliefs from the people in our circles. At that point, many beliefs are already deeply imprinted in our subconscious and we treat them as our own. We don’t look at them as beliefs, but rather as facts about ourselves. But again, is this our real truth?

And I’m sorry, if this doesn’t apply to you. Maybe you see life differently. We all have a different perception of the world. The perception of the world I have, may be something completely different from yours, even though both of us may be standing next to each other looking at the same thing. I share these thoughts based on my own experiences and my perception. I do this with a hope, that people who feel different, or perhaps alienated from the masses, can find some relief and a comfort in these messages.

Some of the beliefs we have may be serving us well. They may be inspiring to us and can help us find and explore our natural talents, what we are truly about. Others, may be harmful to us. They may keep us small, limited and scared in the years to come, if not for a lifetime. This is the way programming works. Programs are just repeated patterns, behaviours and rhetorical terms, which we’ve accepted, to give us some sense of ‘who we are’ or who we should be in the eyes of others.

We rarely question our social conditioning. But just because you’ve heard something over and over again, doesn’t mean it’s true. Just because someone has told you something about you, so many times and you have accepted, doesn’t mean this is who you truly are. What if that person was wrong? You may argue and say, that several people said the same thing. Well, maybe. Here is my answer to that: I feel that when we strongly believe something, we begin to see the evidence of it around us. We subconsciously ‘look’ for confirmations of these beliefs. And we will be presented with situations and individuals who will be pointing these insecurities and beliefs back to us, like a reflection in the mirror. And again, you may have a different outlook on this than me. That’s okay. It’s my perception.

How to be more honest and transparent…

Question your beliefs. If these beliefs are serving you well, keep them. If they are unhelpful to you, begin the process of letting go of them. If something gives you a conflicting feeling, a sense that something isn’t right, listen to that feeling, even if the majority of the people are following the crowd. If it doesn’t feel right to you, it probably isn’t. Don’t follow the masses just because everyone else does. They can mislead you. Listen to your feelings. Listen to your intuition. What are you naturally drawn to? Explore it. That’s how you start finding your true self. That’s how you come to your own personal realisations. And this way, you can be also more true to others.

I’m not saying we will ever fully let go of the imprints within us, and nor am I saying all the beliefs we’ve adopted from our families, teachers or our circles are necessarily bad. All I’m saying is to question the ones that don’t make us feel good or are limiting us in some way. What I’m saying is to keep only what feels good to us and let go of what doesn’t.

Keep learning, keep exploring, keep questioning everything, keep growing, keep expanding. And by doing so, you can start coming to the realisations what you are truly about.

Embrace your real truth.

Your Uniqueness is your Superpower

This week, on the blog, I would like to share with you a short video. This video has been inspired by one of my past articles. In that article, I shared a few thoughts on people comparing themselves to the strangers on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet, the social media and the digital age. I’ve connected with so many incredible people through social media, and many of them became my good friends. I believe, the internet, in general, brought us more together. But, there are also downsides to it, such as comparing ourselves to other people, especially people we don’t know.

Many of us forget, that not everyone presents themselves on the internet truthfully, and some people like to colour things up. On the other hand, our perception of someone can also create a certain ideal, which may be far from their reality and the real truth, which often lies somewhere else, and not in the ideal we’ve created.

Of course, there are also many genuine people, who are just simply excited to share almost every detail of their life with others.

We all have our opinions about the cyber space and our own ways how we share content with others. However you see it, I really hope it is lifting you up and not brining you down.

And if you are one of the people who compare themselves to other people online, I hope this video will give you a different outlook. In the video, you’ll see some of my photos, some older and some more recent. I also narrated it and used one of my most recent music tracks in the background.

I hope it will inspire you.

You can watch it at the link below.

Stay safe and well!

Jana x

Confession time:

I love being creative and sharing content with you. I love the process of putting things together, in a way that only we, as individuals, can do in our own unique way. But, there is something that still haunts me when I do this. It is judgement of myself and my work. As much as I get excited putting something out to the world, whether it’s an article, a video, a piece of music, I sometimes question it.

Can you relate?

Judging yourself for your own content?

It’s very interesting to actually notice how much energy we put into worrying what may other people think of our work, especially once we put it out there. This is just my perception, so if you don’t feel this way, I’m glad you don’t have to deal with the scary voice in your head, which questions or judges your own creativity. I think the reason I feel this way, is partly because I’ve always been a natural worrier ever since I can remember. But that’s another story.

Most of us, when we are in the process of creating something, get very excited. We put so much time and effort to create something we feel proud of, but when it finally comes to sharing it with others, we begin to doubt ourselves, question our creativity, our vision, our unique perspective. Is it okay? Would this or that person like it? Did I say it right? How is it going to be received? Am I going to be judged? We awaken this doubtful voice in the back of our minds and it often takes over and we question something we were so proud of just a few moments ago. Mine used to be so much louder than it is now, but it’s still there. However, I’m trying to co-operate with it the best way I can.

But, there is also a positive side to this. I know, that no matter how judgmental I may get towards myself, I will never stop creating. I will never stop, regardless of other people’s opinions. I will continue to do my best, create my art (no matter how big or small), because it brings me joy. Creativity is my soul food. It is my nourishment. It’s keeping me awake, it fulfils me, it helps me breathe better and it gives me confidence in my ideas. On top of that, there is good chance that my work can inspire and help people. That is the main reason why I do what I do.

When it comes to dealing with the judgemental voice, this is what I find very helpful: Continuously reminding myself that I love and accept myself for who I am, regardless of what other people think of me or my work. It is the love and acceptance that is continuously helping me bring my new projects into fruition.

And here is something I believe can help you, if you struggle with that voice too: 

A year ago, I put together some positive affirmations (at the link below), which can help you become more loving and accepting towards yourself. I hope these affirmations will inspire you. Sit back, relax and let these words sink into your subconscious. You can also play them in the background, while you are cooking, tidying your house, even gardening. The choice is yours. My hope and my intention is that they will help you become more loving and accepting towards your beautiful self.

You are far too unique to be comparing yourself to others

In these times of digital age, we often think, how wonderful other people’s lives are when we look on social media. We see photos of luxurious holidays, flawless selfies of young women with perfect hair. We see inspiring men and women posting fitness videos and pictures in their workout gear and drinking green juices every morning to keep them looking young, healthy and beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong. I love social media and the age we live in. I often get inspired by other people’s sharings and it is through social media I’ve connected with so many incredible people around the entire world.

But being surrounded by all these amazing and flawless beings who are showing us their incredible lives, can make some of us wondering: Where’s my perfect body? Where is my beautiful skin? Where’s my money for all these dream holidays and helicopter rides?’ We begin to compare ourselves to these people and then we feel bad. The truth is, even their reality may not be the way they are presenting it on their social media accounts.

There are not many people who would talk about their struggles online, that they had a bad day or they’ve put on so much weight on in the last couple of months. Instead, people talk about their highlights, which is understandable. Who knows, they may be going through something difficult, we know nothing about, but would not share it publicly. Instead, they lift themselves up by posting something that helps them stay on a positive frequency. Of course, there are also people who like to show off to make others believe how incredible their lives are. But there are also so many genuine people who are just simply excited to share their happiness with others.

I recently read an article about a young model who would post a photo of herself on social media every single day. In that article, she described the whole experience as a rather daunting process. It would take her ages to get ready, take a selfie, airbrushing it and writing a catchy caption to ensure she gets many likes and followers. This always left her feeling exhausted and unfulfilled until she has changed her attitude towards it and started using social media differently.

I must admit, I also airbrushed some of my photos before. I’m still very particular what I post and how I present myself on the internet. But in the last couple of years, I am learning to be more raw and real, as well in photos, so in my articles. Since then, I’ve become to feel more at ease. When you are real, people can relate to you more. They don’t feel intimidated by you or feel bad that they don’t have it all figured out. Then, the comparison becomes irrelevant.

So my friends, let’s be more true to ourselves. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to all these ‘perfect’ people online. We are far too unique to be comparing ourselves to others. Let’s be more loving towards our beautiful selves and let’s stop putting so much pressure on them. Let’s be more authentic and show the world that it’s okay to be that way.

I won’t betray myself anymore

Have you ever betrayed yourself? What does it actually mean to betray yourself? To my understanding, it means putting other people’s needs before your own, making others comfortable on your account, doing things for other people, even though you know they wouldn’t do the same for you, investing your precious time and energy to people who previously let you down or denying your truth. This list can go on and on. I must admit, I’m personally tired of doing this. I’m also tired of watching others who are letting themselves being taken advantage of. I feel that talking about this is important because, so many of us, especially the ones who are not so outspoken, the ones who struggle, suffer in silence or are kept in the dark, are always the ones who either lose out and are taken advantage of. I know this because I’m unlearning all of the above and more on a daily basis. I’ve betrayed myself far too many times and now is the time to change that.

So here is my Proclamation:

  • I no longer betray myself by saying yes when I mean no, just for someone else’s comfort
  • I no longer betray myself and invest my time and energy to people who previously let me down
  • I no longer feel guilty for not responding to other people’s messages or emails straight away, especially when I’m tired and need to save my precious energy
  • I no longer betray myself and stay in the dark to keep others in the spotlight
  • I no longer betray myself by denying my truth
  • I no longer betray myself by putting myself second
  • I no longer betray myself for making others comfortable while I would lose out
  • I no longer betray myself and seek approval from others
  • I no longer betray myself and respond to someone’s social media comment, that is pushy or is making me uncomfortable, just to be nice
  • I no longer invest my time to people who simply don’t care and only contact me when they want something
  • I no longer betray myself by comparing myself to others (I mind my own business, everything else it’s just noise)
  • I no longer betray myself by allowing others to take advantage of me
  • I no longer betray myself for worrying too much what others think of me
  • I no longer betray myself to draw myself into other people’s melodramas

Jana x                                                                                                                                                                                                      

No, I’m not always positive, inspiring & happy

Many people who don’t really know me, think I’m always about positive vibes, happiness, rainbows and butterflies. Even though I love that idea, life is somehow different in a reality. I have my own struggles, bad days, negative thoughts and upsets. Of course, I wouldn’t share those things on the internet in full details, but what I do instead, is talk about what I’m learning from those experiences so they can inspire and help others. Not everything is as we perceive it, not everyone is who we may think they are.

…and this is one of the reasons not to compare yourself to other people

On the outside, we may think, that others have it ‘all together’ while the truth may lie somewhere else. My own life is an example of that. The last two years have been quite tough for me emotionally, however, there have been fleeting moments of light and happiness that always keep me going. Most people who you follow online may not be exactly as you perceive them. The work colleague who is always smiling may be going through something you know nothing about. Behind those false masks may be a person who is very unhappy, hurt and struggling deeply. The trouble is, we have been taught to be strong, to hide our emotions, without being honest with ourselves and others how we really feel. I’m getting a bit tired of that game. Therefore, I want to share with you more and more of my truth, at least through these blog posts, and by doing so, perhaps give others permission to do the same.

The truth about Jana

Yes, I want to keep inspiring you guys. Yes, I’m excited about so many things in life. And yes, there are great things unfolding in front of me right now, but the truth is: I also feel scared, tired, demotivated, angry, unhappy and unbalanced sometimes. I cry a lot to relieve my emotional pain, but I also cry tears of joy when something works out beautifully for me. The passing of one of my best friends earlier this year really affected me. I miss my friend deeply, but I’m grateful that our paths have crossed and I’m keeping the happy moments we shared in my heart forever. A couple of years ago, two people, I considered great friends and who have been in my life for over a decade betrayed me. But as difficult as this situation was, it made me more grateful for the real friends I have and I can fully rely on. So many things I worked so hard for didn’t work out for me, but I am grateful for the fantastic opportunities these redirections brought into my life.

So, as you can see my friends, life is not always about rainbows, sunshine and butterflies, but doing our best in any given moment despite the challenges we face is what helps us rise again and again.


I recently recorded a podcast episode about transformation and healing emotions. In this episode I talked about my own experiences with healing my past, letting go of what it no longer serving me, so I can make space for what’s really meant for me. This work also includes being honest with myself. I used to struggle in this area and I was often dishonest when it came to my feelings. I thought, covering how I really feel by repeating positive statements would magically make my struggles disappear. I would pretend that everything’s was great and life was fantastic. The truth was the actual opposite. Let me point out, that I have nothing against positive affirmations or quotations, I still love them. They can truly brighten our day. But when it comes to self-honesty, I had to learn (and still learning) how to love myself for who I am, without pushing how I really feel away. Learning to love every aspect of myself: the beautiful, the dark, the happy, the confused is not always easy, but it’s truly liberating.  It’s called self-love, and I am embracing it fully now. Self-love simply means having a healthy respect towards your beautiful self as a whole. Listed below are a few ways which I found very helpful when it comes to self-honesty.

1) Having a good cry

There is absolutely no shame in having a good cry. In the last couple of months, I am very emotional and cry just a little every single day and I am not ashamed to admit it. There is a beautiful transformation happening in my life right now and I am fully embracing it. I am healing my past and letting whatever comes up to the surface come up, so it can be fully felt, healed and released. It’s a beautiful, but also a painful process, and that’s okay. Having a good cry can help you become more honest with yourself and finally admitting your true feelings to yourself (some you may have been hiding for years).

2) Asking yourself what is working and what is not

This is important. It’s like with a relationship that already served its purpose. Some relationships did, a long time ago, and we may be the only ones who are still trying to save them just because we are so used to them. It’s time to let go. It’s time to start fresh and really becoming honest with yourself and your relationships (whether romantic, business or friendships) and with everything else that needs to go. If something’s wrong, admit it to yourself. Don’t try to fix everything and everyone when there is no point anymore.

3) Expressing yourself on the pages of your diary

Writing is a wonderful exercise which can assist you in healing and becoming really honest with yourself. Express yourself on the pages of your diary without editing yourself. It is yours and you can tell it anything you want without editing yourself. This can be incredibly therapeutic.

A thought to keep

“Real transformation requires real honesty. If you want to move forward ~get real with yourself.” Bryant McGill