If I could talk to my younger self, these are the 7 things I would tell her…

When I was younger, I lived in so much worry and fear. I worried about everything. What other people thought of me, whether I said the right thing or whether I presented myself the right way. Other people’s opinions were so important to me that they were controlling my life in a great way.

When we are very young we have a completely different outlook on life. This outlook can be somehow overwhelming. This was certainly the case for me. But, if I ever had the opportunity to talk to my younger self, there are so many things I would tell her. I would give her so much love, support and reassurance that there is nothing to worry about, only things to experience and lessons to learn from.

If you could talk to your younger self, what would you tell him or her? What words would you use to encourage them and make them feel better when they feel scared? What would you say to them to calm them down? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. You never know who may read them and they can even save someone’s life.

I believe this is a very important topic to talk about. The younger generation can sometimes feel so overwhelmed about life in general, and can definitely benefit and learn from our mistakes, that’s why is important to talk about them. Listed below are a few of the things I would definitely say to that scared young girl I used to be if I had the opportunity.

1) Don’t worry what other people think of you

Others are so busy thinking about themselves and not about you. When we are younger, we think the opposite. Remember, the most important thing is what you think about you.

2) Be yourself

You are unique. There has never been anybody like you and there is never going to be. Embrace all that is you and celebrate your beautiful individuality.

3) Your past mistakes are powerful lessons

When I used to make mistakes, I would beat myself up for them for ages. Look at your mistakes as powerful lessons which needed to be learnt to help you become the person you want to become.

4) Put yourself first, always

Always follow your dreams. Don’t postpone, don’t procrastinate, don’t get influenced by other’s opinions. When I was younger, I was always searching for romantic love. When I was in a relationship, that other person would become my priority. I would put all my dreams and needs aside, and would only focus on the person I was ‘so in love with’. There was a huge price to pay for that. I was never happy, because I stopped focusing on me and my dreams. Later, I realised, I am the most important person in my own life and I will always be. I began putting myself first. This wasn’t selfish, but an act of self-love and respect towards myself. Put yourself first, always.

5) Listen to your intuition

When I was a child, my intuition was very strong and I fully trusted it. As I got older I stopped listening to it and began to doubt it. Luckily, I realised how important and valuable my intuition is. Always listen to your inner wisdom, it will never fail you.

6) Don’t take life so seriously

When we are young, we take everything so seriously, including the things that don’t really matter. Life doesn’t have to be that serious. The same way seasons of the year change, the seasons of life change too. Go through them gracefully. When something doesn’t work out the way you planned it, trust and know that there is something way better on its way to you.

7) You are good enough, just as you are

You are good enough and you have nothing to prove to anybody. You don’t need to compare yourself to others, dress like others, act like others to be accepted by this society. You are good enough, just as you are. Work on yourself, keep improving, educate yourself, but at the same time know that you are good enough and wonderful as you are.

Trust your intuition

Last week, I was driving from Northampton back to London. It was late and a very foggy evening. The motorway wasn’t lit up properly, and the visibility was very bad. Even the fog lights on my car didn’t help me to see ahead properly. I’m generally quite a confident driver, and I don’t remember the last time I felt so uneasy on the road. I felt uncomfortable, and at times unsafe. All I wanted was to get home safely.

They were not many cars on the road that day, and that somehow made me feel quite lonely. I immediately called in the angels and my personal spirit guides to assist me. I could feel their presence instantly, as they were helping me get through the uncomfortable drive. I began feeling more at ease. When I changed the motorways and finally got closer to my home territory, I felt even more comfortable. I thanked the angels and my guides for staying with me and helping me to get through the scary drive. When I got home and parked, I checked my phone. There was a message from a dear friend of mine. He said, he just had a weird feeling that something was wrong. He felt he needed to text me to check if I was okay, and hoping his intuition was only a false alarm. His message has been sent at the exact time, when I was going through my fog driving burden. He picked on it immediately through his intuition.

Not a surprise 

Many of my friends are open to the conversation of spiritual guidance and intuition. This is the reason, we connect so well through our vibes and feelings. I have quite a few stories similar to this one. It wasn’t a surprise, that my friend picked on my discomfort. His soul knew something was wrong. I texted him right back to say I was okay. He felt relieved.

Yes, it’s your intuition 

This was a good example of trusting your intuition. My friend clearly felt there was something wrong. Do you also get a moments in your life when you feel something just doesn’t feel right? Or on the contrary. Do you feel something feels very good, and you should go for it without any hesitation? These are all signals from your soul, which shouldn’t be ignored.

What intuition actually is?  

Intuition is that quiet little voice which whispers to us all day long, helping us navigate through life. It is the voice of our soul. The problem is, we don’t always choose to listen to it. It is the ability to know something through our instinct, through our feelings. Some call it a sixth sense, others a gut feeling. I’m sure you have already experienced your intuition. For example: Have you ever met somebody and you immediately felt they cannot be trusted? Later, you found out that you were right. Or did you ever had a feeling, you should not take a particular way to work, so you took another way, only to find out later you were spared a two hours being stuck in traffic? This was your intuition warning you in advance. But, of course, you also have a good, intuitive feelings. You meet somebody new and you feel good in their presence. Ten years later, you are still great friends. Or you have a feeling, there is an opportunity of a lifetime heading your way. You feel good about it, no matter what others say. In a few weeks, you land a job of your dreams. Intuition is a wonderful gift that comes from our souls. It can be trusted. Intuition is the link between your physical self and your soul. The human mind always seeks for logic in all, your intuition always knows! You can fully trust it.

Next week, I will give you a list of my favourite ways to strengthen your intuition. By listening and acknowledging your intuition, you can create a wonderful co-operation that can serve you in a great way your entire life.

5 things to remind yourself every day

Beauty girl takes beautiful flowers in her hands

I was thinking for a while what this week’s blog should be about, and then I realised what a better idea then to talk about the things we should remind ourselves on a daily basis. Bellow is a list of five suggestions I believe are important to remember daily. These reminders always shift my energy levels to a higher frequencies and help me to remember what really matters in life. Feel free to add to this list, and if you like share your thoughts with us in the comments bellow.

Every sunrise brings you new opportunities 

When you wake up in the morning, thank the Universe for a new day and the new opportunities which are about to unfold. You have a chance to meet new people, to make a new choices, to start working on the project you have been postponing for a while. Every sunrise brings you new opportunities, always remember that.

This too shall pass 

When you are going through some challenges in your life, always remember that  This too shall pass!'” Everything that is happening in your life is teaching you a lesson. We all have bad days or a bad seasons in life, but they do not last forever.

What are you grateful for?

Every time I feel down, I start listing things I am grateful for. This instantly shifts my energy and I start feeling better. Lately, I’m making my focus on gratitude a daily task. It is changing my life. Take a pen and paper and start listing things you are grateful for. Appreciate your body, your senses, express gratitude to your loving family and friends, the roof over your head, the pay-cheque which comes every month. Remember there are many people who would wish they had what you do. We often forget to pause and acknowledge the fantastic blessings we have in our lives. Remind yourself every day what you are grateful for.

It’s okay to be yourself 

We live in a society which is constantly telling us what is right, what is wrong, how we should act or be…We are rarely told to be ourselves and express our authenticity in the world. We are good at fitting in rather than standing out from the crowd and living in our truth. I believe otherwise. It is okay to be yourself. I used to live in so much denial. I wasn’t accepting myself fully and I was trying to be like everybody else. It was painful. This way of living made me feel awful and emotionally drained. Luckily, I realised living this way it’s only a waste of my precious energy and my life. If you would like some tips about learning how to be more truthful to yourself, read my article “Why I want to be more and more truthful to myself” http://www.mysticbutterfly.co.uk/i-want-truthful/

Present moment is the only place where the real life exists 

That’s right! Only present moment matters the most. Past is not here anymore and there is nothing which can be changed about the past. Only your approach towards the past can be changed.  Another place which doesn’t exist (yet) is the future. We often travel in our minds to a fictional places in the future, creating scenarios (often crazy) that never even happen. We are worrying ourselves for no reason. Remember that the present moment is the only place where the real life exists. Present moment is your life!