Speak up & stand in your power

Ever since I can remember, I have been afraid of standing up for myself. I often said yes when I meant no, just to please others. I would go out of my way doing favours for other people, so they wouldn’t get upset with me, even though I knew they wouldn’t do the same for me. I didn’t know what being assertive meant and thought of myself as inferior and worthless. All I was striving for was to be liked, accepted and have friends. With that, came lots of advantage-taking and emotional pain. I had no boundaries and this caused me so much inner suffering.

In terms of speaking up, this was a huge deal for me. I must admit, I still detour into this place more than you may think. Picking up the phone and deal with something that can’t be resolved any other way, making a complaint at a department store which I have a full right to make can still be a big challenge for me. Why? I’m still afraid. I still haven’t healed myself fully, my past fears and feelings of inadequacy. That’s the truth.


Most people who don’t know me think I’m very confident. In my case, confidence is a learned skill. By making this statement I don’t mean I’m faking it or I’m pretending to be someone I’m not. I’ve passed that stage. What I mean, however, is that we live in a tough world, and learning to be tough and becoming more confident is a necessity, especially for us introverts. On the other hand, I am very confident in my ideas and beliefs, and I’m so happy this comes to me naturally.

Setting boundaries

The year 2010 was a year of big changes for me when my inner transformation truly began. Little did that I know at the time, it will take years to shed off many old energies and unlearning bad habits which caused me so much pain and anxiety. I’m still working on it, but the transformation I am seeing is incredible. I’m learning to speak up more and fear the world less. I’m learning to stand in my power and be the person I truly am without pretending or trying to impress anyone. It’s not always an easy process, but I am willing to be a life long student if I must.

Why am I sharing all this with you today?

  • To help you be your authentic self while you are working on bettering yourself
  • To give you permission to step out of your own comfort zone, so you can start becoming the person you truly are
  • To help you release the blocks that have been holding you back and step into your truth, fully
  • To help you accept that it is okay to disappoint people when their requests don’t resonate with your truth
  • To help you let go of old beliefs and labels others may have placed on you and you so deeply accepted

“Own your truth. Be who you came here to be. Don’t be ashamed of your story and show the world the beautiful person and soul that you truly are.”

~Jana Prackova 

From a procrastinator to an action taker

Hello to all procrastinators. You know who you are, so let’s get right to the point. Are you the one who always complains about not having enough time or coming up with all sorts of excuses (having no energy, not enough finances, being too tired, too cold etc.)? I get it. We all detour to these places once in a while. The question is: Is procrastination starting to affect your every daily life?

I’ve realised that doing the work that has been on your mind doesn’t take that long at all. What does take long, however, is thinking about it. So when I, for example, procrastinate on something, let’s say writing an article, I may spend more time and energy having it in the back of my mind rather than investing my time to actually write. The task may only take me half an hour, yet I sometimes waste 2-3 days putting it aside. When I finally get round to it, I’m amazed how quickly I was able to complete it.

Invest your time to things that matter

We all have 24 hours a day and it’s up to us how we spend these 24 hours. Do you invest most of your time on mindless scrolling through social media or do you actually do the things you say you have no time for? This is a time to get honest with yourself. Imagine how much you could accomplish by adjusting your daily habits? There is a huge difference between being busy and being busy doing things that matter. So what can you discard and what can you keep to create more space in your life?

Begin and the results will follow

Take action today. No more excuses, simply go and do it. Remember what we said earlier, the actual work doesn’t take that long, it’s the thinking about it that takes forever and so much space in your busy mind. Make a decision today, that you are going to step out of the procrastinator zone and you will become that action taker you know you are. So, let’s start making those dreams a reality. It’s time to take action.

A thought to keep

“The best way to get something done is to begin.” ~Author unknown 

What would you like to manifest in your life? Simply decide to have it now

What if I told you that with one simple decision you can change your life? What if I told you that with one simple decision you can get healthy, prosperous, successful or happier? What if I told you that your true power lies within yourself, and by changing your perspective you can shift anything you want in your life.

So, what is it that you truly desire? What would you like to accomplish? What would you like to see happening in your life now? Is it having more finances, a new career, better health or a beautiful relationship? Simply decide.

When you make a decision, you are putting your invisible desire out to the universe and saying, you are ready to see it in your physical reality. Of course, this process may take a little while, but this is entirely up to you and the frequency you put yourself on. It also depends on your belief system and your feeling about it.

Do you feel worthy of your desire? Do you truly believe it can be yours? If so, you are closer than you may think. Feel the feelings of already feeling how you are going to feel when your desire is manifested. Visualising and feeling your desire with you now are the secrets of a creative process. You have to see it in your mind’s eye and feel it within the whole level of your being before it happens. 

Your decision changes everything

Making a decision about what you truly want, means stepping out of your current frequency into a new and higher frequency. This will start creating your new reality. Your current reality is the result of the choices you have made up to this point. If you want to change that reality, you have to change your frequency. And you change your frequency by making a new, conscious decision. This way, you begin the process of re-programming your mind.

My boyfriend and I are currently in the process of changing our perspective on things we thought wouldn’t be possible. We are re-programming our mindsets, making new and exciting choices and letting go of old stories and beliefs. It is a very refreshing process. The results we are starting to see are incredible, and new ideas and possibilities are lining up in front of us almost on a daily basis.

The power lies within you

You are an amazing universal artist and you should start using your magical power now. Start creating the life you desire. You truly deserve it.

8 powerful daily reminders

In this fast pace moving world, we often forget to remind ourselves what really matters in life. I believe there are many things we can say to ourselves every single day and they can have a positive impact on our lives. Let’s be honest: Life doesn’t have to be so serious. It should be joyful and adventurous. After all, it is an amazing journey that we should all treasure. Listed below are 8 of my favourite things I began reminding myself every single day and as a result of that, I’m starting to see some great results.

1) You are good enough just as you are

You are good enough just as you are. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Remind these words to yourself every single day, especially in this social media era, where everyone compares to themselves to each other.

2) You create your own reality

Many books and articles have been written about the law of attraction and manifesting. The point I want to make here is this: Be mindful of your thoughts, they create your reality. Your outside world is always a reflection of your inner state.

3) Your dreams can come true

Your dreams can definitely come true if you have the courage to pursue them. Keep taking action every single day towards your dreams, keep working and keep learning from your mistakes. Never give up, your dreams can come true.

4) Be kind to yourself and others

Always be kind to yourself and others. One kind world can change somebody’s entire day and even their life. The same applies to you too. Stop being so hard on yourself and speak kindly to yourself.

5) It’s okay to take rest and don’t feel guilty about it

I must admit, I can sometimes be a workaholic. I have to force myself sometimes to take rest and don’t feel guilty about it. Taking rest is essential to our wellbeing and we should really make it one of our priorities. I’m noticing more and more how much my perfomance improves and how much more after I get done after a proper rest.

6) Be grateful

Gratitude turns what we have into enough. Ask yourself: What am I grateful for today? Get a piece of paper or your notebook/journal and write it all down. This can set your day on a positive frequency.

7) Listen to your inner wisdom

Your intuition is your greatest guide. I often say to people, when you want to make the right decision don’t only ask yourself what do I think about it, but most importantly is to ask yourself: How do I feel about it? Pay attention to the signs in your body, to your feelings and visions. Don’t ignore them, trust them.

8) What has happened served its purpose

We often travel back in time and pay for the same mistakes just by thinking about them. Past is not here anymore and there is nothing that can be changed about the past, only your approach towards your past can be changed. Remember that what has happened served its purpose. Learn from it and focus as much possible on the present moment ~the only place where the true life exists. 

Exciting News: The Mystic Butterfly Notebook is here!

I am so excited to share with you that I recently created my first Mystic Butterfly Notebook with a help of two amazing women, my wonderful sister Maria, a talented artist and a creative and lovely Jane, a graphic designer and author. The notebook will be officially out very soon and I will be announcing the date in the next couple of weeks.

The Mystic Butterfly Notebook can be used in a couple of ways:

1) It’s here to accompany my book Mystic Butterfly ~a guide to your true self

I strongly encourage you to use it when you are working through the exercises in the book. Write it all down and keep it as a guide you can refer to.

2) To begin each day by listing things you are grateful for & fill the rest of the pages with your thoughts, feelings, dreams & visions for the future

Every left-hand side page begins with a saying: Today I am grateful for… which basically means, you can use it as a journal. Start each day by listing things you are grateful for. When you adopt this as a daily practice, you can set yourself on a positive note first thing in the morning. Remember that when we are grateful for what we already have in our lives, that often turns everything else into enough. What a wonderful exercise to begin the day.

At the bottom of every right-hand side page, is a positive affirmation (a different one for every day), which is designed to inspire you. Fill the pages of your notebook with your thoughts, feelings, dreams and visions for the future. It is yours and you can say it all your secrets and desires.

The notebook comes in a hardback cover format and has 154 pages.

I can’t even express how happy I am about this new creation and I really believe it will serve you well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: jana@mysticbutterfly.co.uk and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

A few ways to ‘Spring-clean’ your mind

Every time I do spring cleaning at home, my mind gets cleared at the same time. So last week, I’ve decided to take on the task of doing some major clear out in my apartment.

The truth is, in the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little low. One of my friendships ended suddenly and the whole situation left me emotionally drained and disappointed. If that wasn’t enough, several other things have been going wrong from having quite a few unexpected expenses to an overload of work.

After being in a pretty low state of mind for a while, I’ve decided to step out of the self-pity zone and finally act. So, I began by cleaning up my place, getting rid of many things I no longer needed. I suddenly felt a breath of fresh air touching my mind and soul. I felt calmer and more at peace.

We all need clarity of mind to be able to notice what really matters in life. This allows us to breathe easily too and finally realise what to keep and what to discard. Only then, we are able to get a direction where our life is currently heading, and whether we may need a course correction or a complete redirection.

Is your mind cluttered?

If you feel like your mind is cluttered, definitely give a little spring cleaning a go. This can mean many things to many people, but whatever that means to you, it will do a world of good.

An actual cleaning can be the first step

Wash your windows, clean your bathroom, tidy up your desk, re-organise your wardrobe, vacuum your apartment, throw out the rubbish and the list can go on. Do it today and notice how you felt before and after.

Donate clothes and things you no longer need to charity

We all have clothes, books, artefacts and so many things we no longer need. Consider making donation to a charity. So, if they are in good condition, give them away instead of throwing them away. You will not only do a good deed and brighten up someone else’s day, but at the same time, you will make space for something new to come into your life.

A few minutes of stillness and deep breathing a day can change your perspective on life

Pause several times a day, close your eyes and take a nice, long, deep breath. Tune into the moment you are in and make an intention that every time you breathe out, you are going to let go any unwanted energies, thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving you. This can only take a couple of minutes of your day, but trust me, it will bring more peace and clarity into your life.

Write your thoughts down

Get your notebook/journal and write your thoughts down. Express your feelings onto the pages and be very honest with yourself. Write down everything that has been bothering you and you don’t feel like sharing with anyone. We all have our little secrets and things that we worry about nobody knows about or would understand. Every time I write things down, and get my thoughts out of my head on a piece of paper, I feel so much lighter and so much peace and clarity showers my mind and soul.

So, I hope this helps and if you have any questions or comments, please share them in the comment section below.

Making mistakes & failing is teaching you a lot

People are often hard on themselves for making mistakes. They talk about them over and over again, wasting their precious energy which they could invest towards something more meaningful. But what they don’t realise, it is actually their mistakes that can help them level up this game called life. If it wasn’t for mistakes, you could stay at the same place your whole life.

I’m looking at mistakes from a different perspective now. They are helping me move forward and learn something new every single day. In fact, I am grateful for them.

Today, I want to encourage you to start looking at your mistakes and the so-called failures differently. I want you to start celebrating them because they are teaching you so much about yourself and are co-currently helping you bring some wonderful opportunities to your life.

Mistakes are your greatest teachers

Don’t be afraid of failing. Instead, look at failing from a different angle. Be grateful that you are learning something new and once you learn it you don’t have to, hopefully, repeat the same lesson again. Start looking at your mistakes as teachers, which are guiding you to the right path.

Keep moving forward

I failed so many times in life and I’m still going to. But at the same time, I’m grateful for all of those experiences. I wouldn’t change them. They’re always teaching me so much about myself and my life. They’re teaching me what is important and what isn’t. Learn from your mistakes and failures and always keep moving forward.

Relax more into life

You are always learning and you are always growing and you are going to be, for the rest of your life. Embrace this knowledge and let go of everything that holds you back. Stop being hard on yourself, it’s a waste of your energy. And I don’t mean to stop trying to do your best or stop working on yourself. What I mean is, stop punishing yourself for every single mistake you make. You’ve learned something from it and now it’s time to move on and focus on your present and the future. You are a work in progress and you are always going to be. Nobody has accomplished it all, nobody has done it all, nobody knows it all. So relax more into life and enjoy it. After all, it’s such an exciting and adventurous journey.

It’s okay, if you’ve outgrown some friends

Do you feel that you have nothing in common with some of your friends anymore? You used to spend so much time together and now you don’t even feel like picking up the phone when they call. Maybe you used to be inseparable, but now you have nothing to talk about. You feel that you don’t want to be investing your time into this friendship anymore. You make excuses that you are too busy to go out, even to respond to a text or a phone call. All that you have in common now is the past.

I want to put your mind at ease because it’s perfectly okay to feel like this. It is perfectly okay to outgrown your friends, even to part ways for good. You are always growing, expanding, learning, unlearning and this creates change. Your friend is changing too and what you might have had in common in the past has faded away. Your friendship may never be the same. You are both completely different and this is fine too.

I can fully relate to the above because I’ve been there and I am also going through something similar as I write these lines. There are still certain people in my life I know aren’t on ‘my frequency’ anymore and I find difficult to let go of. I care about them, I care about their feelings, but something is telling me that they are not my kind of people anymore. The feelings I’m having are powerful signals coming from my soul that something needs to change.

The friendship has served its purpose

Everyone comes to our life for a reason. Some come to teach you some powerful lessons, others come to teach you difficult lessons. Some teach you about truth, others about love, dreams and about what really matters. And if someone just came into your life as a proof that you don’t want to be hanging around them anymore? Then, learn from that lesson, let them go and make space for more meaningful relationships.

Embrace change

I believe that change is good. Change can clear the path and bring something fresh and new to you. This applies to your friendships too. When you don’t want to be connecting with someone anymore, that’s a sign. A powerful sign from your soul. Embrace it and be brave to do what’s right for you.

Celebrate relationships that make you feel good

And of course, celebrate all the amazing people in your life now. Express your gratitude to them. Tell these special people that you love them and appreciate them and that you are very thankful to have them in your life.

A thought to keep

It isn’t wise to continue friendships, just because you’ve known these people for life. If the friendship doesn’t feel right anymore, let it go. If you’ve been feeling emotionally drained for years while being surrounded by these people, you need to honestly reevaluate whether you want to still include them in your circles. This isn’t selfish, but it’s an act of self-love.

Most importantly, focus on what really matters to you. When you begin to fill yourself up, you’ll start feeling good about yourself and then you will start attracting people that will mirror your beautiful state. There are the people who are meant to be sharing this incredible life’s journey with you.

It’s time to focus on what truly matters

A couple of weeks ago I turned 36. Where did the years ago?’….I thought. It made me realise how much I don’t want to be procrastinating on things that are important to me anymore. No more holding back, no more excuses, no more worrying what others think of me or whether they will accept me or reject me for what I do. I’m ready to step into my power fully, and stop playing small anymore.

I believe I came to this world to share my gifts, and it makes me incredibly happy when I can inspire someone by doing so. In fact, I believe it’s my responsibility. I have been scared for way too long. I have been worried for way too long. I have been pretending that I’m someone else for ages. I can’t hold back anymore.

I believe, all of us possess so many amazing gifts and we should finally face the fear and share them with the world. It doesn’t matter on how small or big scale. This is the reason for this topic today. I hope the suggestions below can help you step into your own power, so you can focus on things that truly matter to you.

A) Be ready to shine

Let go of fear. Let go of worry what others think of you. Be ready to step out of the comfort zone and step into your power completely. You are amazing and ready to experience some fantastic things in this world.

B) No playing small anymore

Stop doing what you don’t want to do. Stop saying yes, when you mean no. Focus fully on what matters to you and don’t play small anymore. You deserve the best and nobody can tell you or dictate what is or what isn’t possible for you. You make the path, you create the rules for your own life. You create your reality.

C) You are meant for greatness

You came here to do great things. You are not here to waste time on insignificant matters. Start making the most of this interesting experience here on Earth. You are meant for greatness, so get ready to be the person you are meant to be.

“Focus on what you love and start building the life that you truly deserve. No playing small anymore.”  

~Jana Prackova 

Are you letting the wrong people take up space in your mind?

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking how to inspire my beautiful community on social media. A lovely idea came to my mind within a few minutes. I immediately created a beautiful collage and was ready to share it on social media. Then, suddenly, a particular person came to my mind, which I believed ‘would raise their eyebrows’ at my post and would think: There we go again. Another one of Jana’s inspiring, self-help stuff.”

Within minutes, I began doubting myself and questioning the inspiring message I was so excited about just a minute ago. I decided not to post it. An hour went by and I thought: Isn’t that interesting? Why do we care so much about other’s opinions in a way we begin to doubt our creativity, ourselves?

In the end, I posted my inspiring message anyway and let the self-doubt fade away. And I also learned a lesson from this. It made me realise how much power I’m still wasting, by worrying what other people think of me, people who don’t really know me, my story and how hard I worked and I’m still working and how tired I am of seeking their approval.

So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we strive to be so likeable and giving these people who don’t really matter so much of our precious energy? It’s because we have been programmed this way. There are rules we need to follow, certain standards to live by, success to strive for. And now, with the internet and especially social media, we feel even more pressure because we compare ourselves to others and what we believe their lives look like. Personally, I love social media, but unfortunately, the comparison that comes with it is doing more harm than good.

Do what feels right for you

Do what pleases you and forget about the rest. Easier said, then done, hmmmm? I know. But listen: Do you want to be always someone’s prisoner, always worry or obsess what they think? Of course not. Focus on you and do what makes you feel good and fulfils you. Leave their opinions and criticism to themselves.

And the truth is: they don’t really think about you, but are busy living their own lives

The amount of time and space we give others in our minds is absolutely crazy and completely unnecessary. Do yourself a favour and stop it at once. Everyone is living their own life, focusing, mainly, on themselves and their own things. They have their own worries, struggles and fears and are not really thinking about you and what you are up to. They are focused on their own lives.

Become more present

Being fully present prevents your mind from wandering to places that disempower you. Be aware of this and every time your thoughts start flying to places you don’t want to go, stop and ask yourself: Where am I? And of course, you know the answer, you are right here, right now at this moment. And this is the only place where the true life exists.