Always do your best & don’t worry about the rest

I recently came across this great quote: Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit’ ~Unknown It really made me think about the world we currently live in. Many of us seek approval and validation from others. We want to look good in the eyes of others and are working very hard for it. When we get that approval, we feel good and we have a reason to keep going. But sometimes, when we don’t get that approval we get disappointed. Le’ts say you are building a business on the side of your full-time job. You’re working hard, but nobody is giving you any acknowledgement. At first, it doesn’t matter, because you believe in yourself and you are excited about your vision. Six months have passed and you keep going, even though you still don’t see any financial results. People start expressing their opinions and keep wondering why you even bother as you haven’t made any money yet? Despite all, you keep going. Some more time may pass and you, yourself may start questioning whether you should carry on. You’ve reached a crossroads.

What’s next….

Never question your vision. Don’t question it for a second. Keep doing your best and forget about the rest. It doesn’t matter that someone doesn’t give you credit. It doesn’t matter it hasn’t been acknowledged yet or that someone says you can’t succeed. To tell you the truth, the people who say that, are not your kind of people. When something seems impossible to them, doesn’t mean it must be impossible for you too? When you do what you love, the right people will be drawn to you. This may take a little while, but eventually, they will come and they will appreciate your efforts, and they will let you know that they do. Believe in yourself.

Here is one of my personal examples

I love writing. I blog every week and there are people who love what I have to share. But even though they do, I don’t get many likes or comments on these blogs. What I get however, are private messages or emails that the blogs are helping them. I certainly don’t define my work by the ‘likes’ I get on social media. I keep writing because I love it and by doing so, I can serve many people. And the rest? I don’t worry about it anymore. I used to did and it was controlling my life. One day I said to myself: ‘Enough.’ Even though it’s nice to get acknowledged by others, I won’t rely on it and I stopped expecting it. I continue doing what I love and the right kind of people will always find it at the right time. This is just one simple example to illustrate that if you have a passion for something, the noise of the world but also its quietness becomes irrelevant. Carry on doing what you love.

Keep up the great work

So my friends, please don’t give up and don’t worry about receiving any credit from others. Many people are watching, even though they pretend they don’t, trust me. So keep up the great work and one day, we will celebrate all your wonderful creations and we will all be very proud of you. Don’t give up. Your wonderful work is needed in this world.

Co-creating with the Universe

Lately, I am being asked lots of questions about manifesting and co-creating with the Universe, so I thought I would take this opportunity to give you my outlook on it. First of all, I want to say, I’m not a law of attraction teacher, and there are so many people in the spiritual communities who are specifically focused on these teachings. However, over the years, I’ve gained some knowledge and understanding about manifesting and co-creating with the Universe and I love to share what I know.

These days, I’ve been consciously manifesting certain things into my life and they are definitely coming into fruition. I can say quite confidently that conscious creating and manifesting works. Manifesting isn’t dreaming, even though it may seem like. Manifesting is co-creating with the Universe and yes, it begins with a dream.

1) Make a decision

Decide what you want to create in your life. Have absolute clarity what you want. By deciding, you are taking the first step towards bringing your dream into a physical reality.

2) Act as if

Act as if what you want is already in your life. Feel it! Feel it within the whole level of your being. Feel how you want to feel once your dream is already manifested, already here. How would you walk? How would you talk? What would you be telling to other people? How does it make you feel? Feel those feelings now. Be very specific about this.

3) Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself and believe in your dream. Who’s going to believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself? This is a very important step in a manifestation process. You have to believe in yourself fully. Don’t doubt yourself for a second.

4) Take action

Action should be taken on a daily basis when you’re co-creating with the Universe and you’re in the process of manifesting something. What can you do today to bring your dream closer to you? Even if it’s only reading one page of the book of your chosen subject. Do it. Forward is forward. Drop the excuses and take daily action.

5) Let it go

This is for many the hardest step. I completely understand that. I too have sometimes difficulty letting go of some desires. By letting go, I don’t mean dropping it. By letting go I mean releasing it to the care of the Universe. Letting go allows the magical forces of the Universe start moving things around in your favour. Let go of how and when it will manifest. And this leads me to the last step…

6) Trust and Know

Trusting and knowing is about relaxing and about having faith. Have faith that your dream will come true and don’t detour into a fearful way of thinking of how and when it will appear in the physical plane. Every time your desire comes to your mind, just smile and expect to receive it. Simply trust and know that it’s on its way to you and it will show up when the time is right.

Some final points:

Focus on what you want

What you focus on always expands. When you are focused on the lack, you create more lack in your life. When you are focused on the positive, you are going to see more positive things coming into your life. Life is pretty simple, it’s just us humans who make it unnecessary complicated, because this is what we’ve been taught to do.

An easy way to shift your energy from a ‘low to a high vibe’

Be grateful for all the wonderful things that already are in your life. Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and raises our frequency. This way we shift our perception. While manifesting, you need to feel good and you need to keep your vibration high. Ask yourself: What am I grateful for today? Take a pen and paper and write it all down. Then, read it out loud and feel the feelings of appreciation of having all these wonderful things in your life.

No attachment

This is how things manifest. I know your dream is important to you. I know you want to see it in your life now, but to be able to do that, you must let it go. Hold no attachment,  just trust, know and release it to the care of the Universe and it will magnetise in your reality.

So, what do you want to create in your life?

Remember: What you desire is already here, the only reason you can’t see it, is that you are not vibrating on a similar frequency with it (that is an explanation from a soul-perspective). Use the above steps and start creating the life that you desire and you deserve.

Are you constantly waiting to be happy? Stop! (this isn’t a blog about how to happy)

First of all, I would like to say thank you for all your kind comments and a great response to my last blog. I really appreciate every single one of you.

So….Happiness. Everyone is searching for it, but are we ever going to find it? My philosophy, however strange it may sound, is to stop that search and just be. Focus on what inspires you, focus on what brings the most joy to your soul and the moments of happiness will fly into your life naturally. Happy moments always come and go. Happiness is a temporary state, not an ongoing thing.

We need to embrace the seasons of life we go through. We need to appreciate when our life blooms and the skies are blue, but we need to be patient while the dark clouds are being blown away, so the sun can start shining again. And here is the truth: If we were always happy, we wouldn’t appreciate the good and happy moments of life the same way as we do when they come back to us again and again. So, how about that? Can you relate to this way of looking at happiness?

So, as I already mentioned, do what brings you joy and what inspires you. It will lead you to happy moments. Focus on what you desire and take daily action towards it. Enjoy the little things in life, the things you often take for granted. Be grateful. Gratitude turns what you have into enough. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may be. Tell yourself that you love and appreciate yourself. Do good in the world and smile at people even without reason, it will not only shift their energy or make their day, but yours too.  And most importantly, be who you are, embrace your uniqueness and your individuality. There has never been anybody like you and there is never going to be.

And lastly, remember that:

“Happiness comes in waves. It’ll  find you again.” 

No, I’m not always positive, inspiring & happy

Many people who don’t really know me, think I’m always about positive vibes, happiness, rainbows and butterflies. Even though I love that idea, life is somehow different in a reality. I have my own struggles, bad days, negative thoughts and upsets. Of course, I wouldn’t share those things on the internet in full details, but what I do instead, is talk about what I’m learning from those experiences so they can inspire and help others. Not everything is as we perceive it, not everyone is who we may think they are.

…and this is one of the reasons not to compare yourself to other people

On the outside, we may think, that others have it ‘all together’ while the truth may lie somewhere else. My own life is an example of that. The last two years have been quite tough for me emotionally, however, there have been fleeting moments of light and happiness that always keep me going. Most people who you follow online may not be exactly as you perceive them. The work colleague who is always smiling may be going through something you know nothing about. Behind those false masks may be a person who is very unhappy, hurt and struggling deeply. The trouble is, we have been taught to be strong, to hide our emotions, without being honest with ourselves and others how we really feel. I’m getting a bit tired of that game. Therefore, I want to share with you more and more of my truth, at least through these blog posts, and by doing so, perhaps give others permission to do the same.

The truth about Jana

Yes, I want to keep inspiring you guys. Yes, I’m excited about so many things in life. And yes, there are great things unfolding in front of me right now, but the truth is: I also feel scared, tired, demotivated, angry, unhappy and unbalanced sometimes. I cry a lot to relieve my emotional pain, but I also cry tears of joy when something works out beautifully for me. The passing of one of my best friends earlier this year really affected me. I miss my friend deeply, but I’m grateful that our paths have crossed and I’m keeping the happy moments we shared in my heart forever. A couple of years ago, two people, I considered great friends and who have been in my life for over a decade betrayed me. But as difficult as this situation was, it made me more grateful for the real friends I have and I can fully rely on. So many things I worked so hard for didn’t work out for me, but I am grateful for the fantastic opportunities these redirections brought into my life.

So, as you can see my friends, life is not always about rainbows, sunshine and butterflies, but doing our best in any given moment despite the challenges we face is what helps us rise again and again.

Releasing Fear Meditation

This week, I’m excited to share with you my latest meditation. Many of us live in so much fear and scarcity. My own life used to be run by fear and insecurity. I didn’t trust the processes of life to take care of me and I was constantly feeling edgy and uncomfortable. Daily meditation and reconnection with my soul changed things enormously. Check out the meditation below and start releasing fear and everything that is no longer serving you and you are ready to let go of.

Releasing Fear Meditation

Stop procrastinating & start creating

The older I get, the more I’m noticing how edgy and uncomfortable postponing my dreams and procrastinating makes me feel. The time is passing, and every day that ends is not coming back to us. I don’t want this post to sound depressing or negative, but the question is: what are we all waiting for? Why are we postponing all these beautiful dreams we have. Why are we procrastinating on things we really want to do, and often put them aside, waiting for a ‘better time’ to begin? Our dreams should be our priority. These dreams came to us for a reason and it is up to us to bring them into a reality. Listed below are few of my briefs suggestions on how to stop procrastinating and start creating.

Take daily steps towards your dreams

What are you waiting for? Take action towards your dreams every single day. Even a small step is a step, and forward is always forward.

You don’t want to regret things later

You don’t want to regret later that you didn’t do something, because you didn’t feel like doing it. So many older people regret and wish if they were younger they would follow their dreams. Act when you can.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Yes, do it today. That class you always wanted to take. That phone call you have been postponing for a couple of weeks. The painting you want to begin. Begin today, even if you only spend 10 minutes on it. We all come with many silly excuses why we can’t. Think of at least three ways every day why you can.

Create a deadline

There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them. Getting deadlines can be a great way to get things done. I do this all the time. Pencil in the date and time for your creative work in your diary and mark it as a non-negotiable.

A thought to keep

“The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started.” ~Dawson Trotman 

When you are forced to slow down

I’m writing this post a little ‘last minute’ on Monday afternoon. I wasn’t planning to post a blog this week, because I haven’t been feeling very well since last Thursday, but in the end, decided to say a few words. I’m pleased to say I’m feeling much better today and planning to celebrate Halloween on Wednesday with my sister’s children.

So, what happened…

I came to Slovakia last Sunday, straight after a work trip I took to Los Angeles. When I finally arrived here, I realised I haven’t slept properly for about 38 hours. I knew I needed to finally relax and forget about working altogether. However, I’m the kind of person who is always looking to do something productive and being creative.

For a few days beside enjoying the time with my family, I’ve been fitting in some work until Thursday, when I began feeling a bit tired. By the evening I wasn’t feeling very well at all. The following morning I woke up with a bad headache, blocked sinuses and a sore throat. That headache with the blocked sinuses lasted a few days and I was feeling very weak. I couldn’t even stand on my own two feet. I don’t remember last time I felt this bad. My family has been fantastic, as always, and looked after me very well. Although I am still not 100%, I’m feeling so much better.

I was certainly forced to rest. I slept a lot and have been doing absolutely nothing, which I’m lately not very familiar with. This allowed me to gain the energy I was lacking. Sometimes, we might be forced to slow down by catching a cold or flu, so we finally pay attention to the universal signs to look after ourselves. Another time, something may not work out, because the Universe is trying to protect us from something that is not meant for us.

What did I learn from this experience? To listen to my body when it’s tired and rest more. To listen to my intuition and pay attention to the sings that are always around me. To look after myself more: physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

“In all the chaos and hurry, do not forget to notice the beauty and miracle of this world. Slow down. Notice. Observe. Be aware. Allow presence and awe to come back into your life.” ~Brendon Burchard 

Celebrate your uniqueness

You are important, you are worthy, you are magical, you are amazing. You have many incredible gifts within you, even if you think you don’t. Most importantly, what makes you different makes you beautiful and unique. Unfortunately, many people compare themselves to others and some strive to be more like their idols rather than themselves. I am guilty of this myself. For many years I wasn’t accepting myself for who I was and was afraid of my truth. I thought my truth was not good enough for this world. But not good enough for whom and not good enough for who’s standard? Luckily, I realised, this was not a way to go about life. I made the decision to embrace all that is me, my differences and bring you along with me on this journey by sharing my truth, and the raw, flawed and imperfect Jana I love so much.

Your individuality is your greatest asset

There has never been anybody like you and there is never going to be. Embrace that and be who you came here to be. I often remind this to myself when I’m creating something. When you are an artist or a creative and trying to be put something original in the world, people may say: ‘It has already been done.’ The truth is, yes, lots of ideas are out there already, but the way YOU create it and the way YOU say it makes it unique. It hasn’t been done by YOU yet, with a touch of your unique perspective.

They laugh at me because I’m different…

There is a famous quote by Kurt Cobain: “They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they are all the same.” Well, you don’t have to laugh at anyone and I suggest you don’t. Unfortunately, many of us strive to be like others, copy others, compare themselves to the celebrities on the TV or someone on social media? Again, be you, that’s where your power lies.

The only validation you need is the one from yourself

Since the young age, we got used to waiting for and expecting other’s praise or approval. Getting validation when getting good marks at school or when we’ve done something right kept our egos satisfied. Even though it feels good temporarily, you should really praise yourself and celebrate YOU without waiting for someone else telling you how well you have done. Don’t seek validation from the outside world. Get it from yourself and get it whenever you want.

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person that you are.” ~Mandy Hale 

Can’t stop that negative mind chatter? Try this…

We all have that voice in our head which talks to us all day, every day. Sometimes, the voice shares beautiful and inspiring messages, another time, it can bring us down and take us to places we don’t want to go. This voice can convince us that something terrible is going to happen, even when there is no physical evidence of it. This is the voice of fear and worry. The good news is, we can always choose, whether we want to listen to it or not. But how do we do that? I have a few suggestions I believe can help.

Thank you for sharing

When I used to struggle with anxiety, the voice of fear (that negative chatter) was with me almost all the time. Some days it was louder than others. For many years I was trying to push it away and by doing so it became even louder and was making my life very difficult. It was making me upset and exhausted. I was not motivated or excited about life at all at the time. After a while, I decided to take a different approach. Every time I could feel this negative voice lurking in, I started talking back to it. The talk went something like this: There you are again. I’ve been expecting you. I presume you have nothing new to say to me, only the usual I’ve already heard before. So, please say it fast, as I have things to do right now. If you want to stay, stay then, but remember that I make the decisions whether I want to listen to you or not.” This approach helped me enormously. Try it and see how you get on.

Stay centred ~ Stay grounded

What do I mean by this? I mean to be in control. Don’t let that negative chatter in your mind control your life. Every time you worry about something, ask yourself: What evidence do I have this may happen? If you can’t find at least 3 healthy reasons, let it go and re-focus your attention to the present moment. This also means no future-tripping or past-travelling. Your power lies in the present moment, always.

You are the only thinker in your mind

When you are a natural worrier, I know it may not be as easy to let go of that negative chatter. But, by reminding yourself several times a day that you are the only thinker in your mind and you are choosing these thoughts, nobody is choosing them for you, you can make a change. Start small and regain back the power that has always been yours.

When past visits you (yet again)

Last Thursday I woke up at 3 am. I thought, after a few moments, I will fall asleep again, but I didn’t it. My mind was racing and my thoughts were overtaking the peaceful state I was trying so hard to create. After trying to fall asleep for about an hour, I decided to get up. The thoughts I was having in those early hours led me to some dark places of the past, I would rather erase from my life, completely. They seemed so real once again, making me feel uncomfortable. So, as I got up, I went to the kitchen, made myself breakfast and decided to write my thoughts down. I allowed the pen to glide on the page of my diary and let these thoughts and emotions stick to the paper. I started feeling a little relief, but it still wasn’t enough. Later, in the shower, it got bad again. I started thinking about something from even more distant past. I began wondering, why do I have to deal with this today? I have things to do and it seemed like a complete waste of time. I realised it must be happening for a reason. I must admit, at that point, I felt sad, angry and frustrated at the same time. It felt like a dark cloud just formed above my head and followed me around. Analysing why I felt the way I felt led me to a realisation, that I need to start a major clearing in my life.

I began with a space clearing

Cleaning my flat was a good place to start. Throwing away things which were long overdue to go, dusting off the shelves and afterwards lighting candles, and clearing the space using a sage and palo santo offered me peace of mind.

Creating a feeling good state

Clearing the flat definitely lifted off some heavy energies, but I needed to go deeper. I decided to sit in stillness and meditate. Meditation always brings clarity into my life and a fresher perspective. And it did just that. Clearing your mind of unpleasant thoughts can seem like a major task especially when you are feeling down, however, it works when you give it a chance. Begin by lighting a candle, putting on some soothing music and taking a few deep breaths. You can add some visualisation to this by imagining you are walking through a beautiful garden and seeing the most vivid colours, hearing the most beautiful sounds and feeling at peace with yourself and everything that surrounds you. You can go anywhere in your imagination and if you are thinking about beautiful things, it will make you feel great. This helped me enormously and shifted my energy. After this meditation, the unpleasant thoughts about the past didn’t seem so big anymore. I had a completely different perspective and once again looked at those experiences as lessons I learned so much from.

The clearing continues and it goes even deeper

Clearing your past doesn’t only mean clearing old emotions, some of them still unresolved, but to clear some people from your life as well. This may sound harsh to some of you, but the truth is, some people need to go. You might have outgrown certain friendships/relationships and that’s okay. There may be people in your life you only keep in touch because you once had something in common, but it may not be true anymore. There may even be people you feel drained around, so you avoid them, but still call them friends. This is being untrue to yourself. Don’t feel bad or guilty about this. It may be a sign to let them go. 

Letting go gracefully

Letting go doesn’t have to be dramatic or painful. You can let go of people gracefully. I know you care about other people’s feelings, but if this friendship or a relationship is not serving you well anymore, it’s time to let go. Listen to your intuition how to do this. Let go smoothly, steadily and gracefully.

You are in control

Past is not here anymore and there is nothing which can be changed about it, however, your approach towards the past can be changed. You can either let it control your life or you can let it go gracefully, as mentioned above. Choose the latter, reclaim the power that has always been yours, and focus on your life which is happening now.