Nature Appreciation

In today’s post, I’d like to express my love and appreciation to nature. Every time I’m out in nature, I feel more at peace with myself and everything around me. Nature always helps me connect with the true essence of who I really am- with my soul. Nature truly is very healing and rejuvenating.

Nature also allows us to deeply connect with the present moment, which is the only place where true life exists. This is what most of us really need, as our minds are often wandering from one place to another. What I also love about the present moment, is that when you are fully present you don’t have time to worry about the past or the future. You are fully aligned and rooted in the right here-right now, and that itself, brings with it so much strength and empowerment. This is one of the reasons I love meditating in nature too. Listening to the birds chirping, rivers flowing, feeling the breeze on my face, warm rays of sunlight caressing my face while breathing the clean air feels very calming and nurturing, and always connects me to the NOW.

Nature is wonderful for our mind, body and soul. It can help us release that which is no longer serving us, such as any worries and fears. I personally find this to be so profound, because when I go to nature with a busy mind, I often come home feeling lighter, having more clarity and feeling more relaxed.

Nature is not only healing, but it also shows us many signs and synchronicities, of course, if we are open to them. I leave this thought open for you to ask yourself what it means to you personally.

I’d like to end this post with these few words of appreciation:

I appreciate you, beautiful nature.
I appreciate your beauty and your incredible energy.
I appreciate the serenity and the tranquility you offer.
I appreciate that you are reminding us to be present in the moment.
I appreciate you for bringing calm to our minds and peace to our souls.
I appreciate your magnificence.
I appreciate you for being an example of how life is supposed to flow.
I appreciate you, beautiful nature, for being part of our human experience.

The powerful elements of nature

Magical forest scenery with a mix of summer and autumn colors and the sun shining through the leavesMany of you know how much I love nature. I love spending time in the woods being surrounded by beautiful tall trees. Nature always helps me to align with my true self~ with my soul. Nature is also a wonderful healer and a story teller. Albert Einstein said: “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” These words are very profound and there is so much truth in them. I visit nature to listen to the whispers of the wind. I love the sound of the rivers and waterfalls. I listen to the singing birds, and enjoy feeling the warm rays of sunlight on my face. The grounded trees with their deep roots always remind me how strong and powerful we all really are. Nature nourishes my mind, body and soul.

Many of you might have heard of the nature elements- the Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These elements are very powerful and have an incredible healing effect. I believe we can enrich our lives physically and spiritually, when we learn about them and also how to work with them. I am going to give you a brief introduction to the four nature elements, and a few rituals which you can apply into your daily life to experience the wonderful magic they hold within.

THE EARTH ELEMENT: grounding and stability

What people want is to feel healthy, happy, safe and secure. They want to be taken care of and know that all is well. They want to experience a stable relationships with no drama involved. If you are currently not feeling a stability or safety in your life, if you live in a constant fear and worry, there is a possibility you might be ungrounded. This was the case for me. In my early twenties I struggled with anxiety for a number of years. I wasn’t trusting in the process of life. My every day life was filled with constant fear and worry. I was always worried what others thought of me. Instead of focusing on what can go right, I focused my precious energy on what could go wrong. I felt unsupported and ungrounded. After a long search, I discovered the healing powers of nature. I learnt to ground myself and to connect to my truth. When I sat down underneath a tree, and I felt the supporting energy and the connection to the planet Earth beneath me, I felt calmer and my mind got clearer. In those moments my entire being began healing. I realised, instead of fighting my feelings of anxiety, I learnt to accept them and co-operate with them. By grounding myself more often, I learnt to love and accept myself fully. I believe many people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks are disconnected from the element of Earth. This also applies if somebody is a ‘natural worrier.’ They stopped trusting in themselves and in the process of life in general.

If this resonates with you, try this ritual: Next time you go to nature, intuitively find a nice, healthy tree. Sit underneath it and feel the connection to the Earth. Feel the Earth purifying your mind, body and your soul. Know that it is healing you and rejuvenating you. Know, that you are safe and secure at all times. Drink in the beauty of our planet Earth and absorb it through all your senses.

Also repeat this powerful affirmation: I trust in the process of life to take care of me!”

THE FIRE ELEMENT: purification and transformation

Fire is a very powerful element. One of the easiest ways to experience this element is to tune into the sunlight. Get out to nature and allow the beautiful rays of sunlight to gently caress your face. I love sunrises and sunsets. Try to wake up before the sunrise when possible and experience the beauty and the healing powers of a rising sun. The same applies to sunsets.

Another great ritual I use almost on a daily basis is to light a candle. I’ve learnt from one of my beautiful teachers this ritual: When you light a candle, you immediately clear the space where you are in. Any negative or heavy energies will start slowly start dissolving and fading away. I do this before every meditation class I teach ~I light candles. I also burn (aka smudge) Sage and Palo Santo (Holy Wood), to cleanse the space and my energy field from any negative energies floating around. Incense sticks are also very popular. Fire purifies and transforms! Caution: When you work with the element of fire, always make sure there is nothing flammable around and when you finish, extinguish everything properly.

To deepen your connection with this element, use this affirmation: “I am letting go and dissolving anything which is no longer serving me!” 

THE WATER ELEMENT: love, purity and flow of life

Do you feel emotionally drained? Do you feel exhausted just by getting off the phone with a friend who always complains? If so, you might be in a need of a Spiritual shower. What do I mean by this? An actual shower, but adding a spiritual visualisation to it. When you have a shower, visualise the element of water washing away any negative energies, worries and fears from your energy field/ your aura. As the water is running down your body, it is clearing and purifying your entire being. This water goes down the drain and all these unwanted energies are leaving with it.

Another powerful ritual which involves the water element is to go to nature and watch the rivers flow. This also has a wonderful purifying effect and brings clarity to your mind. Breathe deeply and just relax. The last but not least example is the power of the Rain. Rain does not only clear the air, but the Earth also experiences lots cleansing and healing which is beneficial to us all. Visualise this cleansing taking place every time it rains.

To deepen your connection to the water element use this affirmation: “Life is unfolding as it supposed to.”

THE AIR ELEMENT: intuition and learning

The element of air can move away anything we want to let go of. I have an exercise I practice in the morning (of course, if I’m not somewhere around the world in an air conditioned hotel room where I can’t open the windows). When I’m at home, I open my bedroom window and breathe deeply. I take a few cleansing breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth. I visualise they are clearing and purifying my mind, body and spirit. I immediately feel more awake and energised. My auric field also gets purified and cleansed.

The final ritual I’m going to share with you includes the power of the Wind. On a windy day, I sometimes get outside for a few minutes and open my arms very wide. I let the element of air to blow away any negative energies, worries and fears I may be carrying in my energy field.

An affirmation to deepen the connection with the air element I often use is this: “With every deep, cleansing breath I take, I feel more energised and empowered!” 

A thought to keep: Air moves us, Fire transforms us, Water shapes us, Earth heals us.”