Praise yourself & Reward yourself

Do you praise and reward yourself for your accomplishes? It doesn’t matter how big or small they may be. Praising and rewarding yourself is an act of self-love and a respect towards yourself. Praising and rewarding yourself, even for the little things you do, is very important. It can help you stay motivated and focused on what you are doing and why you are doing it. It’s incredibly empowering too. If you have a difficulty in this area, I believe the ideas I share in today’s post can inspire you.

Praise yourself

Praise yourself every single day for the great job you have done at something, even if other people haven’t noticed. Praise yourself for making a phone call you were reluctant to make. Praise yourself for asking for help. Praise yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone. Praise yourself for doing something others may not consider amazing, but it took you so much courage to do it.

I often praise myself for making phone calls. I have an ‘old fear’ of making phone calls and I can sometimes still feel quite uncomfortable, before I’m about to pick up the phone. The fear is not always there, but occasionally creeps in. Some people may think this is crazy and may say I should just get over it….hmmmm….That’s the way I feel and I’m dealing with it as it comes. I want to mention this example, in case someone else has a similar difficulty (it doesn’t matter how old they are) and now they read it and no longer feel they are the only one feeling this way. Anyway, every time this happens, I remind myself, that the people I’m phoning and asking to help me with something, are there to be of service to me. They are waiting on the other side of the phone line to deal with my enquiry and help me. Then, the discomfort fades away.

Another thing I praise myself for is my creations. Sometimes, when I write an article or make a video, people don’t acknowledge it. I love creating these little pieces and I believe my job is to put them ‘out there to the world’,¬†and let people decide whether they will accept this gift from me or not. I put so much love and effort to everything I do and I praise myself for it, whether somebody watches it, reads it, likes it or not. I know I have done a wonderful job and I put so much love and energy to these projects, and I praise myself for it.

As well as praising yourself, also accept praise from other people. Their praise is a gift to you. Don’t reject the gift, but accept it graciously. If someone compliments your outfit, just say thank you. Don’t come up with things, such as: it’s old or it’s something I just threw on. Simply say: Thank you.

Reward yourself

Reward yourself when you have done something you are proud of. Again, no matter how big or small it may be. I love rewarding myself for my accomplishments. I reward myself with a nice coffee after I’ve done some exercise. I reward myself by watching a comedy when I finish writing an article. And the list goes on. This also makes me look forward to doing things. I know you may not always feel like exercising or cleaning the house. However, when you make the choice of doing it anyway, reward yourself afterwards. When you reward yourself, it will keep you motivated to do even more, and as a bonus, you’ll feel more positive too. Reward yourself whenever you can, even for some little accomplishments.