Tired of getting other people’s approval

We all want to be liked and accepted. We all want an occasional acknowledgement that what we are doing is right and we are doing it well. With social media being a big part of our lives these days, some of us measure our worth by the ‘Likes’ and comments we get on these platforms.
I must admit, I sometimes too, find myself checking the ‘Likes’ and comments, to see how are people responding to my sharings.
And here is something very interesting I’ve noticed recently: When I post something very positive, not many people actually respond to it and I can sense they don’t really like the positivity, as strange as this may sound (by like, I don’t only mean pressing the ‘Like’ button). I often sense the energy of resentment towards the positive posts. But that’s okay.
I’m not upset about this, because, I don’t want people ‘liking’ something just for the sake of liking it. And none of this really matters anyway. What I’m referring to is that I feel people would rather criticize others (whether that’s in their mind or publicly) than cheering them up when they are doing well. People are more comfortable in their unhappiness because it’s familiar. Seeing a positive post may actually trigger something within them they are not ready to face.

No, I’m not always positive and inspiring. Who is?

I’m not always positive, but as I’m becoming more and more honest with myself and letting go many old resentments and grudges, I am able to find beauty in others and the jealousy and inferiority are slowly fading away. I’m not going to lie, I used to be quite depressed, for many years I suffered from severe anxiety, I lived in so much fear and this was making me feel miserable, jealous and sometimes even unpleasant to others. And the truth is, I still get triggered by some people. Who doesn’t? But there is a big difference in my life now. I love seeing others succeeding. I love seeing others happy and positive. They are a reflection of my own successful, happy and positive self. When it comes to social media, I deliberately search for positive messages, because they make me feel good, and of course, when I get inspired by something, I want to share it with others too. It’s uplifting, inspiring and can help change someone’s day, even their life. That’s my reason for sharing positive messages around the Cyber-Space. 

Forget about the ‘Likes’ it’s about doing what you love

Your ‘Likes’ on social media do not define you. Focus on you, your life, your loved ones, your priorities. Be yourself, and if you want to post ten times a day on Facebook or Instagram, do so. If someone doesn’t like it, they have a choice of unfriending you or unfollowing you, and this has nothing to do with you. Do what resonates with you and what brings the most joy to your soul. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, you don’t have to justify anything to anyone. Just be yourself, make mistakes and enjoy the beauty of this life. This is your journey and only you decide what you want to do with it.

I will leave you with this inspiring quote today:

“Stop looking outside for scraps of pleasure and fulfilment, for validation, security, or love -you have a treasure within that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.” ~Eckhart Tolle 

Releasing Fear Meditation

This week, I’m excited to share with you my latest meditation. Many of us live in so much fear and scarcity. My own life used to be run by fear and insecurity. I didn’t trust the processes of life to take care of me and I was constantly feeling edgy and uncomfortable. Daily meditation and reconnection with my soul changed things enormously. Check out the meditation below and start releasing fear and everything that is no longer serving you and you are ready to let go of.

Releasing Fear Meditation

Patience, please

Couple of weeks ago, I found myself rushing around my local supermarket. It was a murky day outside and quite cold. I was a bit tired and agitated. I wanted to get my shopping done as quickly as possible and get home. On top of that, so it seemed, everybody decided to be in my way. When I was at the fruit section, it was crowded with people. When I went to pick up my tea, there was a woman, who was indecisive about her tea choice, taking over the entire section. It annoyed me. By then, I began feeling frustrated, exhausted and somehow trapped. Why is everybody in my way today? …I asked myself. Then, I suddenly realised, what I was actually doing. I was attacking innocent people in my mind and making myself feel bad at the same time. I acknowledged my own impatience. I had to take a different approach. I’ve decided to step aside for a couple of minutes and take a few, deep breaths. Deep breathing always centres me back in the moment and makes me realise what really matters. After couple of minutes, everything rearranged and I felt so much better. I reminded myself a beautiful quote by Saint Francis de Sales: ‘Have patience with all things, but, first of all with yourself. I was able to finish my shopping, get home and finally relax on the sofa with a cup of nice tea. Listed bellow, are some ideas I would like to share with you about patience. May they inspire you.

Conscious breathing

When I was stressing out in the supermarket, the breath was my saviour. It centred me back in the moment and made me realise what I was actually doing to myself. Whenever you find yourself being impatient, take a few deep breaths. It will centre you back in the moment and will certainly make you feel better.

Daily moments of stillness

Meditation or moments of stillness on a daily basis, can help us become more calm and patient with ourselves and others. Of course, we are all humans and we all detour into the places we often don’t want to go. My suggestion? Find some quiet moments for yourself every day. When you do, you will create a healthy habit, which will serve you in a great way.

Great things take time

We can often become impatient with ourselves while learning new things. We compare ourselves to others and don’t really acknowledge that everyone is on a different path, has a different learning style and speed. It does not matter, if someone does something quicker than you do. Remember that everything takes time. Be patient with your beautiful self. You are doing the best you can. Honour yourself, praise yourself and be patient. Great things do take time.

Patience with other people = Compassion

As I have mentioned at the beginning, I found myself selfish and impatient with all those people, who were probably (without realising) doing the same to myself. We all wanted to get our shopping done and get home. In the moments like these, take a step back and realise, what you are actually doing. You don’t know the other people, their problems or daily challenges. Let’s be more compassionate towards each other, and this will bring more light into our lives and the lives of others.

Patience is a great teacher

Patience is teaching you calmness, letting go and living in the present moment. Every time you find yourself in a situation when you are feeling impatient, ask yourself: What is this situation trying to teach me? Really listen for an answer. It may come to you instantly or a bit later.

Going with the flow

One of the best advises I have ever been given is to go with the flow. Nothing is in a complete control and everything takes time. Life is full of distractions, inconveniences and disturbances. But it is also full of beauty, amazing people, exciting adventures, love and kindness. Choose to go with the flow, and whatever you are facing right now, deal with it as it comes, in the best and most loving way as you possibly can. By going with the flow, you will release the control and become the best version of yourself possible.

‘Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time’

~ Jon Kabat Zinn 

7 Books that changed my life

Books are a pure magic. When we read, we not only escape this reality for a little while (which some people like to do), but most importantly, they educate us. Reading is one of my favourite activities. Whether it’s a good fiction, a self-help or any book about the mysteries of our Universe, I can get lost in it very easily. In this blog, I would like to share with you some of my favourite books, which changed my life in many ways. If any of them speak to you, definitely check it out. Dive deep into that book, and see if the magic that occurred for me happens for you too.

1. You can heal your life ~Louise Hay

This has to be a number one for me. I have learned so much from Louise Hay. She is one of my favourite teachers. You can heal your life is a fantastic book, and its message is very simple: If we love ourselves and think positively, our life can change in a miraculous way. In this book, Louise shares how our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. You can heal your life has sold millions of copies around the world. I always recommend it and gift it to my friends and family. In my opinion, it’s a must read. If you are serious about creating the life you desire, this book is for you.

2. Heal yourself ~Anne Jones

Another great book, which I would recommend to everybody. Anne is an amazing and experienced healer. In this book, she shares some fantastic ideas, how to look after our mind, body and soul on a deeper level. Heal Yourself  is filled with many exercises and also unique symbols, anybody can use and apply to their daily life. If you are thinking to take your spiritual practice to the next level, read this incredible book. It won’t let you down.

3. Embraced by the light ~Betty J. Eadie

In this book, Betty talks about her near-death experience, which changed her life forever. This books is very inspiring and beautifully written. It gives people the hope and the explanation of the unknown that is beyond the veil (in the spirit world). Her experiences, described in the book, make so much sense, and it personally gave me a glimpse of familiarity which I couldn’t understand. I remember when I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

4. Miracles Now ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabby is also one of my amazing teachers. I first met her in London, when I began transforming my life and finally ended my never-ending battle with anxiety. She is an author of many great books, but one of my favourites is Miracles Now. This book is easy to read and offers 108 amazing tools anybody can practise. You can open it at any page (the same way you would open a tarot card deck), and what you need to know will be presented to you. The exercises in this book can help you shift your perception to a miracle mindset.

5. Opening to channel ~ Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

This book has taught me how to connect with my spirit guides and higher self on a deeper level. It also taught me how to trust my intuition more. It is a step-by-step guide to the art of channeling, if this is something you are interested in. It is filled with great meditations and exercises, and it will show you that channeling is a skill that can be learned.

6. Feel the fear and do it anyway ~Susan Jeffers

This brilliant book helped me enormously, when I was dealing with an anxiety attacks and fear in my early twenties. Susan explains that the only way to overcome fear is to face it. One of my favourites affirmations from this book which I use to this day is this: ‘I am powerful and I am loving and I have nothing to fear.’ It changed my life forever. Thank you Susan for writing this incredible book.

7. When ghosts speak ~Mary Ann Winskowski

Last, but definitely not least is When ghosts speak. What an amazing book this is. I must admit, I am a bit of a ghost geek. I’ve always been. Anything paranormal intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. I have been having some unexplainable and mystical experiences from a very young age, which I didn’t understand at the time, and only realised later in life what they actually are. This book talks about what happens, when souls of the deceased refuse to cross over to the the light (to the other side), and become earth-bound. It explains a lot about life and death. If you have ever experienced any unexplainable presence around you, you may find some answers for yourself by reading this book. There is nothing to be scared of. Mary Ann has done a brilliant job explaining the unknown to us in the best way possible. In my opinion- A must read. 

‘ Books are a uniquely portable magic’ ~ Stephen King 

Dealing with regrets

We all have some regrets in life. We all would like to change certain things or rewind back to the past and erase them completely. Do I have regrets? Of course. There are many things I would have done differently. There are many examples in my own life where if I could, I would trust my inner knowing more and certain people less. Many people hurt me in life, but I must admit, I also hurt some people with what I said or done. Well, we are all guilty of something. But this is all over and done with now. I want to focus on the good, only remember the valuable lessons and enjoy my life to the fullest. I realised, regretting something is only going to keep me stuck in the past. This way I am unnecessarily re-living some difficult past experiences, and feeling the unpleasant emotions all over again unintentionally. What a waste of our precious energy and this beautiful life that is? But it doesn’t have to be that way. I am excited to share with you a few ways I deal with regrets and I strongly believe they will inspire you.

Take responsibility for your part

Taking responsibility for your actions, your behaviour and your choices is an important key to setting yourself free from regrets. We have all done things in the past we may not be proud of. Of course, some people might have wronged us too, but it is essential to take responsibility for our part in the situation. This will not only set us free from our regrets, but it will also allow us to step out of the victim zone. Always take responsibility for your life fully. It is one of the wisest choices you will ever make.

Learning from regrets

Past is not here anymore and there is nothing that can be changed about it, only your approach towards the past can be changed. Try to accept it and take on board the lessons you had a chance to learn. These lessons definitely taught you something important that will help you in the future and is essential to your personal and spiritual growth.

Are regrets affecting your daily life?

You may be daily replaying certain scenarios from your recent or even distant past. This is only keeping you stuck in the rut and preventing you from moving forward. My suggestion? Write your feelings down. Writing exercises are extremely powerful. They will allow you to take your worries and regrets out from your head and place them on a piece of paper. Even though it sounds simple, it is very effective. This way you will create space in your life and shift your focus by clearing your mind from anything unwanted.


Meditation is a wonderful tool when dealing with regrets. Sit in stillness and take a few deep breaths until you feel calm and relaxed. Think about the situation you are regretting. How do you feel? What do you see? What do you hear? Are you feeling any tension/discomfort at any area of your body? Is it in your chest, your stomach or your throat? Now, take a deep breath and send it to the space of the tension. Visualise your breath dissolving this tension. When you breathe out, visualise this discomfort leaving your body in a form of a dark cloud. Trust and know that you are letting it go completely. Repeat this meditation as many times as necessary. I find that some regrets are easier to dissolve than others. By choosing to let go of them regularly will create a new practice that will help you dissolve your regrets one at the time. Give it a go.

A thought to keep

Regrets only keep us stuck in the past. They are no longer relevant to our life and by thinking about them we are unnecessarily paying for the same mistakes again and again. Transforming our regrets into our wisdom can be a hard work at times, but once we begin it will empower us.

“Always look forward with hope, not backwards with regret.”

Turn down the noise

Last week I sat in my hotel room in Boston, Massachusetts. Life has been very hectic lately. This was keeping my mind working overtime for months. As I sat quietly on my bed, I suddenly heard the voice of my soul ‘Turn down the noise Jana’ The voice was soft and comforting. Just hearing these words gave me a permission to stop and just be. A sense of calmness showered my entire being. It allowed me to be still, breathe and relax. I became fully engaged in the present moment and that’s all I needed at that time. I didn’t want to talk to anybody, to check my phone, I didn’t want to switch on my computer or the TV. I was breathing, I was at peace and that was all that mattered.

We often forget how precious the present moment is. From time to time we have to remind ourselves, that there is nothing else we have, only present. Past is not here anymore and there is nothing which can be changed about it. Only our approach towards the past can be changed. Future-tripping can be great when we think about things that excite us, such as our dreams and visions. But when we worry, obsess or over-react, we can unintentionally take ourselves to some dark places where we may get lost. Our lives are busy. We always think about the next thing, often without pausing for a while and acknowledging our presence in the moment. The good news is, I have a few tips, which i believe can help you to turn down the noise in your life (at least a notch down).

‘Space Zone’

Find a comfortable place, where you are not going to be disturbed. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a few, deep cleansing breaths. Breath is your connection to life. Notice its beauty, its power. Notice this incredible life force. Now, I would like you to feel the space you are in. Feel the space around you, the space beneath you and the space above you. Feel the space in front of you, the space behind you, space to your left and space to your right. Feel your presence in the here and now and just be. Stay here for a few more deep breaths. When you are ready open your eyes. This exercise is a wonderful way for turning down the noise of the world and tuning in to your truth.

‘Away with the fairies’

Natural world is one of the best healers. Hiking in the mountains, walking in the woods, even strolling through a park can create a great connection with nature. When you are out in the natural world, engage all your senses to that moment. Forget about your phone, any deadlines and the rest of the noise of this hectic world. You are alive, you are breathing and that’s all that matters right now.

‘Sacred Chronicle’

Starting a diary can a be a wonderful way of turning down the noise. Writing down your thoughts, your concerns and anything you just wouldn’t share with anybody can be very therapeutic. I do this all the time. It helps me to release what I worry about and is no longer serving me. Buy yourself a nice diary and make it your Sacred Chronicle of surrender. Tell it how you really feel. We all have our secrets, we just wouldn’t share with anybody not even with the closest friend or a parent. Tell it to your diary.

A thought to keep

Please remember, that being still will help you to hear the voice of your soul. Your soul is your greatest guide and the truth of who you really are. Tune in and listen to it. It has some incredible secrets to share.

‘Silence is a gift. Learn to value its essence.’ 

Artists, creatives & all of you multi-passionate people

Are you an artist or a creative? Have you got many interests, talents and things in your life that excite you? I’m glad you have stopped by, because this blog is just for you. I, myself am a multi-passionate kind of girl. Having lots of interests always inspired me. I hardly get bored or uninspired, but there is also a price to pay for this. I must admit my passions used to overwhelm me and occasionally still do. That happens in the moments when I’m not sure what I should be focusing on. Shall I write music, record a new song, focus more on flying, do some literary work, get myself to a ballet studio or give a full attention to my coaching and teaching? As you can see being multi-passionate is not always easy, but after all it’s exciting and very rewarding.

People used to tell me and sometimes still do, I should just pick one thing and let that be my passion turned into a career. For me, it’s almost impossible. I used to be very hard on myself when it came to my passions and talents. When I looked at others I could see something very clearly. Some of them were just writers and that’s what they were doing, others just singers, actors, teachers or pilots and they were fully focused on that. Comparing myself to them put so much pressure on me. “Why do I have to deal with an overload of interests? It would be so much easier just to choose one thing which excites me the most and give it my full attention? But which one?” The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I felt.


Then, I came to this realisation: “I came here to the Earth, to be Jana, nobody else. I am excited about all these things, and if I choose to be good at all of them, I can be. I can focus on one thing at the time in a given moment, but I can be a multi-passionate artist and still do a good job. This doesn’t mean I need to do all of those things as my career. They can purely be my hobbies and let’s what happens later.” This realisation brought so much clarity into my life and put my busy mind at ease.

My inspiration of a multi-passionate person

One of my greatest inspirations of a multi-passionate person is Maya Angelou. This incredible lady was an American poet, memoirist and a civil rights activist. She wrote screen plays, directed films, she was a singer and have been involved in many successful television series and radio talk shows. She was also a lecturer and has done many other inspiring things that made a huge contribution to the world. She did all of those amazing things with so much passion and enthusiasm. She will always be a huge inspiration of mine.

Embrace your passions

So, if you are a multi-passionate person, relax and take a deep breath. Don’t be hard on yourself, instead, dwell in joy! Be grateful for being who you are. All of those amazing gifts you have came to you for a reason. You are an amazing artist. Shine your unique light and show it to the world. It doesn’t matter whether you share your gifts on a smaller scale or with a wider world. Live in your truth by embracing your talents. This always inspires others. Don’t leave your passions hidden in the dark. Bring them out of the closet and share them with others. Let your soul sing its own unique song, which can only be sang by you.

A quote to live by

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style,” ~ Maya Angelou

Are you tired of worrying all the time?

I must admit I am a natural worrier. I worry a lot, but in the last few years I learnt many great techniques, which always help me to re-direct my energy from worrying to believing that all is well. One of my favourite spiritual teachers, Doreen Virtue says: “Worry doesn’t help anything, it only keeps us busy doing nothing.”  That’s so true. But we all worry, even the ones who say they don’t. The good news is, we can all learn how to stop over-worrying and live more at ease. I am very excited to share with you some powerful techniques in this blog.

Worried what other people think of you?

This used to be one of my big problems. This worry sometimes still creeps into my reality and haunts me at night. If you have such a worry, remember this: People have so much of their own worries and they don’t constantly think about you. It is only your mind creation which believes, that some strangers are thinking about you and analysing your actions or what you’ve said or done.

Worried about your past mistakes?

We all have chapters in our lives we wouldn’t read out loud. In the past you have dealt with everything you experienced the best way you knew at the time. Stop being so hard on yourself. If you lied or hurt someone, said things you are not proud of, acted irresponsibly, don’t beat yourself up for it anymore. Forgive yourself and learn form your mistakes. You are always learning and always growing. You had to experience those things to help you become the person you are today.

There is nothing to worry about

Truly, there is nothing to worry about. Worry is just a thought and as any other thought, it can be replaced or it can be given more energy. Do yourself a favour and focus your energy to what brings you joy instead of worrying what could go wrong.

Worried about something right now?

Write things down:

This exercise always served me well. If you are worried about something right now, write it down immediately. Let it flow on a page of your notebook or a diary. You will feel lighter and have a fresher perspective of the situation.

Breathe deeply: 

Take a step back from the situation you worry about and close your eyes. Take a slow, deep, cleansing breath and breathe out. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. When you breathe in, visualise, you are absorbing the positive energy this Universe has to offer. When you breathe out, visualise, you are letting go of anything that you currently worry about. Repeat this cycle for as long is comfortable for you.

Hand your worries to the care of a higher source:  

We all have a belief or a faith of our own understanding. What do you believe in? Do you believe in Angels or Spirit Guides? Do you believe in God or any other higher power? When I worry, I hand over any of my worries to the care of my angels and spirit guides. They are always happy to help me and assist me with anything. You are always being helped, being guided and protected at all times. There is so much help available to us all. Hand your worries to the care of a higher source and trust and know, that they will be transformed to the positive energy.

A thought to keep

“Stop worrying what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right.”

Five ways to deal with a busy lifestyle

We live in a busy world. Everything happens very fast, almost instantly. Meeting deadlines, scheduling appointments, looking after children, house work, shopping and on top of that, a full time job. Life can be very hectic sometimes. We are often unable to really keep up with everything we have planned to do. If you can see yourself in this, you are not alone. It does not matter whether you are a parent or you are single. The truth is: life can be busy. In my opinion, balance is a myth. But I often find having clarity, priorities and being organised can help enormously. Bellow is a list of five ways that can help you deal with a busy lifestyle.

#1 Make a list

Making lists it’s a great tool to adopt. Writing things down will not only get them out of our head on a piece of paper, it will also give you a clarity what needs to be done. I suggest you always write your list in the evening for the following day.

#2 Prioritise

After you have your list, prioritise what you have to do first and what can wait for later. For example: getting children ready for school, going for an appointment, finishing up an important work, making a phone call, housework, cooking dinner etc. Once you prioritise how you are going to proceed, try to focus on one thing at the time. This is how you actually going to get things done, and get them done properly.

#3 Avoid distractions

When I do my creative work, I often can get distracted by my phone. Lately, when I’m working, I started leaving my phone in a different room, so I can get things done. It is my priority to finish something important to me and do a good job. Checking out social media or responding to a text messages will only keep me distracted, and leaving me feeling unproductive or even stressed out.

#4 Take breaks

When we are busy, it can almost be impossible to take a break, but you really should. Having a regular breaks it’s very beneficial.  Also changing a perspective/scenery for a while will give you a different perception on what you have to deal with. When you come back to your work, you will have a clearer perspective of your work. When I take breaks, I like to sit quietly for a few minutes and breathe slowly and deeply. It brings more clarity into my day and it’s also beneficial to my wellbeing. Give it a go.

 #5 Have fun

I know life can seem very overwhelming, especially when you are very busy and don’t know where to begin. But it is not the end of the world. Try to have fun in your life and don’t take it so seriously. Think about this for a moment: Some people would like to go to work, would like to have children, deal with things you ‘how to deal with’, but unfortunately they are not able to. Enjoy your life as much as possible and I try to find some beauty in every single day. When you look for it, you will definitely find it.

A thought to keep!

‘Never get so busy making a living, so you forget to make a life.’ 

It feels incredible to inspire

In my early to almost late twenties I suffered from a severe anxiety. I am not going to talk a lot about it, because you will be able to read it in my book (if you wish too). But what I will say is this: Although they have been a very dark days of my life, what they taught me was incredible. The experience not only helped me to clean up my relationships and helped me realise what really matters in life, but it also gave a chance to meet some fantastic people. It taught me a lot about myself, my life and most importantly, it helped me to find my life’s purpose. My purpose is: To proudly live in my truth, do what I love and by living this way inspire others to the same. It brings so much happiness to my soul to see others fulfilment when they felt lost, others happiness when they felt sad, their success when they thought they were a failure, their wonderful creations when they said they are not creative at all. I feel for them, because I’ve been there. The beautiful part is this: If I can I contribute to someone’s realisation of their own worth truth and beauty, my job is done.

A few weeks ago I’ve received a lovely message from a young woman, we will call her Jenny. Jenny, like many of us sometimes feels lost and scared in her life. She said in her email how much she appreciates my weekly newsletters, articles and inspiring posts. The reason I’m mentioning it, is because this example really reminded me of myself in my twenties, when I felt lost, confused and scared. During those times I was often waiting for emails, inspiring videos or just a random messages from all the wonderful people that were shining their light on my life. I am so grateful for all of them. Those people came to me in many shapes and forms: either personally or through the internet. I finally began to believe, that beside my loving family, they are some kind people around, who are always willing to help and assist when you need them most. So does this speak to you? Do you like inspiring others? I am very happy to share with you a few ways you can inspire someone today.

Do what you love

Have you been in a job you don’t like for a way too long now? Have you been spending time with people who don’t bring out the best in you? These examples often drain us of energy and leave us unhappy and unfulfilled. Ask yourself: What can you do today to make my life better? Is there a course you would be very excited to take, a new job venture or make new friends? I know it’s scary and I know it’s not always easy, but wait…This is your life and only you decide what you want to do with it. Do more things that excite you and make you happy. When you do what you love, you inspire others to do the same.

Share your light with the world

One of my favourite spiritual teachers Gabby Bernstein says to share our light with the world. I completely agree. When you are bringing your light with you wherever you go, you light other people’s paths. Here is an example: If you are in a bad mood at work and someone who is feeling great walks in, they will instantly shift the vibration of the place and that often lifts other people up too. It is almost impossible to stay feeling low, when you are around positive people. As we all live on a social media these days, you can also share your light with other through an inspirational posts. Post a positive tweet, rather than complaining about something. Take a beautiful photo that will inspire someone today.

It’s a choice

I believe everything we do in life is a choice. Do you want to feel joyful or do you want to stay unhappy? The choice is yours. I choose to live my life the best way I can and this way inspire others to do the same. Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.

 A thought to keep!

‘To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible!’