You have an Angel by your side

You have an angel by your side, and not only one. We have all heard of them, whether through a religion or in spiritual circles. All of us have an unlimited help and a support from the angelic realm at any given moment. These beautiful, celestial beings are always available to help us at any time we ask them. Every soul upon incarnating to the Earth comes here with a guardian angel. A guardian angel is assigned to us before we are physically born into this reality. Guardian angels and any other angels cannot interfere with our free will (our choices), but they will help us and assist us on our life’s journey whenever we ask.

I have been working with the angles and also spirit guides for some time now and  have so many beautiful and mysterious examples of their assistance. I know they are always around me, helping me and protecting me. And they are here for you too. One of the reason most of us cannot sense, hear or even see the angels, is because they are operating on a different frequency from ours. The other reason may be our separation from the truth of who we are. Our worries or fears also get in the way and prevent us from connecting with the angels. We, as humans are more drawn to the physical side of life, not the spiritual. Most of us hardly pay attention to our intuition and to our feelings, because we haven’t been taught so. We label our intuitive message as a coincidences, which in fact are no coincidences at all. On this frequency can be almost impossible to hear our angels. We need to learn how to cleanse and purify our energetic fields and connect to the truth of our souls.

One of the best and the easiest way to cleanse our energetic fields, balance our energy centres (chakras) and connect to the spiritual side of life is to get to nature and breathe deeply. This will allow us to get in touch with our spiritual side, so we can open up to the intuitive messages of our soul and the communication with our angels becomes easier. But not only that. This article is a brief introduction to the angelic realm and how working with them can benefit us. I am going to share with you some simple tips how to begin communicating with the angels.

Where to begin

Find a comfortable place where you are not going to be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale and through your mouth (repeat it for as long as its comfortable for you). Once you are centred and calm is time to acknowledge the presence of your angels (even if you can’t see them). Simply say hi to them (either silently or aloud) and let them know that you are aware of them, and you are grateful for their help. Say thank you for all the love and support they are giving you. Doing this exercise regularly will help you open the channels to the spiritual side of life and the connection with your angels.

How to ask for help

You can ask for help from the angels at any time. They are always happy to assist you. All you have to do is ask. Hand over any worries or concerns to the angelic realm and trust and know that they will assist you. Ask the angels to clear your mind from any negative energies that are preventing you from hearing them. Ask them to purify your energetic field/your aura. Always breathe slowly and deeply when communicating with the angels. Your breath is a great connector with the spiritual side of life.

How Angels show their presence

Angels mostly communicate with us by sending us signs. I often get signs from my angels by seeing feathers on the ground or noticing sparkles of lights at the corners of my eyes. Angels also create ‘the so called’ coincidences around me, which like stated above are not coincidences at all. If you need help with something, ask your angels for a sign. You can ask for a specific sign or you may just notice something (out of the blue) and you will know it is definitely a sign from your angels that you are on the right path.

If in doubt, ask your Angels

That’s right! When I’m unsure about something, I feel lost, confused or not sure what to do next, I ask my angels for help. But not only then. Working with angels became my daily routine. It comes naturally to me now. I surrender any of my worries, fears to the angelic realm and I know they will always assist me and all will work out for my highest good. Sometimes the answer or the solution comes straight away. Often an action is required, but I trust and know that the angels will help me. So from now, hand over any concerns to the these beautiful, celestial beings. They are always happy and ready to assist you. I often request help from my angels before going to sleep. I also ask them to give me any messages I need to know in my dreams. It can also be helpful to begin a Dream Diary, where you can write any of your profound dreams you just feel are worth paying attention to. Do not take all of your dreams for granted.

Protecting your energetic field and your home

This is a ritual I like to do in the morning and in the evening and you can try it too. Ask the angels to protect your energetic field (your aura) with their beautiful, protective, healing light. You do this by visualising a healing light surrounding your entire being. Trust and know that nothing negative or disturbing can penetrate through this light. You can also ask the angels to surround your loved ones by this protective light. Angels can also protect your home, your vehicle or anything you will ask about. Before I go to sleep I always ask for a protection for my family, my home and for everyone who needs it. I envision angels behind every door and every window guarding me and my loved ones.

Angel cards

Angel cards are a wonderful tool to get the guidance form your angels. I own several decks of angel cards. They served me well over the years. The one I would highly recommend to beginners is a Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue. You can purchase angel cards at any book shop, new age shops or on the internet.

Life is better with the Angels

Please remember, that you can ask your angels for help at any time. Don’t feel you are disturbing them. They are beings without an ego and won’t get angry or impatient with you. Not at all. Quite the opposite actually. They want you to ask for help. When you begin working with the angels, you will never look back. Life is definitely so much better, knowing you have an angel by your side, and not only one.

11 ways to help raise our collective consciousness

Most of us believe we are separate from each other. We believe there is something out there’ and ‘in here’. We are mistaken. Every single one of us is a powerful cosmic being from the same source having a temporary human experience and capable of amazing things. We are all connected. I look at us all as the Citizens of the Universe. Unfortunately, in this reality, we believe in separation. We are so drawn to the material side of life, instead of the spiritual and the mysterious. To most of us, spirituality and anything mystical is just a tale, something unreal. But is it? I know my mission here on Earth is to teach the truth of our existence. I believe it is my responsibility to share this truth with others, and this way contribute to the awakening of this humanity. This is one of the reasons why I created Mystic Butterfly.

This doesn’t mean: “Let’s become all spiritual.” Not at all. Far from it. What it means, is to awaken that part of our being, which allows us to look at our existence from a higher perspective. To enjoy our journey here on Earth fully, having the understanding of who we really are. Even if we are open to this kind of conversation, we can get easily drawn into our daily problems, tasks and often forget about our true identity. Being a human is not easy. I completely understand that. I also get moments when I’m not aligned with the truth of who I really am. In those moments, my energy gets low, I sometimes feel demotivated and quite upset watching where this world is currently heading. On the contrary, when I’m aligned with my truth, my experience is completely different. At these times, I believe that anything is possible. I rise above anything unpleasant. I know I’m more than capable to make a contribution to make this world a better place. I believe it is a divine responsibility of all of us. By remembering our oneness, we can make a wonderful shift this Earth has been longing for a while now.

You are the one who can make the change

You are a powerful universal being and only you can change the direction where this world is currently heading. Every single one of you can help raise our collective consciousness. You have that much power within you. And it all starts with your daily actions, the thoughts you are choosing and the feelings you are sending out to the Universe. All of them have powerful vibrations that affect the entire cosmos and the collective consciousness of us all.

The power lies within you

Jealousy, envy, hate, comparison, selfishness…these are some of the worst, unpleasant emotions we can feel. We all respond to them. You can easily notice this phenomenon when you meet someone who is set on this frequency. We naturally avoid people like this, because they drain us of energy. What they don’t realise, (and this applies to all of us) how much their bad vibes affect our collective consciousness. You are a universal artist. You are creating at this very moment by what you are currently feeling. When you are filled with love, gratitude, appreciation, happiness and peace, you are sending out beautiful vibrations out to the Universe. These vibrations have an incredible healing effect on all of us whether you believe it or not. So what can you do as an individual to make this world a better place? What can you do as an individual to help raise our collective consciousness? Here are 11 ways my soul shared with me.

11 ways to help raise our collective consciousness:

1. Take responsibility for your life, your choices and your energy

2. Be kind to others 

3. Do more of what makes you happy 

4. Help others without expecting anything back 

5. Love unconditionally 

6. Honour our Sacred Earth and all the species on it 

7. Practice PEACE 

8. Be truthful to yourself and others 

9. Focus on the good in this world 

10. Be proud of who you are and who you are becoming 

11. Be compassionate and respectful towards others. Everyone is on a different stage on this journey called life.

What can we learn from children

A couple of weeks ago I sat at the coffee shop at Heathrow Airport. I’ve noticed a two little boys patiently watching the landing aeroplanes. They seemed very excited every single time an aircraft touched down. They were so focused and present in the current moment and this inspired me. This week’s blog is not only for those who have children, but it is for everybody. There is so much, we can all learn from children. Although I am not a parent myself, I have a beautiful little niece and a nephew, who are my wonderful teachers. So what can we learn form children? I have a few suggestions that may inspire you.

They are living in the present moment

I often talk about how important it is being aligned in the present moment. Children are great teachers of this. When they are doing something, they are fully focused on it. They give their full attention to that activity and won’t let anything or anyone distract them. When I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, one of the best cures for me was focusing on one thing at the time. This prevented my mind from wandering to some unwanted places, and helped me to be fully engaged in the present moment. Remember, present moment is the only place were the real life exists.

They are always curious

Children always ask questions. They are constantly curious about life. Curiosity is a wonderful way of being more child-like again. Let’s make a decision to learn something new every day. If somebody mentions something you don’t know anything about, become curious about it. For example: Become more curious by picking up a book you would not normally read, or join a class you would not normally join. Do it just for fun. You never know what you may learn, or who you are going to meet.

They do not worry

Children do not worry as such. They don’t have the same responsibilities we do (of course), but they look at life differently. The same applies to teenagers and young adults. When I was learning to fly I was in my twenties. We also had much younger students at the flying school. I often noticed how fearless most of them were. It was so much easier for a sixteen or a seventeen year old, to take an aeroplane flying solo without hesitation, than for someone older (myself included). I often wished I had their confidence. They were not children anymore, but neither adults. Having less life’s experiences prevented them from overthinking and worrying. What I’m trying to say by this? Let’s be braver and don’t let important and exciting opportunities pass us by.

They live in a fantasy world

Albert Einstein said: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” I could not agree more with this quotation. Children love stories. They love playing, making imaginary characters and believing they are real. I remember when I was a child, I lived in a fantasy world myself, where anything was possible. This has shaped my world. When we grow up, we often lose this side of us. Let’s awaken this precious part of our being and start believing in magic once again.

They tell the truth

Children normally tell the truth. If they don’t want to do something or like somebody, they clearly state it. They say exactly how they feel. Many of us live our lives based on lies and pretending. We became so good at faking smiles, or saying yes when we mean no. We are not truthful to ourselves and others. We are often embarrassed or scared to express who we really feel. We hide behind false personas, creating lives that look good on the outside, but are so painful on the inside. I personally became very fed up of this recently. I am currently making some major changes in my life, cleaning up my side of the street, but also letting go of anything that is no longer serving me and re-evalutating my relationships. So, let’s make a decision today to become more truthful to ourselves and others.

A thought to keep!

“If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything.”

~Chee Vai Tang 

Meditation for beginners

Most of my twenties I suffered from a very severe anxiety. I was unable to relax and constantly worried about something. I tried many things to help me, but nothing really did the trick. During the endless search to get out of this storm, I discovered the teachings of Kadampa Buddhism and a beautiful practice called Meditation. I began taking Kadampa Buddhist meditation classes, which made a wonderful shift in my life. I also started practising meditation at home. Every time I felt the feelings of discomfort and anxiety floating into my reality, I knew I needed to go home. I knew, I needed to reconnect to my truth, to my soul by meditating. Now, I cannot imagine my life without meditation. It is something I try to practice on a daily basis, whether it’s just for 5 minutes, an hour or more.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a beautiful practice that can change your life in many incredible ways. I dedicated an entire page on my website to Meditation, and if you are new to it, I recommend checking it out: You can also find some of my guided meditations on this page.

Many people say to me, they don’t know how to meditate. A wonderful Indian yoga teacher, ayurvedic healer and scholar Tirumalai Krishnamacharya used to say: “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” Well, I say the same to people, when they say they say they don’t know how to meditate: “If you can breathe, you can meditate.” I am very excited to share with you my brand new guided meditation, which I created for beginners. Get your headphones and find a comfortable place, where you are not going to disturbed for a few minutes. Let my voice guide you to the place of stillness and peace, and enjoy the wonderful benefits meditation offers.

***For this meditation, I recommend to be seated in a chair, with your feet ‘planted’ firmly all the ground. ***

Meditation for Beginners

Five ways to let go of negative thoughts

We all fall into a trap of negative thinking once in a while. Negative thinking makes us feel sad and worried. It often leads to overthinking and creating some crazy scenarios in our minds. Some time ago, I wrote a blog about the power of our minds. I talked about how our thoughts and emotions influence our reality. Most of the thoughts we are thinking today are repetitious. The thoughts we were thinking yesterday, we often carry with us to today. So, there is not a surprise, you may call yourself (or others will do) a negative thinker, if you are constantly dwelling on the same negative frequency. The good news is, there are many fantastic techniques we can use to let go of negative thoughts and adopt a new, healthy thinking patterns. I would like to share with you a five helpful ways, which can help you to let go of negative thoughts. I hope they will inspire you.

1. Rising above negativity

You are the only one choosing your thoughts, so begin to choose the good ones. It can sound easier said than done, but stay with me. The change always begins with changing your mindset. I believe  that one positive thought can cancel even hundred of negative thoughts. Focusing your attention on what you want and how you want to feel, instead of placing it onto what you don’t want to experience, will make a magical shift in your thinking. Your thoughts, and also the words you speak out loud, are very powerful. They effect your subconscious. Every time a negative thought arises, replace it with the positive thought. This is a quick and effective way to begin training your mind to think in a more positive way.

2. Positive affirmations

I often talk about positive affirmations, because they work (when you use them). Using positive affirmations can re-train your mind. There are three important keys to using positive affirmations. Affirmations need to be positive, personal and in a present tenseI call them a 3 P’s. For example: “I am feeling happy and excited about my life.” It is positive, it is personal and it is in a present tense. Affirmations can help you shift your perception of life. When you catch yourself wandering to a negative thinking pattern, try to think the exact opposite, by creating a positive affirmation. For example: If you worry about a meeting at work, you can use this powerful affirmation: “I am only attracting positive people and positive situations into my life. Everything is working out for me.” Create your own affirmations and use them regularly, not only when you feel stressed, negative or upset. I also recommend using positive affirmation first thing in the morning upon waking up. So, before checking your emails and getting on with your daily tasks, take a few deep breaths and repeat some positive affirmations to start your day right. Positive affirmations may feel like a lie to you when you start using them, but after a while, you will be amazed how beneficial they actually are. Begin today.

3. Erasing negative thoughts

One of my favourite techniques is visualising writing my negative thoughts on an imaginary blackboard. Once they are written down, I imagine, I am erasing them. As they are being erased, I feel they are also being released from my life. The next powerful technique is seeing the negative thoughts on a big screen (e.g. a big TV or a cinema screen ). As you are looking at the words on this screen, visualise, they are shrinking, getting smaller and smaller, until they completely disappear. Try these techniques and see if they work for you.

4. Re-evalute your relationships

Do you spend most of your time around negative people? No wonder you are feeling negative or de-motivated. The people we spend the most time with is exactly what we become. People who are constantly complaining, blaming others, are not a very good company to be around. Re-evaluating your relationships doesn’t mean you are blaming them. It means you are noticing what is going on around you, and how this is effecting your life and the way you feel. It also doesn’t mean to cut these people off from your life. Maybe you can talk to them and try to help them, or if that doesn’t help, choose how much time you actually want to invest in these relationships. If the negative people are a members of your family, remember that you cannot change anybody, unless they want to change. What you can do, is be an example of your own beautiful (positive) self. After a while, they may start mirroring your own positive energy.

 5. Release and surrender

Here is a spiritual tip for you. Release and surrender the negative thoughts to the care of the Universe. We often try to control everything that happens to us. We want everything to go our way, but we forget, that everything that happens to us, is serving our highest good. There is always a lesson we are learning. When you are caught up in a spiral of negative thinking and nothing else works to lift yourself up, release and surrender your negative thoughts. Say to the Universe: “I don’t know what is going on, but I am done with feeling this way. I am willing to surrender all these thoughts to you, Universe. Please, help me to see the light in my life, and help me to shift my perception.” Then, release it. Trust and know, the higher power of the Universe is taking care of the rest. Remember to think positive and positive things will happen.

A thought to keep!

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your entire day.” 

Learning to say ‘NO’

I am an introvert. When I say this to people, I often surprise them. But it is true. I am an introvert who expresses herself as an extrovert. Over the years, I learnt how to be confident and speak up for myself, although it doesn’t come naturally to me. When I was growing up I had a very rich inner world. Most of the time I was living in my mind and I had a very vivid imagination. Luckily I brought this imagination to my adult life as well. I have always been very creative and inspired by everything and everyone. When I saw a beautiful tree for example, I could instantly write a poem, a song or an essay about its beauty. This has shaped my world. But when it came to talking to others, I was scared, shy and very uncomfortable. At school, when the teacher asked a question, I was afraid to raise my hand. I often knew the right answer, but just to prevent an embarrassing moment in case it wasn’t the right one I stayed quiet. I didn’t have many friends at the time. When somebody wanted to be friends with me, I was over the moon. When I finally made some friends, I wanted to be a good friend to them. Therefore I would do anything to keep them in my life. This included saying yes when I meant no. At the early age I learned a negative habit of putting other people’s needs before my own. I would go out of my way to make other people happy, but sadly on my account. Many knew my weakness and often took advantage of it. I brought this habit with me to my adult life, so people would continue to like me. It took me years to actually start getting comfortable saying no to others, when I actually wanted to say no. I never wanted to upset anyone, so it was extremely tough for me. It was making me feel uncomfortable every time, and it still does occasionally. But it did become easier now, because I am older, wiser and I clearly state what I want. Are you, like I used to be? Do you often say yes, when you mean no, just to be nice? Take a deep breath and carry on reading.

When to say ‘No’

Bellow are some important questions worth asking yourself before giving a positive or a negative response:

How do I feel about this?

What is my intuition telling me?

Does this interfere with my own schedule?

Do I have time to do this?

Am I only saying yes, so this person will continue to like me?

Do I really want to say yes?

Am I saying yes, so I don’t upset this person? 

Remember, when you say no to someone, you don’t have to justify your response. You don’t need to explain anything to anybody. Just be polite and assertive. Remember that ‘No’ is also a complete sentence. If you are saying ‘Yes’ to someone just to be nice, please don’t. The person will also feel energetically, that you are not so keen of saying yes. They will know you are doing it only because you think you have to. Stay true to yourself and to others. There may also be many situations in life, where you are not so sure right away whether you want to say yes or no. If such a scenario occurs, just tell the other person, that you will think about it, and will get back to them as soon as it’s convenient. We are currently living in a very fast moving world. We often expect an instant response to a text message, to an email or in person. Take your time and think about what you really want to do and what is important to you. This is your life and only you decide what you want to do with it. Nobody can pressure you to do something you don’t want to do, so please don’t feel you have to.

Saying no can be very hard sometimes. We don’t want to upset or disappoint people. I completely understand that. Stay true to yourself and only say yes, when you really mean it. And when you say no, be polite, but unapologetic about it.

A thought to keep

“When you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to yourself.” ~Paulo Coelho

Are you feeling lost?

Are you feeling lost or uncertain in your life right now? Is your path quite foggy and messy? You know you came here to the Earth to do all these great things, but suddenly, you are facing one obstacle after another…You notice, things aren’t just working out as you expected them to. The people you trusted are suddenly turning their backs to you, and unexpected little challenges are constantly distracting you…Can you see yourself in this?

Take a deep breath. You are not alone. I am currently going through a really interesting period in my life too. But what keeps me optimistic and continuously rising above all of the challenges I face, is my focus and my passion for the work that is important to me, and my love of life. I fully trust and know, that all these challenges are shaping me for something fantastic yet to come. I know, that I could not have come this far to fail. I may feel lost and tired at times, but I fully trust, that I will be okay. So, if you are also feeling a bit lost right now, read on and some of these suggestions may inspire you.

Find some quiet moments to relax

When you are feeling lost or uncertain, it’s important to take care of yourself more than ever. Relaxing and quieting your mind is essential. So let go of your worries, and give yourself permission to have that “You time” you deserve. Find some quiet moments just for yourself and silence your busy mind. Make yourself a lovely cup of tea, sit down and just be. Your mind is working overtime right now and you need to silence it. I recently started practising this exercise: When I notice my mind is starting to make me a bit crazy and I am overthinking or overreacting, I pause for a moment, take a deep breath and I repeat these words several times: “All is Well”. This centres me back into the present moment, where all my power lies. Give it a go and see if it works of you.

Write your feelings down

I did this last Sunday. I wrote in my journal for about 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe the number of pages I filled up in my journal. But it certainly helped me clear my busy mind. By writing my feelings down, I cleansed my mind of obsessive thoughts, which were creating an uncomfortable feelings. I believe, when you take your thoughts out of your head and put them on a piece of paper, they won’t be haunting as such anymore. You will make more space in your mind for more positive and happy thoughts. Try it.

After the Winter, there will always come the Spring

Throughout the year the seasons change. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…they all represent their own unique beauty. We also go through seasons in life. So let the seasons of the year be an example that your life also goes through seasons. If you are currently feeling lost, trust and know that after the Winter, the Spring will come again and the sun will shine. But also know, that the Winter is actually teaching you some important lessons that will definitely help you grow personally and spiritually.

Do at least one thing a day that makes you happy

It can be difficult to focus on the positive when you are feeling lost. But try to keep your vibes and energy levels high. For example: watch a funny film, when you feel down, read your favourite book, or go to a yoga class. I often find that doing yoga or going to my ballet class liberates me from any worries and centres me back in the moment.

Spend time with people who love you

That’s right. Spending time with your family and your friends will make you feel good. Share your thoughts and feelings with them. Don’t keep it inside. They may also be able to give you a good advice, to support you and encourage you.

What’s your focus?

What you focus on, always expands. Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Shift your focus and be willing to think differently, to see things differently. Start looking at obstacles as opportunities and at endings as new beginnings. Trust and know that what you are going through is helping you to become a stronger, wiser and a more confident person.

A thought to keep

“When you can’t control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” 

The purpose of your soul

A few weeks ago I took a morning walk through the streets of New York. As I was about to cross the road, I looked down on the pavement, and there I saw a message: ‘Fulfil your purpose’. I immediately smiled and took it as a sign. The sign of the Universe I cannot deny. These kind of signs are everywhere and often appear in the most unexpected shapes and forms. The ‘Fulfil your purpose’ message on the pavement, was another sign for me to carry on with the work I came here to do, and I enjoy the most: To be of service to people and teach them how to align more and more with their truth.”  To be authentic and proud of who I am and by living this way, inspire others to do the same. I am a dedicated student of the truth, and I try to live as truthfully and authentically as possible.  Although it wasn’t always this way. Many lessons I have learnt about living in my truth came the hard way. Looking back, I wouldn’t exchange a single one of those lessons. I am grateful for them. The message I saw in New York on the pavement that morning was a confirmation, that I have chosen the right path and I should carry on.

Your unique journey 

So are you on the path of fulfilling your purpose? Do you have a clarity in your life and know what you came here to do? Or are you like most people, working at the job you don’t enjoy and is dragging you down? Staying in a relationship which is not good for you, but you hang around there because you fear being single?  You may be fully aware, that you came here to do somethings else, but there may be part of you, which is still holding you back and keeping you at your present situation. The human soul can only reach its true fulfilment and happiness, when it’s truly experiencing what it came here to do. If not, the dissatisfaction is expressed on our physical and psychological wellbeing. Our souls live in our bodies. How else could they express themselves, only through our physical self. When something is out of balance spiritually, it will be reflected in our outer, physical experiences. So, pay attention to the signs and to the voice of your soul. Don’t look at the random signs as coincidences, instead ask yourself: “What is this sign trying to tell me?” Then, listen to your soul for an answer. It can come to you straight away, sometimes later.

A few ways to deepen the connection with your Soul 

Meditation and Stillness 

Meditation is one of the best ways to start communicating with your soul. Get to know the spiritual side of your being by sitting in stillness on a daily basis, even if it’s only for five minutes. If you don’t know anything about meditation, I have dedicated an entire page to it on website. You will find out some tips about meditation for beginners, plus some guided meditations to start you off. Here is the link:

Natural world and its powers 

Nature is a wonderful healer and also a story teller. When you are in nature, you immediately align with your truth. Nature will allow you to engage all your senses to the present moment. You will be able to hear the voice of your soul and you may also be amazed, how many wonderful ideas will start flowing to you. I always get so inspired when walking in nature. Some of my best creations happen, when I let go and take a stroll through a forest or a park.

Inspiration and Creativity  

Another great way to start connecting with the voice of your soul is by getting creative. Get a pen and paper and list things that bring you joy. If you like writing, you may discover that one of the purposes of your soul can be becoming a writer or even an author. If you enjoy spending time with children, your life’s purpose may be working with children (teaching, organising summer camps or any other forms of tuition). So which creative activity brings you joy? Do more of that today. T. D. Jakes said it beautifully in his quote: “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.” 

A thought to keep 

When you learn to communicate more with your Soul, you will realise, that you don’t need to search for your purpose. Your purpose will find you naturally. You will begin to be drawn to the things that inspire you. Just enjoy what you do and find some quiet times in your every-day busy routine and the rest will take care of itself. Trust the wisdom of your Soul, it will never fail you.

P.S. The picture on the right is the actual sign I saw in New York streets just a few weeks ago. Don’t ignore the signs, they come to you for a reason. 

Comparison, envy and jealousy

Most of us compare ourselves to other people. We think some people are luckier, prettier or cleverer than us. We often compare ourselves to others by making idols of them. But what if that idol fails? Do you still want to be like them? We are envious or jealous of others. We sometimes criticise and judge people, we don’t even know. But is there really something to criticise, or are we only jealous of something they may have and we don’t? From a spiritual perspective, the people and situation are always sent on our path, so we begin to look inward, and perhaps learn something from them. Every time I find myself in these kind of situations, I ask myself: “What is it in me that is making me to judge, compare, criticise, being jealous or envious of others?” The other person is often a mirror of our inner state. The other person, can also be a mirror of our own inner beauty, which we may have forgotten about for a while. So what can we learn when we find ourselves in these situations?

Remind yourself, your journey is unique 

We often compare other people’s success to ours. Let’s make a decision to stop it. Everybody’s journey is different and special to them. You don’t know what they have been through, how they got to where they are now. You don’t know how difficult their road to success may have been. Focus on yourself and your own journey. If you want to be successful, look better or feel better, then ask yourself: “What step can I take to change my current situation?” If you want to lose weight, begin today by having a healthy meal or go for a walk. If you want to get a degree in something that interests you, do some research today. You can take a small step towards your goal every single day. Rather than comparing yourself to others, remind yourself every day, that this is your journey. Make it yours and unique.

Aspire to become the best version of yourself 

Don’t aspire to be like someone you admire, instead get inspired by them, but find your own voice, your own style. Align more with your truth. It’s great to get inspired, but it’s also equally important to be yourself. My suggestion is to aspire to become the best version yourself. There are many people I personally admire in my life. I get inspired by their messages, but I realised, I don’t want to be just another copy of them, instead I decided to strive to be more and more myself. Don’t let comparison to steal the joy of being yourself. The world needs your truth and your authenticity. Theodore Roosevelt said: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Remember that.

A quick way to stop envy and jealousy 

Don’t be jealous of other people’s success, instead, be happy for them. From a spiritual perspective, I see it like this: When we are happy for other’s success, we are automatically vibrating on a similar frequency. This way, we begin attracting success towards ourselves. So get inspired and be happy for these people. I too, sometimes detour into the places of envy or jealousy, but I choose not to hang around there for too long now. It’s simply not worth it, and it’s exhausting. Release envy and jealousy. There are very toxic emotions, which are only holding you back from the true happiness and fulfilment. Focus on yourself and your own beautiful life. There is so much to learn, explore and to live for.

A thought to keep 

“The only person you should compare yourself with is the person You were yesterday.” 

Dedicate time to your personal development

I have a very exciting topic for you this week. Let’s talk about personal development. I am personally obsessed by learning new things. I cannot imagine a day without reading an inspiring literature or listening to a motivational podcast. Over the last few years, I learnt how to motivate myself. I am not saying, I am always positive and happy. But, when the negative moments strike, I try to embrace them, and don’t hang around in them for too long now. Dedicating time to your personal development daily, can improve the quality of your life. You become more positive, inspired, with the fresher outlook on life in general. Bellow are some suggestion, which can help you.

Creating morning and evening rituals 

To me, dedicating time to personal development means creating a good habits. I have a morning meditation practice. I sit in stillness for at least five minutes and quite my mind. Morning meditation always sets my day right. I also like to read something inspiring. Just couple of pages of a book will do the trick. This way, I get motivated and excited for the day ahead. I used to reach for my phone first thing in the morning to check my emails etc. This clouded my mind and took lots of my energy. So I replaced this habit by meditation and reading. It takes the same amount of time (like scrolling through the social media on my phone), but I actually get something positive out of it. I also try to end my day on a positive note. I write in my journal and list all the good things that happened in my day. I also meditate. Meditation helps me to sleep better. Some people like to read, so give it a go. Having a morning and evening rituals is a great habit to adopt. Do I always stick to them? Of course not. My work schedule is always different, sometimes I have to get up very early where I don’t stick to my routine. But most days, I do. Try creating your own rituals and notice how they make you feel. I believe they are very beneficial, and a great step towards your personal development.

Always learning, always growing 

Every day we learn something new, even without realising. Why not making it an intention? Get curious learning new things, even if it’s something you’ve never thought about before. Ask questions, observe people and learn on a daily basis. Make a decision that you will learn something new every single day. It will keep your mind on a positive frequency and you will be happier and more fulfilled.

Discard bad habits 

We all have some bad habits we would like to discard from our lives. What would you like to let go of? What is preventing you from being productive in life? Notice those habits. Don’t judge yourself. Then, make a commitment, you will start releasing these habits one at the time. An example: If one of your bad habits is switching on the news first thing in the morning (some people feel they how to watch it), and you are fully aware that the news drain you of energy, replace it by listing to an inspiring podcast in the morning. We all have bad habits, start discarding them, and notice how your life will begin to shift.

Get inspired 

We live at the fantastic time. There is so much free content and information out there. If you need an answer to a question, you just have to type it into Google search, and you will get it. You can even start studying a course from the comfort of your home and get your diploma, if you are busy working 9-5. I believe, if you want to make something happen, make your dreams come true, you will find the time to do it. If it’s not important to you, you will find an excuse. Is that simple. I often get inspired by watching an inspiring TED talk on YouTube or I listen to a CD with positive affirmation while I’m driving to work. Try it and see how you feel.

A thought to keep 

“Personal development is the conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and grow as an individual.”