Four easy ways to strengthen your intuition

This blog is a follow up to my previous blog about intuition. If you have read it, you probably remember the story when my friend sensed, there was something wrong and felt he needed to text me right away. If you haven’t read it, here is the link This week, I will give you few of my favourite ways how to start strengthening your intuition. I believe sharpening your intuition can serve you in a great way for the rest of your life. After all, we are a spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, and the gift of intuition is natural to us. We have only forgotten how to use it.

Listen to your feelings

Listening to your feelings rather than being always in your mind will help you to strengthen your intuition. When you are dealing with any situation or you have an important decision to make, ask yourself:  “What am I feeling?”  instead of what you are thinking. Notice any physical sensations when you ask yourself this question. Your soul communicates with you through your physical body. Its messages will always be expressed as physical sensations. Do you feel positive, excited, happy? Or uneasy, tense and uncomfortable. Listening to your feelings can help you start strengthening your intuition.


Our souls long to express themselves in creative ways. Many people go to jobs they don’t like and complain about their lives. We have been conditioned to believe, that our ‘job titles’ define who we are. This is a big lie, that is haunting the entire world, and its long overdue to be finally dissolved. You are not what you do. You are a beautiful soul, which came to the Earth to express itself creatively. There is something within you, waiting to be discovered. Ask yourself these important questions? What is it that excites me? What activities do I enjoy where I completely forget about the time? It can be writing a poem, painting, going to a dance class, cooking or gardening. All of us have something within us, that makes us feel more alive. What makes you feel more alive? Creativity is another easy way to start strengthening  your intuition. It can help you align more with your soul, so you can begin to start living in your truth.


Allow things to unfold more naturally in your life. We live in a busy world that is ran by deadlines and schedules. We expect things to go certain way, and if they don’t we get frustrated. We try to control outcomes, and be in control of absolutely everything. This is virtually impossible, but it can also be understandable, because we want to be organised in life and of course plan ahead. But it also creates pressure that can silence the voice of our soul. We are more in our minds than in our souls. We need to reverse this process, and by doing so we can strengthen our intuition. By living more in the state of allowing will help us feel more at ease with ourselves and the world that surrounds us. Life will start unfolding more naturally and we’ll become happier. Allowing doesn’t mean you are careless, it’s simply a more joyful way of living.


Meditation is one of the easiest ways to start strengthening your intuition. It will allow you to revive the relationship with your soul. Your soul yearns for the moments of stillness. That is the space where it can share with you anything you need to know. Many people say they don’t have time for meditation. I believe otherwise. I believe everybody can find just a five minutes of their 24 hour day. Some say, they don’t know how to meditate. Well, here is my response. I’m going to share with you a very simple meditation you can practise almost anywhere at any time, and it doesn’t even have to be five minutes.

“I would like you to get comfortable and close your eyes to avoid any visual distractions. If you are tired, you can keep your eyes partially open, so you don’t fall asleep. Then, I would like you to start taking deep breaths, slowly and deeply. I always suggest to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth (if this is comfortable for you). Now, let’s add some visualisation to your breathing. When you are breathing in, I would like to visualise, that you are breathing in a beautiful pure white light. This light represents all the positive energy and the goodness this Universe has to offer. When you breathe out, I would like you to visualise, that you are breathing out anything that is no longer serving you. I call it, you are breathing out any clouds of darkness. Repeat this cycle of breathing for as long as it’s comfortable for you. Then, return your breathing to its normal pace. When you are ready open your eyes and have a little stretch. 

This is a very simple meditation that can help you strengthen your intuition. If you would like to find out more about meditation, I dedicated a whole page to the subject on my website

A thought to keep! 

“You know the truth, by the way it feels!” 

Trust your intuition

Last week, I was driving from Northampton back to London. It was late and a very foggy evening. The motorway wasn’t lit up properly, and the visibility was very bad. Even the fog lights on my car didn’t help me to see ahead properly. I’m generally quite a confident driver, and I don’t remember the last time I felt so uneasy on the road. I felt uncomfortable, and at times unsafe. All I wanted was to get home safely.

They were not many cars on the road that day, and that somehow made me feel quite lonely. I immediately called in the angels and my personal spirit guides to assist me. I could feel their presence instantly, as they were helping me get through the uncomfortable drive. I began feeling more at ease. When I changed the motorways and finally got closer to my home territory, I felt even more comfortable. I thanked the angels and my guides for staying with me and helping me to get through the scary drive. When I got home and parked, I checked my phone. There was a message from a dear friend of mine. He said, he just had a weird feeling that something was wrong. He felt he needed to text me to check if I was okay, and hoping his intuition was only a false alarm. His message has been sent at the exact time, when I was going through my fog driving burden. He picked on it immediately through his intuition.

Not a surprise 

Many of my friends are open to the conversation of spiritual guidance and intuition. This is the reason, we connect so well through our vibes and feelings. I have quite a few stories similar to this one. It wasn’t a surprise, that my friend picked on my discomfort. His soul knew something was wrong. I texted him right back to say I was okay. He felt relieved.

Yes, it’s your intuition 

This was a good example of trusting your intuition. My friend clearly felt there was something wrong. Do you also get a moments in your life when you feel something just doesn’t feel right? Or on the contrary. Do you feel something feels very good, and you should go for it without any hesitation? These are all signals from your soul, which shouldn’t be ignored.

What intuition actually is?  

Intuition is that quiet little voice which whispers to us all day long, helping us navigate through life. It is the voice of our soul. The problem is, we don’t always choose to listen to it. It is the ability to know something through our instinct, through our feelings. Some call it a sixth sense, others a gut feeling. I’m sure you have already experienced your intuition. For example: Have you ever met somebody and you immediately felt they cannot be trusted? Later, you found out that you were right. Or did you ever had a feeling, you should not take a particular way to work, so you took another way, only to find out later you were spared a two hours being stuck in traffic? This was your intuition warning you in advance. But, of course, you also have a good, intuitive feelings. You meet somebody new and you feel good in their presence. Ten years later, you are still great friends. Or you have a feeling, there is an opportunity of a lifetime heading your way. You feel good about it, no matter what others say. In a few weeks, you land a job of your dreams. Intuition is a wonderful gift that comes from our souls. It can be trusted. Intuition is the link between your physical self and your soul. The human mind always seeks for logic in all, your intuition always knows! You can fully trust it.

Next week, I will give you a list of my favourite ways to strengthen your intuition. By listening and acknowledging your intuition, you can create a wonderful co-operation that can serve you in a great way your entire life.

The art of slowing down

Life can get very hectic sometimes. Meeting deadlines, planning ahead, looking after children, going to work. We often see many signs of slowing down, but we don’t always choose to acknowledge them. We only do this when something goes wrong, when we get tired or suddenly realise, we can’t carry on like this anymore. I’ve been inspired to write about slowing down last week, when I found myself rushing around London. I often notice many spiritual signs around (I talked about them in the last week’s blog), but this time, they were literally screaming at me. Traffic lights turning red when I was driving, queues at every shop I went to, even the internet connection not working when I tried to send a quick email on the go. At that point, I couldn’t ignore the universal message anymore. I needed to slow down. I decided to stop, and finally acknowledge what was going on. Here are few things which helped me, and I hope they will inspire you.

Stop and take a deep breath 

When we are so drawn into our hectic lifestyle, we often forget to breathe properly. Stop reading right now and take a deep breath (slowly and deeply). Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. When you inhale, visualise, you are breaking in all the positive energy this Universe has the offer. When you breathe out, visualise, you are breathing out everything that is no longer serving you. Repeat it for about 3-5 rounds. How do you feel now? Calmer? Practise this exercise daily. It’s a simple, but effective meditation you can do anywhere.

Focus on one thing at the time 

Focusing on one thing at the time will not only create the best results of what you are trying to achieve, but it will also keep your attention in the present moment. If you read my blog regularly, you know I often talk about the present moment. Present moment is the only place where the real life exists. Focus fully on one thing at the time and stay in the moment.

Listen to your Soul 

Listen to your inner wisdom. Rest, when you feel tired. Take some time off, when you need to. Do activities that bring you joy. Listening to your true self (your soul), is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. Your soul reveals to you everything you need to know. Get silent for a few moments today, and listen that quite little voice which is whispering to you all the day long. It has some important messages to share.

Connecting with the natural world 

I alway go to nature to align with my truth. When I try to control outcomes, when I get tired or when I just know something’s not flowing in my life, I know I need to get home’. Nature always helps me do that. The same applies, when I need to slow down. Nature is a powerful example of how life suppose to flow. Find some time to connect with the natural world. Even if you live in the city, find a local park where you can relax and detach from the hectic world for a while. It will bring some fantastic benefits into your life.

A thought to keep! 

Don’t think slowing down or taking some time off is a waste of time. You will actually gain more time. You will become more energised and rested. You will be surprised, how much more you will actually be able to accomplish. Slow down today!

Spiritual signs

Last Thursday morning somebody upset me. I found quite difficult to let it go, and as the day progressed I felt more and more uncomfortable. In the afternoon, I had to go to the town. When I began running my errands, everybody seemed to be in my way. People were blocking me or delaying what I had planned to do. Still thinking about what has happened in the morning, made every task more challenging than it actually was. As I went to the supermarket, I came across another person (yet again), clearly in my way. At that point, I nearly burst into tears. In that moment, my intuition guided me to look to the left. When I looked there, I saw a beautiful birthday card with a big butterfly on it. A sense of calmness and a relief passed over my entire being and I smiled instantly.


Butterfly has always been my spiritual sign. Every time I see it, I know it’s a sign from the Universe that I will be okay. When I see a butterfly I know, that all that is bothering me will eventually fade away, and I will smile again. In this instance, it was also a reminder to remain my beautiful self no matter what is going on around me. It was a reminder to surrender my resentment and discomfort to the care of the Universe. I decided to listen. The weight of the uncomfortable feelings began to slowly lift off. I was able to see clearly again, because I aligned to my truth. The spiritual realm is always working on our behalf and making sure we are being guided every step of the way. The problem is, we don’t always choose to acknowledge it.

Spiritual helpers 

I’ve always believed in angels, spirit guides and in any celestial helpers from a very young age. They have always been assisting me on my life’s journey ever since I can remember. My inner knowing and also experience that there is something higher here, continuously assured me that I have nothing to worry about, and I am being guided. I knew I wasn’t alone.


I would like you to pick a sign. Something that resonates with you. Something that brings you joy and a comfort every time  you see it. It can be a bird such as an eagle, a particular flower, a feather, a sequence of numbers or you can use my butterfly. When you have it, trust and know that this sign will come up every time you need a reminder that no matter what you are going through, you will be okay. Then surrender and let the magic unfolds. Don’t search for your sign, it will appear to you naturally, often in some unexpected forms. I see my butterflies on a cover of magazines, as a t-shirt prints, on birthday cards, they appear on a TV and of course they often just fly towards me. Sometimes, I overhear a conversation and a butterfly is mentioned.  I know, I was meant to hear it. The higher power is presenting me my sign to let me know, that I am not alone and I am being guided.

Random signs 

You may also notice some random signs. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the sign you chose. It can a build-board with a word or a sentence telling you exactly what you are looking for.  You may feel stuck in life, and these words will make everything perfectly clear to you. Or you will meet somebody and they will mention exactly what you need to hear. Be open and flow with it. You’ll be amazed what you may discover.

Staying open minded 

Some of you may not be open to this kind of conversation yet, and that’s okay. We are all on a different stages on this journey. We all have a different views and perspectives based on our experiences, the way we’ve been raised, the knowledge we’ve acquired or what we’ve have been through. If this resonates with you, welcome the guidance. After all, it is your birthright. If not, let this topic inspire you. It may one day open new doors for you, so you can also start enjoying the view at this world from a beautiful spiritual heights.

Your past does not define you

Past is not here anymore, and there is nothing that can be changed about the past. Only our approach towards the past can be changed. We all make mistakes. We are allowed to make them. We are constantly learning and growing as human beings, so as souls. This is part of our journey. You might have done something in the past you are not proud of. You may still be resenting someone from your past who has wronged you. Things might have happened that you would like to change or re-arrange. If you find your past is haunting you, this week’s blog is just for you. I have a few tips which I find quite helpful whenever a past wound or a resentment comes up to the surface.


Acceptance is the key of releasing the past. It may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Try to accept what has happened. It’s served it’s purpose. Re-playing the same scenarios in your mind over and over again won’t change anything. It only steals the precious time of the current moment. A suggestion: Take a deep breath  and say to yourself, that you are willing to accept your past. A slight willingness will open the doors to the acceptance and forgiveness towards your past.

Focus on the present moment 

When you are thinking or focusing on your past mistakes, you are losing the power of the present moment. Present moment is a gift we should be grateful for every single moment. Instead, we often invest this precious time to the thoughts of the past. Make a decision today, that every time your mind wanders to the past, you will ask yourself: “Where am I?” And of course, you know the answer. You are right here, right now in this moment, so come back to it.


If you can master the art of surrendering, you can liberate yourself from your past wounds. When I want to let some heavy load off my shoulders, I surrender it to the care of the Universe (the Higher Power). I trust, the Universe will take care of it. How do I do this? In meditation. I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths to centre myself in the moment. Then, I say this prayer either silently or aloud: “I am willing to surrender this past mistake/past hurt to the care of the Universe. I trust and know that the Universe will transform it back to the positive energy. I know that all is well and my life is unfolding as it should. I am free and I am ready to focus my precious energy on the present moment and that’s the only place where the real life exists.” Then, I take another deep breath through my nose and breathe out through my mouth. When I’m ready, I open my eyes. I know the Universe is now working on my behalf and dissolving this past hurt/past mistake.

A thought to keep 

Remember that your past does not define you. You have learnt some powerful lessons from it that will assist you in your human and spiritual growth.

My only New Year’s resolution

Happy New Year dear friends! I hope you had a wonderful holidays. It has been a tradition almost everywhere in the world to make a New Year’s resolutions. Have you made any? And are you fully committed to stick to them? Some of us are, some aren’t. This year I’ve only made one New Year’s resolution, and that is to align more to my soul’s truth. I am fully committed to create more connection with my soul by spending time in stillness, where I can access my own inner wisdom. If this is something that resonates with you, I have a few suggestions you may like to read.

Listen to your feelings

Become more true to the spiritual side of you by listening to your feelings. They are trying to teach you something. Listen to your feelings, instead of numbing them down or pushing them away. Listening to your feelings will help you to create a deep healing within your soul and a more alignment to your truth.

Say ‘YES’ when you mean it

I used to be a people pleaser. I was saying yes when I meant no, so people would like me. At the time I didn’t realise, this was very damaging to my soul. I had to discard this bad habit. When something doesn’t resonate with me now, I clearly state it. I learnt to be assertive. When something excites me and I know would make me happy, I say YES confidently! This way, I feel more relaxed and I am truthful to myself and to my soul.

Follow your calling

Following your calling instead of doing what you don’t like will also connect you more to your truth. Life is too short to waste on something which doesn’t bring you joy. I am not here to tell you what you should do. I am not going to tell you, you should meditate, to have a better diet or to exercise more, if this is not what you normally do. Instead, I suggest that you follow what lights you up. Listen to your own wisdom. Listen to your soul. It will always guide you to everything you need to know. It will direct you to discover your true life’s purpose. You can trust it. It will never fail you.

It’s your journey 

I used to think I wasn’t good enough. This old childhood belief occasionally lurks into my adult life, but I’m pleased to say I don’t believe it anymore. In the past I didn’t trust myself and my decisions. I was constantly seeking approval from others. Making the decision to be true to my soul is also letting go of this unhealthy habit for good. I want to be connected more to my real truth, not to the illusion I used to believe in. I’ve made a clear, firm decision to rely on my soul’s voice and stop seeking approval or confirmations about my life’s choices from others. If something resonates with me, I go for it! This is my journey, and I only decide what I want to do with it. And the same applies to you too: “This is your journey and only you decide what you want to do with it.” 

Stay true to yourself!


Jana ~Mystic Butterfly x

15 inspirational quotes to live by

beautiful butterflies fly out of the pagesQuotes motivate us, inspire us, empower us and teach us how to look at this world from a different perspective. This week I would like to share with you some of my favourite quotations that have inspired me in 2016. I hope these quotes will help you to create a shift in your life, and give you a good, inspiring start to the New Year! So here they are:

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky, conscious breathing is my anchor” ~Rumi

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~Mahatma Gandhi 

“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better” ~Albert Einstein 

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak” ~Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati 

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again” ~Buddha 

“Never was there a time when you and I did not exist, nor will there be a time when we cease to exist” ~Bhagavad Gita 

“Everything is temporary; emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not become attached, just flow with it” ~Anonymous 

“I am not looking to escape my darkness. I am learning to love myself there” ~Rune Lazuli 

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul” ~Alice Walker 

“You are the soul of the soul of the Universe and your name is Love” ~Rumi 

“A privilege of a lifetime is being who you are” ~Joseph Campbell 

“People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel” ~Maya Angelou 

“My religion is simple. My religion is kindness” ~Dalai Lama 

“Two things you will never how to chase: true friends and true love” ~Mandy Hale 

“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see” ~Wayne Dyer 

So this concludes some of my favourite inspirational quotations. Hope they have inspired you, and will continue to do so in 2017. I am taking couple of weeks off from writing now, so my next blog will be published on 3rd January 2017. However, I will continue posting the usual daily inspirational posts on the social media throughout the holidays.

Happy Holidays dear friends, and I look forward to connecting with you in 2017!

Jana x

Five ways to nourish your Soul

Young woman practicing yoga on the beach.“Whatever’s good for your Soul…do that!” Our Soul is the beautiful part of our being, which deserve as much time and affection as our physical self. Therefore it needs to be nourished and cared for. When we learn how to nourish our soul, we become more aligned with our truth. We become more joyful, grounded and we will focus on the beauty of this world rather than its imperfections. There are many ways how you can start nourishing your Soul today. I have a five suggestions, which I believe can inspire you.

1) Do what you love 

Your Soul is most content and happy when you do what you love. What brings you joy? Is it writing, cooking, dancing, inspiring others, gardening? What is it that you love doing? We all have something we truly enjoy. Decide, that from today you will do more of what makes you happy. This is a beautiful gift you can give to yourself and to your Soul.

2) Connect with the natural world 

Those who know me personally or read my blog know how much I love nature. Nature inspires me, helps me to align back to my truth when I feel out of alignment, and always awakens me when I feel tired or demotivated. I believe nature is one of the best healers. Connecting with the natural world is also a fantastic way of nourishing your Soul. Just going to your local park can make you feel more alive. Your Soul will always be grateful for the nourishment it will receive by connecting with the natural world.

3) Get motivated and inspired 

Another way of nourishing your Soul is to keep yourself motivated and inspired. I always feel very motivated and inspired when I am at the ballet studio. My ballet teacher David is a great motivator. His positive energy and a love for dancing touches everybody in the class. We instantly let go of our stresses and tension that might have built up throughout the day, and we become fully focused on dancing. After the class I always feel energised and very inspired. In the moments of inspiration I know I can do anything. Get motivated and inspired today, it will bring lots of joy to Soul.

4) Meditate 

Some people may say they don’t have time for meditation. They may say they are too busy living lives to find the time to sit in stillness and do nothing. But when you meditate, you are actually doing a great deal of service for yourself. You are connecting with your Soul. Even five minutes spent in meditation is a wonderful way of nourishing your Soul. If you want to find out more about meditation, you can check out my website for some useful tips on meditation for the beginners

5) Say to yourself  “I love you and I appreciate you”

That’s right! When we fully learn how to love and appreciate ourselves, others will love us and appreciate us too. When you feel love and appreciation for yourself, it radiates from you and others pick on it too. It will not only increase your self-esteem, but it will also nourish your Soul in a great way. Start today! Look in the mirror and say to yourself: “I love you and I appreciate you!” 

5 things to remind yourself every day

Beauty girl takes beautiful flowers in her hands

I was thinking for a while what this week’s blog should be about, and then I realised what a better idea then to talk about the things we should remind ourselves on a daily basis. Bellow is a list of five suggestions I believe are important to remember daily. These reminders always shift my energy levels to a higher frequencies and help me to remember what really matters in life. Feel free to add to this list, and if you like share your thoughts with us in the comments bellow.

Every sunrise brings you new opportunities 

When you wake up in the morning, thank the Universe for a new day and the new opportunities which are about to unfold. You have a chance to meet new people, to make a new choices, to start working on the project you have been postponing for a while. Every sunrise brings you new opportunities, always remember that.

This too shall pass 

When you are going through some challenges in your life, always remember that  This too shall pass!'” Everything that is happening in your life is teaching you a lesson. We all have bad days or a bad seasons in life, but they do not last forever.

What are you grateful for?

Every time I feel down, I start listing things I am grateful for. This instantly shifts my energy and I start feeling better. Lately, I’m making my focus on gratitude a daily task. It is changing my life. Take a pen and paper and start listing things you are grateful for. Appreciate your body, your senses, express gratitude to your loving family and friends, the roof over your head, the pay-cheque which comes every month. Remember there are many people who would wish they had what you do. We often forget to pause and acknowledge the fantastic blessings we have in our lives. Remind yourself every day what you are grateful for.

It’s okay to be yourself 

We live in a society which is constantly telling us what is right, what is wrong, how we should act or be…We are rarely told to be ourselves and express our authenticity in the world. We are good at fitting in rather than standing out from the crowd and living in our truth. I believe otherwise. It is okay to be yourself. I used to live in so much denial. I wasn’t accepting myself fully and I was trying to be like everybody else. It was painful. This way of living made me feel awful and emotionally drained. Luckily, I realised living this way it’s only a waste of my precious energy and my life. If you would like some tips about learning how to be more truthful to yourself, read my article “Why I want to be more and more truthful to myself”

Present moment is the only place where the real life exists 

That’s right! Only present moment matters the most. Past is not here anymore and there is nothing which can be changed about the past. Only your approach towards the past can be changed.  Another place which doesn’t exist (yet) is the future. We often travel in our minds to a fictional places in the future, creating scenarios (often crazy) that never even happen. We are worrying ourselves for no reason. Remember that the present moment is the only place where the real life exists. Present moment is your life!

Procrastination & how to deal with it

Blonde student worried about examsProcrastination can be one of the main blocks we come across when we are trying to accomplish something. I know sometimes we are tired, feel de-motivated, uninspired and overwhelmed. We say things like: “I’ll deal with it tomorrow, now is not a good time, I am just too exhausted right now.” That is completely understandable. These days we also face many distractions, which can prevent us from being fully focused on our tasks. In this week’s blog I have a few tips, which I believe can help you to deal with procrastination.

Break it down to smaller steps  

I believe when something is important to you, you will always find a way to do it. If not, you will find an excuse. Here is a suggestion for you: When you break your project (or anything else you are trying to accomplish) down to a smaller steps, it won’t look so overwhelming anymore. It will become more achievable to you. For example: Let’s say you are interested in starting something new, but you just don’t seem to be able to begin. You are excited about the idea, but you are not so sure if you can do it. You keep delaying the first step by making all sort of excuses. What can you do? Start with some basics. Read couple of pages of a book which will give you some valuable insight about the subject you are interested in. Make a decision you are going to invest couple of hours each day to do something about it. Taking small steps towards your goals rather than none at all, will make you feel good about yourself. This way you will also become more excited and motivated about what you are trying to accomplish.

Schedule an appointment 

Start making an appointments with yourself to avoid procrastination. It works! Let’s say on Monday you know you are going to be at home at 5pm. You have nothing else planned for the rest of the evening. Make an appointment to work on your project from 6pm-8pm. Once it’s planned, stick to it. Think about it this way: You wouldn’t miss a dental appointment or a job interview when is scheduled and written down in your diary. There are no negotiations. Be consistent and ensure you are fully focused on your project in those two hours. You can do this! Making an appointments with yourself can become your new habit. And it would be a very useful and productive habit to adopt today.

Avoid distractions

This can be one of the most difficult things to do. Distractions are everywhere. Most of us are constantly on our phones, we are checking out social media, emails and messages. When you are trying to study or work on something, distractions will be even more noticeable than ever before. I’m guilty of this myself. I often get distracted when somebody sends me a message, and I feel I need to respond instantly. What do I do to prevent distractions? Switch my phone off completely or at least leave it on silent in a different room. This way I’m not constantly checking whether the screen illuminates, and I can fully focus on what I have to do and finally get the work done.

Give yourself a deadline 

Do you remember the days at school or a college when you had to present your essay at certain day and you always managed to get it done? If there is a deadline, we somehow always get it done. Even if we don’t feel like, we magically do the work. Deal with procrastination the same way. Give your project a deadline. This way, you will make sure you’ll find the time for it. If it’s important to you, it will always get done.

A thought to keep!

Do it now! Sometimes later becomes never!