Artists, creatives & all of you multi-passionate people

Are you an artist or a creative? Have you got many interests, talents and things in your life that excite you? I’m glad you have stopped by, because this blog is just for you. I, myself am a multi-passionate kind of girl. Having lots of interests always inspired me. I hardly get bored or uninspired, but there is also a price to pay for this. I must admit my passions used to overwhelm me and occasionally still do. That happens in the moments when I’m not sure what I should be focusing on. Shall I write music, record a new song, focus more on flying, do some literary work, get myself to a ballet studio or give a full attention to my coaching and teaching? As you can see being multi-passionate is not always easy, but after all it’s exciting and very rewarding.

People used to tell me and sometimes still do, I should just pick one thing and let that be my passion turned into a career. For me, it’s almost impossible. I used to be very hard on myself when it came to my passions and talents. When I looked at others I could see something very clearly. Some of them were just writers and that’s what they were doing, others just singers, actors, teachers or pilots and they were fully focused on that. Comparing myself to them put so much pressure on me. “Why do I have to deal with an overload of interests? It would be so much easier just to choose one thing which excites me the most and give it my full attention? But which one?” The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I felt.


Then, I came to this realisation: “I came here to the Earth, to be Jana, nobody else. I am excited about all these things, and if I choose to be good at all of them, I can be. I can focus on one thing at the time in a given moment, but I can be a multi-passionate artist and still do a good job. This doesn’t mean I need to do all of those things as my career. They can purely be my hobbies and let’s what happens later.” This realisation brought so much clarity into my life and put my busy mind at ease.

My inspiration of a multi-passionate person

One of my greatest inspirations of a multi-passionate person is Maya Angelou. This incredible lady was an American poet, memoirist and a civil rights activist. She wrote screen plays, directed films, she was a singer and have been involved in many successful television series and radio talk shows. She was also a lecturer and has done many other inspiring things that made a huge contribution to the world. She did all of those amazing things with so much passion and enthusiasm. She will always be a huge inspiration of mine.

Embrace your passions

So, if you are a multi-passionate person, relax and take a deep breath. Don’t be hard on yourself, instead, dwell in joy! Be grateful for being who you are. All of those amazing gifts you have came to you for a reason. You are an amazing artist. Shine your unique light and show it to the world. It doesn’t matter whether you share your gifts on a smaller scale or with a wider world. Live in your truth by embracing your talents. This always inspires others. Don’t leave your passions hidden in the dark. Bring them out of the closet and share them with others. Let your soul sing its own unique song, which can only be sang by you.

A quote to live by

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style,” ~ Maya Angelou

Dream~Believe~Make it happen

Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I love this quotation. I, myself am a dreamer. I’ve always been. When I have a dream and it’s important to me, I find a way to make it happen. Sometimes, when I take steps towards my dream, the dream actually turns out even better than I expected. Another time, it leads me to something different, even more exciting. All of you are more than capable of achieving anything that you desire. The main obstacles that most of us face are: procrastination, fear and going back to the old ways (such as: Why bother? Life wasn’t too bad before). Your dreams are important! There is great reason why they came to you. I am excited to share with you some tools that served me well over the years and I believe they can inspire you.

Break the process

We often get very hard on ourselves when we want to accomplish something. We have a dream, we get excited about it and then the hard work begins. We often start comparing ourselves to other people and sometimes have an unrealistic expectations. We get overwhelmed when it gets difficult and may ask ourselves: What’s the point doing it anyway? Remember that everyone’s journey is unique and special to them. For example: It does not matter, if somebody learnt to fly within a few months and you are learning to fly for the past 2 years and still haven’t earned your licence. Don’t think there is something wrong with you. Absolutely not! Everyone’s learning process is different. It’s not about how quickly you are going to get there. Here is my suggestion: When you are about to set off on a journey towards your dream, break this process to a smaller steps and make a plan. Write down what you can do daily, weekly, monthly even yearly towards that dream. Now, you can see right in front of you how you are going to proceed. Note, that you can always adjust this plan. Be disciplined, but at the same time respect yourself and be patient with yourself. You can do this.

When obstacles arise

And they will. They always do. The good news is, you are going to learn a lot from them. Begin looking at obstacles as opportunities for your personal and spiritual growth. Don’t get discouraged, instead take a deep breath and rise above them. Work hard and keep reminding yourself: “Of course I can do it!”  The obstacles are just tiny detours that are often necessary to get you where you want to be. They can enrich you in many ways.

Fears, doubts and worries

We all get them. They are part of our daily life. How to deal with them? Accept them and don’t fight them. This approach has always served me well. I believe what we resist always persists. When you accept your fears, doubts and worries as part of you, you are not fighting part of yourself anymore. They are part of your life for a reason right now and they are meant to teach you something along the way. When you accept them, they won’t be as scary anymore. Take a deep breath and learn to co-operate with them. One day they will fade away naturally even without you realising.

YES, you can!

YES, you can do whatever you put your mind into. Have a dream and visualise what it would feel like once it’s manifested. Then, believe it is possible for you. Next, take a daily action towards achieving it. And lastly, don’t cling on to the outcome, questioning how or when is going to happen. It will happen, when it’s meant to happen. There is not too soon or too late. If t’s important to you, you will make it happen. And keep in mind, when you are set on a positive frequency during this process, you will find that any necessary resources, the right people and opportunities will come your way. Trust and know that you can do anything that you desire. Because you can!

Are you feeling lost?

Are you feeling lost or uncertain in your life right now? Is your path quite foggy and messy? You know you came here to the Earth to do all these great things, but suddenly, you are facing one obstacle after another…You notice, things aren’t just working out as you expected them to. The people you trusted are suddenly turning their backs to you, and unexpected little challenges are constantly distracting you…Can you see yourself in this?

Take a deep breath. You are not alone. I am currently going through a really interesting period in my life too. But what keeps me optimistic and continuously rising above all of the challenges I face, is my focus and my passion for the work that is important to me, and my love of life. I fully trust and know, that all these challenges are shaping me for something fantastic yet to come. I know, that I could not have come this far to fail. I may feel lost and tired at times, but I fully trust, that I will be okay. So, if you are also feeling a bit lost right now, read on and some of these suggestions may inspire you.

Find some quiet moments to relax

When you are feeling lost or uncertain, it’s important to take care of yourself more than ever. Relaxing and quieting your mind is essential. So let go of your worries, and give yourself permission to have that “You time” you deserve. Find some quiet moments just for yourself and silence your busy mind. Make yourself a lovely cup of tea, sit down and just be. Your mind is working overtime right now and you need to silence it. I recently started practising this exercise: When I notice my mind is starting to make me a bit crazy and I am overthinking or overreacting, I pause for a moment, take a deep breath and I repeat these words several times: “All is Well”. This centres me back into the present moment, where all my power lies. Give it a go and see if it works of you.

Write your feelings down

I did this last Sunday. I wrote in my journal for about 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe the number of pages I filled up in my journal. But it certainly helped me clear my busy mind. By writing my feelings down, I cleansed my mind of obsessive thoughts, which were creating an uncomfortable feelings. I believe, when you take your thoughts out of your head and put them on a piece of paper, they won’t be haunting as such anymore. You will make more space in your mind for more positive and happy thoughts. Try it.

After the Winter, there will always come the Spring

Throughout the year the seasons change. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…they all represent their own unique beauty. We also go through seasons in life. So let the seasons of the year be an example that your life also goes through seasons. If you are currently feeling lost, trust and know that after the Winter, the Spring will come again and the sun will shine. But also know, that the Winter is actually teaching you some important lessons that will definitely help you grow personally and spiritually.

Do at least one thing a day that makes you happy

It can be difficult to focus on the positive when you are feeling lost. But try to keep your vibes and energy levels high. For example: watch a funny film, when you feel down, read your favourite book, or go to a yoga class. I often find that doing yoga or going to my ballet class liberates me from any worries and centres me back in the moment.

Spend time with people who love you

That’s right. Spending time with your family and your friends will make you feel good. Share your thoughts and feelings with them. Don’t keep it inside. They may also be able to give you a good advice, to support you and encourage you.

What’s your focus?

What you focus on, always expands. Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Shift your focus and be willing to think differently, to see things differently. Start looking at obstacles as opportunities and at endings as new beginnings. Trust and know that what you are going through is helping you to become a stronger, wiser and a more confident person.

A thought to keep

“When you can’t control what is happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” 

Dedicate time to your personal development

I have a very exciting topic for you this week. Let’s talk about personal development. I am personally obsessed by learning new things. I cannot imagine a day without reading an inspiring literature or listening to a motivational podcast. Over the last few years, I learnt how to motivate myself. I am not saying, I am always positive and happy. But, when the negative moments strike, I try to embrace them, and don’t hang around in them for too long now. Dedicating time to your personal development daily, can improve the quality of your life. You become more positive, inspired, with the fresher outlook on life in general. Bellow are some suggestion, which can help you.

Creating morning and evening rituals 

To me, dedicating time to personal development means creating a good habits. I have a morning meditation practice. I sit in stillness for at least five minutes and quite my mind. Morning meditation always sets my day right. I also like to read something inspiring. Just couple of pages of a book will do the trick. This way, I get motivated and excited for the day ahead. I used to reach for my phone first thing in the morning to check my emails etc. This clouded my mind and took lots of my energy. So I replaced this habit by meditation and reading. It takes the same amount of time (like scrolling through the social media on my phone), but I actually get something positive out of it. I also try to end my day on a positive note. I write in my journal and list all the good things that happened in my day. I also meditate. Meditation helps me to sleep better. Some people like to read, so give it a go. Having a morning and evening rituals is a great habit to adopt. Do I always stick to them? Of course not. My work schedule is always different, sometimes I have to get up very early where I don’t stick to my routine. But most days, I do. Try creating your own rituals and notice how they make you feel. I believe they are very beneficial, and a great step towards your personal development.

Always learning, always growing 

Every day we learn something new, even without realising. Why not making it an intention? Get curious learning new things, even if it’s something you’ve never thought about before. Ask questions, observe people and learn on a daily basis. Make a decision that you will learn something new every single day. It will keep your mind on a positive frequency and you will be happier and more fulfilled.

Discard bad habits 

We all have some bad habits we would like to discard from our lives. What would you like to let go of? What is preventing you from being productive in life? Notice those habits. Don’t judge yourself. Then, make a commitment, you will start releasing these habits one at the time. An example: If one of your bad habits is switching on the news first thing in the morning (some people feel they how to watch it), and you are fully aware that the news drain you of energy, replace it by listing to an inspiring podcast in the morning. We all have bad habits, start discarding them, and notice how your life will begin to shift.

Get inspired 

We live at the fantastic time. There is so much free content and information out there. If you need an answer to a question, you just have to type it into Google search, and you will get it. You can even start studying a course from the comfort of your home and get your diploma, if you are busy working 9-5. I believe, if you want to make something happen, make your dreams come true, you will find the time to do it. If it’s not important to you, you will find an excuse. Is that simple. I often get inspired by watching an inspiring TED talk on YouTube or I listen to a CD with positive affirmation while I’m driving to work. Try it and see how you feel.

A thought to keep 

“Personal development is the conscious choice to improve one’s life to become a better person and grow as an individual.”

The magic of believing in yourself

I am very excited about this week’s blog topic. All of us have dreams and desires we would like to accomplish in our lives. Unfortunately, many dreams are postponed or never turned into reality, because of fear and doubt. My intention for this blog is to give you the confidence to start believing in yourself. My intention is to help you start believing in your dreams. You can do anything you decide to do. When you learn to believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Believe you can and you will

Absolutely! You have to believe in yourself. Who is going to believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself? The first step in achieving anything in your life is believing that it is possible for you. The idea, the dream, anything that you desire came to you for a reason, and it is up to you, whether you are going to act on it, or you are going to let it go. Sometimes it goes like this: You get an idea and you get excited about it. Then, the first obstacle arises. The voice of fear in your mind begins to speak: “It’s not going to be that easy.” Of course not, but in the moments like this one, take a step back. Nobody said, it’s going to be easy, but it’s definitely going to be worth it. Walt Disney said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And that is exactly how some great ideas came to reality. Be aware, that sometimes you take two steps forward, another time five steps back. And there is nothing wrong with that. If the lather occurs, don’t give up. Believing in yourself will definitely set you on the right path towards your dream.

You are unique 

You have a unique talents within you, which nobody else has. When you have a plan to launch a big idea, for example, the inner critic in your mind may start speaking loud once again: “Somebody has already done it or What’s the point of doing it?” Remember, most of the ideas are out there in the world already. That’s right, somebody else is already doing it or have done it. The secret is, how You present these ideas to the world make them original and unique!  And you have all the tools how to do that within you. Your soul is your greatest guide. Alongside your soul, there are also so many great resources such as books, the internet and the people in the field you are interested in. They can all give you some good advice and support, if you ask. Seek those who will be happy to assist you on your journey, and don’t believe those who will tell you it’s impossible. It may be impossible for them, but not for you.

Let go of the outcome  

That’s right! Expectations often lead to disappointments. As a spiritual student and a teacher, I learnt to trust and know that things will always unfold naturally. I learned to be patient and to know that the higher power of this Universe has even greater plan for me than I do. Let go of the outcomes and expectations. This doesn’t mean being careless. You still have to do the work to get things done, but be more relaxed about it, and be open to the unexpected. Sometimes the detours towards your dreams, bring the most beautiful experiences you will treasure forever. Enjoy the process of learning and growing. It will enrich you in many ways.

Inspire others 

Everything I do, I do for people like you! I love seeing others succeeding. It brings so much joy to my soul to see positive shifts in peoples lives. If I can inspire just one person each day, just by posting something inspirational on the social media or on my website, and help them realise how great they are, my job is done. Many of us don’t realise how much impact we actually make in this world. By believing in yourself and making your dreams come true, you are inspiring others to do the same. This way, you are happier and more positive. Being happy and positive gives you positive feelings. These positive feelings create positive vibrations that everyone can feel. People may look at you and say: “Wow, I want to be like that person or I just love being around that person!” By believing in yourself, you are being a great example to others, and sooner than later, they will start mirroring your positive behaviour and find greatness within themselves. Can you imagine, if the entire world lived in this state of consciousness? How much would our perspective change? So, from today, stop being envious or competitive. Instead, become inspiring and believe in yourself. By doing so, you will give others the permission to see their own light.

A little recap 

I am so happy and excited for you right now. You have a dream, so take a daily steps towards achieving it. You are more than capable of accomplishing anything that you desire. You have many resources within and around you to make your dreams come true. Your main guide is your soul. Now you know, that by following your dreams, you inspire others to do the same. This is a wonderful way how our entire creation heals and expands. Your dreams came to you for a reason. Now, it is your responsibility to protect them, follow them and bring them to reality. It doesn’t matter how long it will take you. I believe in you! Begin to believe in yourself too. This world needs your dreams, your creations, and your unique perspective.

Procrastination & how to deal with it

Blonde student worried about examsProcrastination can be one of the main blocks we come across when we are trying to accomplish something. I know sometimes we are tired, feel de-motivated, uninspired and overwhelmed. We say things like: “I’ll deal with it tomorrow, now is not a good time, I am just too exhausted right now.” That is completely understandable. These days we also face many distractions, which can prevent us from being fully focused on our tasks. In this week’s blog I have a few tips, which I believe can help you to deal with procrastination.

Break it down to smaller steps  

I believe when something is important to you, you will always find a way to do it. If not, you will find an excuse. Here is a suggestion for you: When you break your project (or anything else you are trying to accomplish) down to a smaller steps, it won’t look so overwhelming anymore. It will become more achievable to you. For example: Let’s say you are interested in starting something new, but you just don’t seem to be able to begin. You are excited about the idea, but you are not so sure if you can do it. You keep delaying the first step by making all sort of excuses. What can you do? Start with some basics. Read couple of pages of a book which will give you some valuable insight about the subject you are interested in. Make a decision you are going to invest couple of hours each day to do something about it. Taking small steps towards your goals rather than none at all, will make you feel good about yourself. This way you will also become more excited and motivated about what you are trying to accomplish.

Schedule an appointment 

Start making an appointments with yourself to avoid procrastination. It works! Let’s say on Monday you know you are going to be at home at 5pm. You have nothing else planned for the rest of the evening. Make an appointment to work on your project from 6pm-8pm. Once it’s planned, stick to it. Think about it this way: You wouldn’t miss a dental appointment or a job interview when is scheduled and written down in your diary. There are no negotiations. Be consistent and ensure you are fully focused on your project in those two hours. You can do this! Making an appointments with yourself can become your new habit. And it would be a very useful and productive habit to adopt today.

Avoid distractions

This can be one of the most difficult things to do. Distractions are everywhere. Most of us are constantly on our phones, we are checking out social media, emails and messages. When you are trying to study or work on something, distractions will be even more noticeable than ever before. I’m guilty of this myself. I often get distracted when somebody sends me a message, and I feel I need to respond instantly. What do I do to prevent distractions? Switch my phone off completely or at least leave it on silent in a different room. This way I’m not constantly checking whether the screen illuminates, and I can fully focus on what I have to do and finally get the work done.

Give yourself a deadline 

Do you remember the days at school or a college when you had to present your essay at certain day and you always managed to get it done? If there is a deadline, we somehow always get it done. Even if we don’t feel like, we magically do the work. Deal with procrastination the same way. Give your project a deadline. This way, you will make sure you’ll find the time for it. If it’s important to you, it will always get done.

A thought to keep!

Do it now! Sometimes later becomes never!