“Modern life can be tough and throws up many challenges. I find that it helps me to get through by keeping in contact with people who are positive and have a ‘can do’ attitude. Jana is such a person. I find that her posts and blogs are really helpful to me in focusing on my wellbeing and in making progress with my self-improvement. Here is somebody who has achieved so much despite coming against many problems along the way and yet she continues to explore new avenues and her own self-development. I find that truly inspiring and I also try to adopt a similar approach to my life. She admits her past mistakes and struggles, but this does do not become a barrier to progress as she learns from it and moves on. I find her blogs interesting and very useful in keeping me positive and I am grateful for the terrific work she does.” 

~RalphOxfordshire (United Kingdom) 


“I have been to several of Jana’s meditation evenings. I found Jana to be an inspired and enthusiastic teacher. I have enjoyed all of the meditation classes. Jana and I were both training for our pilot’s licences at the same time. I watched Jana overcome fears that would have prevented nearly all others from progressing to become a qualified pilot. Jana has used the same single-mindedness, determination and inspiration that she used to become pilot to become a spiritual teacher and a writer.” 

 ~Paul, London (United Kingdom) 


  Our paths (Jana’s and mine) first crossed right at the time when a big turning point in my life was about to occur. This event led me to start following my intuition rather than one’s head. I combined this conscious decision to also put aside quality time to focus on my soul, acknowledge my failings and get back in touch with nature and all the beautiful things this earth has to offer. Almost instantly my life and work goals changed from being a continuous struggle to a manageable effort! Not only was I achieving my targets more easily, but I found with the new inner peace and extra energy and clarity of thought, that I was also able to spend more time in helping others in difficulty. Before this momentous change, I had always been a little sceptical about the work that Jana excels in and is genuine about. This soon changed through my many discussions and meetings with Jana along with attending a number of her workshops. All of this further strengthened my resolve to change many aspects of my life to good effect. Jana has a calm, almost unique logical way of imparting her knowledge in what she truly believes and feels inside, backed up with her real-life events and experiences. This all connected with me and further inspired me to live a better and more fulfilled life. I can’t speak highly enough of her passion and vision to make this world a better place for all of us.” 

~Roland, Dorset (United Kingdom)