Your Uniqueness is your Superpower

This week, on the blog, I would like to share with you a short video. This video has been inspired by one of my past articles. In that article, I shared a few thoughts on people comparing themselves to the strangers on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet, the social media and the digital age. I’ve connected with so many incredible people through social media, and many of them became my good friends. I believe, the internet, in general, brought us more together. But, there are also downsides to it, such as comparing ourselves to other people, especially people we don’t know.

Many of us forget, that not everyone presents themselves on the internet truthfully, and some people like to colour things up. On the other hand, our perception of someone can also create a certain ideal, which may be far from their reality and the real truth, which often lies somewhere else, and not in the ideal we’ve created.

Of course, there are also many genuine people, who are just simply excited to share almost every detail of their life with others.

We all have our opinions about the cyber space and our own ways how we share content with others. However you see it, I really hope it is lifting you up and not brining you down.

And if you are one of the people who compare themselves to other people online, I hope this video will give you a different outlook. In the video, you’ll see some of my photos, some older and some more recent. I also narrated it and used one of my most recent music tracks in the background.

I hope it will inspire you.

You can watch it at the link below.

Stay safe and well!

Jana x

Jana Prackova

Jana Prackova is the founder of Mystic Butterfly® ~ a guide to your true self, writer, traveller and a spiritual life coach. She loves inspiring people and her mission is teaching others how to reach their true potential by connecting with their spiritual side. In her spare time, she flies aeroplanes, writes music and loves exploring the mysteries of the Universe. Jana has been featured in the LOOP flying magazine and The Flight School Times and inspired many aspiring pilots worldwide to follow their dreams. She is the author of Mystic Butterfly ~a guide to your true self, which came out on the 18th January 2019.

3 Responses to “Your Uniqueness is your Superpower”

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    Christine Cunningham

    Great post! But How can anyone really be sure that someone is fake? Unless we can get inside their heads, there’s no way of telling for sure! I think if people are sharing positivity and happiness on social media, it can’t do harm, whether it’s authentic or not, and we never know for sure. Just keep sharing happiness & joy and forget about comparisons, I totally agree. 🤗💛

    • Absolutely Christine! Let’s keep sharing happiness and forget about comparing ourselves to others. Thank you for all your great thoughts and wisdom, always! 🤗💜🦋🌷☀️


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