Affirmations to awaken the power within you

Dear all,

This week on the blog, I would like to share with you an affirmations video I put together with some relaxing/inspirational music, to help you awaken the amazing power within you.

I personally find these affirmations very powerful and they always put me in a state of positivity and possibility. I hope they will do the same for you too 🙂

You can check out the video at the link below.

With best wishes,

Jana x

Empowering Affirmations for Self-Esteem & Confidence

Today, I’d like to share with you a short recording. It’s an affirmations video I put together along with some background inspirational music.

If you have been following my work for a while, you may know that I absolutely love using positive, empowering affirmations. And it’s for one simple reason: They make people feel good. They are a very useful tool to activate the law of attraction and create what we’d like to see in our lives.

I first learned about positive affirmations over a decade ago from a wonderful transformational teacher, Louise Hay, when I read her book, You Can Heal Your Life, which I highly recommend to everyone. Since then, I began incorporating positive affirmations into my own life, and I started noticing many positive changes and also manifesting great things.

The video I’m sharing with you today is focused on increasing self-esteem and confidence. It’s not long, just over 4 minutes. You can listen to it in the background while you are getting ready for work, washing dishes etc. It’s been created to make you feel good. I hope you’ll find it beneficial and will enjoy it 🙂

You can access the recording at the link below.

With love and best wishes, 

Jana x 

Self-Love Affirmations (video)

This week, I’m excited to share with you a new video (linked below) with affirmations for self-love. What are positive affirmations? Positive affirmations are positive statements that can boost your confidence, raise your energy levels and make you feel happy when repeated over and over again.

I have been introduced to affirmations years ago by a beautiful, transformational teacher Louise Hay. When I first read her book, You can heal your life, it made a big shift in my life and I became very aware of my day to day language (the words I was speaking and the thoughts I was thinking).

We often don’t realise that our thinking impacts our outside experiences. When you think a thought and you put a feeling underneath that thought…this creates a vibration. This vibration affects the entire Universe (believe it or not). Louise says in her book: “Every thought you think and every word you speak is creating your future!” From my own experience, I 100% agree. Using positive affirmations on a daily basis can shift your perception, and your life can start to change in an instant. But you really have to do the work. It doesn’t happen overnight, although miracles happen when the seed is planted.

Positive ~ Personal ~ Present Tense

They are a few very important points you need to know before you start using positive affirmations. First, they have to be: Positive, Personal and in a Present tense. I call it 3P’s!

Let me give you an example! Affirmation: “I am healthy and I am happy now!” It is positive, it is personal, because it applies to your life, and it is in the present tense because you are affirming that it is happening right now. Be aware of using affirmations in the future tense, something like: “One day, I will be successful”  That’s a future statement, which may never happen, and this way you are only delaying the success to flow into your life now. A better way of saying it would be: “I am successful in all areas of my life!” By repeating this kind of affirmation, you are saying YES to the Universe and the abundance can flow into your life now. But here is another important part: If you want your affirmations to work, you have to Feel the words you are saying!  You have to feel healthy now, you have to feel prosperous now, you have to feel successful now, you have to feel beautiful now. Feel those feelings NOW! This is one of the major keys to bring what you desire into your life.

Give yourself time

Start forming this new habit and begin talking to yourself positively, and at the same time, feel what you are saying. In the beginning, it may feel like a lie, but after some time it will become more natural for you. Have fun in this process and enjoy the new positive changes that are taking place in your life.

So, this is just a little introduction to positive affirmations. In the video below, are affirmations for self-love. Listen to it whenever you feel you need to give yourself some extra boost of love and care. It’s only over 3 minutes long, but I believe it can help you shift your energy and teach how to love and accept on a deeper level. Remember that loving yourself is not selfish. It’s an act of self-appreciation and healthy respect towards your beautiful self.