Calmness = your secret superpower

Firstly, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. We are still in the global crisis, so therefore it’s important to support each other more than we’ve ever done before. Let’s put our egos aside and start really co-operating. Let’s lead by an example, so others can get inspired by our actions and not become upset by our behaviour.

In the last few days, I’ve been noticing lots of tension building up. People are leaving social media, because they are being attacked and abused for their views and beliefs. I thought, that especially now, social media was a place to virtually gather and celebrate each other’s presence, but clearly, I can’t fully stand by that statement.

There is so much judgement and unnecessary hate floating around. Just the other day I’ve seen a viral video made by a man here in the UK. He was recording a video while driving his car and pointing at all the people walking in the streets using a very inappropriate and insulting language. Of course, people should only go out when really necessary, to get their food and other essentials. But that wasn’t the main point of his video. His monologue went something like this: (I will use ‘pauses’ where he used any swear word).  ‘Look at all these crazy ____queuing in front of the shops and walking around. Look at them. They must be all ____ eastern europeans. Look at that woman, definitely a ____ eastern european. Look at these muslims and indians. They shouldn’t even be in this country.’ The monologue went on for a while, but I just could not continue watching the rest of the video. He was getting abusive more and more, by every second.

It’s quite sad, that even in the global crisis, people still act this way. I was shocked. We should all realise, that we are in this together. And in truth, we are all citizens of this world, of this earth, of this universe and not of the geographical location we were happened to be born in. But, that’s not a point of this post.

Luckily, not everyone is like that man. But, the sad truth is, the tension amongst people is clearly building up. There is so much unnecessary hate floating around. We need to be wiser than that.

I’ve been noticing a lot of pressure within myself too. Many things, I wouldn’t otherwise give a second thought to, irritate me. And I am working hard to dissolve these irritations. Part of me thinks, this is because we spend more time on our gadgets where we are surrounded by too much information from other people. So, if you need to take a break from these gadgets, I would definitely recommend limiting their use. Try to filter what you let in.

So, the question is: What can we do when the tension is clearly building up around us? How can we stay in control in the middle of this chaos?’ We need to remain as calm as we possibly can. I know this can be easier said than done, but when you are in a calm state of mind, you are able to see what you are not able to see when you are anxious, in fear or over-reacting. When you are in a calm state of mind, you will be able to see things from a different perspective and also notice solutions instead of all the obstacles and negativity. That’s why I call calmness your secret superpower.

To help you out, I created a simple meditation. Even if you’ve never meditated before, give it a go. Make yourself comfortable and let my voice be your guide. I believe it can help you feel better. You can access it at the link below.

Stay safe and look after yourselves. 

Jana x 


How to stay disciplined

These days, during the current outbreak, we can get easily caught up in the media and chaos, and forget about our daily routines. We can get out of balance and our thoughts can get out of control. We can unintentionally de-tour into some bad habits, such as comfort eating, addiction to the news, social media or even self-pity.

In these chaotic times, it is important, more than ever, to stay disciplined and keeping our vibration as high as possible. We need to prevent falling into some unwanted, bad habits that can lead us down hill even more. I know this may not be easy, especially when we are feeling so worried right now. But, sticking to our little routines, like having a glass of water first thing in the morning, keeping up our 5-minute meditation practice or doing the 20 sit-ups we said we are going to do every single day, can work miracles. We need to stay motivated, we need to stay inspired, we need to stay in control.

I fully understand that staying disciplined can be a challenge to many people, but it is the discipline that can bring many incredible benefits into your life.

If you want to know how to stayed disciplined, I’d love to share with you some of my favourite tips. I believe they can inspire you or at least re-direct your attention to something different than the current news.

Keep your word

When you say you are going to do something, do it. Stick to your word. You will not only be respected by others, but it will make you feel good about yourself too. Keep a word to yourself for your own peace of mind and keep a word to others, so they can rely on you.

Remove temptations

For me, personally, social media can be a big temptation, especially when I’m working from home. These days when there is so much going on, we can get easily caught up scrolling through our news feeds and forget that we were doing something productive just a few minutes ago. If you find it difficult, put your phone in another room while you are working on something. This works like magic.


Write down all the things that are important to you and you need to get done. When something is written down, do it. Don’t postpone and don’t procrastinate. Make appointments with yourself. Put them in your diary. Try this approach for a week or so and see how much more organised you’ll feel.

Praise yourself for your little successes

When you are starting to be more disciplined in life, praise yourself for all your little accomplishments. It can be as little as not looking at your phone for 2 hours, when you are so used to checking it every few minutes. It can also be pausing for moment twice a day and taking a few, deep, conscious breaths. Celebrate your little successes.

I will leave you with these powerful words by Abraham Lincoln:

‘Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.’ 

Staying calm in the midst of chaos

A few days ago my boyfriend and I went grocery shopping. The supermarket shelves were half-empty and people were panic-buying. We could sense the energy of lack and anxiety floating around. At the same time, it was so interesting to observe how people react in these sorts of situations. There is no need to even verbalise what we are all currently dealing with in the world. Well, you are surrounded by it by more than an hourly media reminders and reports. Everyone’s talking about it at work, at home, you name it.

When there is something going in our lives, not only in the world, most of us have a difficulty to remain calm and in control. Many people have a tendency to panic and even go to some extreme behaviour that may even surprise themselves. Witnessing what is currently going on in the world is a clear example of that. At times like these it’s important, more than ever, to stand in our power, stay in control and not to get too drawn into the chaos that surrounds us. I’m not saying to be ignorant or not to get informed, but we need to filter the information that has been given to us and don’t believe entirely everything ‘they’ tell us. We need to be wiser than that, and most importantly, think for ourselves. It’s good to be cautious, but not to go overboard.

The truth is, there is so much scarcity and anxiety in the world right now and it seems so much easier to get drawn into it fully rather than seeing it from a different perspective. These days, in general, we are surrounded by so much information, but also mis-information that can easily mislead us. Years ago, when we only had black and white televisions and no internet, we had a completely different perspective on things. When there was something going on in the world, we would maybe briefly say a few words about it to a work colleague or somebody at the bus stop and ask them: ‘Did you hear about this-that…?’ They would say yes or no, and maybe we wouldn’t even give it a second thought. But, because these days information is practically everywhere, and we are surrounded by it every second of every day, it’s difficult to escape it. Therefore we tend to overanalyse and exaggerate.

But there is another side of this too: The unnecessary, humorous remarks some people make about a rather serious situation. We are witnessing this daily on social media in a form of intentionally ‘funny posts’. I think we need to really ask ourselves whether we want to be making fun of it. At the same time, I do understand that those who are sharing these sorts of posts are trying to perceive the situation from a lighter perspective. I get it. My only problem with it is this: I don’t think any of  these remarks are funny to those people who have lost someone they truly loved and cared about in this or are currently going through it.’ 

So, how do we stay calm in the midst of this chaos?

Let’s look after ourselves and protect ourselves and those around us. Let’s get informed, but filter the information that comes to us (there is also lots of mis-information going around). Let’s keep on a positive frequency, trust our intuition, our inner voice, and if it tells us not to do something or go somewhere, let’s listen to it. Let’s be more respectful towards others and think twice what we share or not share on social media.

If you have got this far, thank you for reading. I wanted to express few of my thoughts on this and I hope you found it helpful.

Stay safe and well, my friends! 

Jana x 

Do you feel less than…?

I used to feel like I was less than other people. I had a lack of self-love, self-worth and self-confidence. I was putting other people and their needs ahead of mine, thinking they were better than me, because of their social class, a ‘fancy job title’, you name it. When I look back, I think this is absolutely ridiculous, but yes, this is what I used to believe and it was making my life difficult in so many ways.

Sadly, there are so many people around the world who feel this way because their past beliefs may be controlling their lives, and what we believe will always be reflected back to us just like if we were looking in the mirror. But this is not to make anyone a victim. Not at all. What we focus on always expands, so it is very important to ask ourselves, whether we want to still believe what someone has told us about us or not.

You decide what you want to accept and believe, and what you want to discard.

My hope for this new decade is that we can finally start dissolving all these outdated beliefs, such as one is better than another. The truth is, we are all human beings and we should all be treated equally, without being afraid to speak up or stand up for ourselves, no matter what category someone put us in, in the past. This is what creates division, separation and so much pain. I think this new decade should be the decade where we finally wake up and start doing something about this issue, so the next generations can feel freer. Some of you may think that’s quite an ambitious vision and may even be impossible. Perhaps… But, if many people with great intentions come together, why not? One of many great things that came out of my personal struggles, is to think big and stopped believing in the impossible.

Where can we begin?

Let’s be an example to others by treating everyone the way we want to be treated. Let’s be more loving and compassionate towards  each other and treat people with love, respect, no matter of their so called’ social class or a job title. I know many people won’t even need this reminder, because they are already respectful and would not even consider treating others disrespectfully, but if you’ve ever looked down on someone, let this be your reminder.

And if you are someone who sometimes feels less than other people, please know that this isn’t who you truly are. You are more than good enough. You are worthy of amazing things in life, no matter what lie you have accepted in the past about yourself.  You matter and you can make a decision to see yourself in a different light at any given moment. You are a unique individual with so much greatness within you and a potential to do some wonderful things in life.

Jana x 

How exciting is it to finally step out of your comfort zone?

Last week, I’ve decided to start making motivational videos again. These videos are very spontaneous. When an inspiration comes to me, I just get my phone or a computer out and press record. Talking in front of the camera never felt natural to me, but after hearing an inner voice over and over again, that this is what I should be doing, I’ve decided to get to work. I like stepping out of my comfort zone, even though I often go through the overwhelming feelings of a resistance and sometimes fear. But, I’d rather be pushing through that resistance and fear than living with the thought: ‘I wish I’ve done that.’ Life is too short for that.

When it comes to being afraid to do something, I love the advice from Mel Robbins: When you are scared, tell yourself that you are very excited.’ She says, and I’m paraphrasing now: Your brain doesn’t know the difference between being scared and being excited, so you may as well use it to your advantage.’ I absolutely love that outlook, so I began applying it into my life. The results I’ve been getting have been pleasantly surprising. On top of that, I also stopped worrying so much what other people think of me. My messages are not for everyone, I understand that, and the truth is, we are not here to be everyone’s cup of tea anyway. And all of that is okay. However, we are here to be ourselves and to do our best in any given moment.

So today, I have a question for you: ‘Have you recently stepped out of your comfort zone and started doing what you always wanted to do?’ If so, tell me about it in the comments below or PM me. I love hearing your inspiring stories.

I’m also attaching my Step into your Future visualisation to this post. Listen to it daily for 14 days at least. The affirmations are very powerful and specifically designed to help you step out of your comfort zone 🙂

And lastly, if you would like to watch some of my most recent videos, visit my YouTube Channel:

I hope they will inspire you.

Jana x

Is it time to upgrade your relationships?

I believe everyone comes to our life for a reason. But, not all of these people will stay in our life for a lifetime. Some of them may only come for a season, perhaps for a few years, a decade maybe, and others may only be passing by. And, that’s all okay. We are all learning, growing, changing, shifting our perspective, and it is perfectly fine for every single person on this planet to choose who they want to surround themselves by in this particular time in life.

So, I have a few questions for you: Have you ever had a feeling you need to do a little clear-out in your circles or maybe to upgrade your relationships? Are you keeping in touch with certain people, just to be nice, or because they have always been there, but the truth is, you have nothing in common anymore? Do you dread picking up the phone when you see a particular name on your telephone screen? Are there any people in your life who have been holding you back for years or are just too negative and dragging you down? Are there people in your life, who don’t really care about you (you just know this), don’t answer your text messages, ignore your emails and only contact you when they need something?’ 

Well, my friend, it may be time to let go.

This may sound a bit harsh, but some people are not meant to share this journey with you, or to put more precisely, be part of the journey you are on right now. We often know when the friendship or a relationship has served its purpose, but the hard part is to let go. I know you care about other people’s feelings and worry how they would they react, because you are a genuine and a nice person. But, you always have to put yourself first, and if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. On the other hand, if you truly care about the relationship and want to save it, the wiser choice would be to sit down and talk it through with the other person.

But sometimes, it really is a time to let go. When you finally let go, you’ll feel lots of weight coming off your shoulders. You’ll feel you can see more clearly and breathe more easily. This way, you will also make space for some new people to come into your life; the people who are meant to be part of your journey.

It is perfectly okay not to hang around with people you used to go to school or college with, or some former work colleagues you have nothing in common anymore. You have all grown on many different levels, may want different things now and just simply not much to say to each other anymore. Letting go can be a steady process, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process filled with anger and resentment. It can be a process filled with love, grace and compassion. And how this is done is all up to you.

I’m mentioning this topic today not to make anyone feel bad, but because not many people are talking about it. We are living in this, sometimes fake and dishonest, reality we created ourselves, and this reality is pressuring everyone to accept and believe the fact that it’s okay to live this way when it clearly isn’t.

Enough of fake relationships, enough of dishonesty, enough of pretending. 

Try this:

If you feel it’s time to let go, sit quietly and take a few deep breaths to get centred. Then, ask yourself (your inner wisdom): ‘How can I let go of this person gracefully and without hurting them?’ The answer may come to you immediately or later. Be open and listen. And by listening, I mean being open to any intuitive message you receive, any signs and synchronicities. Then, every time you think of this person during the day, try to send them loving thoughts and see them as a fellow soul that came to this earth to learn, to grow, to experience whatever it needs to experience. They are also scared, unsure and uncertain of many things, just like you. Be compassionate towards them and let them go steadily and gracefully. Forgive them and wish them well on the next part of their journey. This relationships has served its purpose and it’s okay to let go, without any hard feelings.

What is this teaching us?

For many, the start of the year hasn’t been so easy. So many sad things have been happening in the world. We’ve lost some beautiful people, there have been disasters, tragedies and more. Even in my own life, I’ve received some unexpected sad news and have been through challenges, which I’m going to keep private for now.

I wish we could just rewind these last few weeks and start all over again, and perhaps make a better start.
But, looking at all these examples, I also believe, it’s important to ask ourselves: ‘What can we learn from these sad and challenging experiences…and, actually…is there anything to learn from them?’ 
Well, all of them are definitely teaching us something….
They are perhaps teaching us to be stronger, more resilient and to finally start living our lives fully, instead of only existing. They may be teaching us to be more grateful, loving and compassionate towards others, and of course, towards ourselves too. Perhaps, they are teaching us to start enjoying our lives a bit more and stop investing our precious energy to things that don’t really matter. They are maybe trying to tell us, to be more ourselves and stop trying too hard to play the pretentious game of being somebody we are not to impress those who don’t really care anyway. They are maybe teaching us to be more forthcoming, more honest and tell our loved ones, as often as we possibly can, how much we love them and appreciate them before it’s too late. Or maybe, they are just telling us to be less fearful and more courageous, to finally step out of our comfort zone and start doing what we truly desire.
So, if this year began with some challenges for you, please keep the faith that things will get better. Trust and know in your heart, that after every storm the clouds will disappear and the sun will shine again.

Let’s be brave & let’s keep going

My little niece is almost three. After the Holidays, she started going to nursery. The first day at the nursery went great. She had a lovely time with her teacher and playing with the other kids in her classroom. Although the first day went beyond our expectations, the following day, in the morning, she felt a little uneasy to go back. She had tears in her eyes and was resisting it. Then, as soon as she’s noticed her teacher and the other kids in the classroom, she said to my sister: ‘Mum, wipe my tears, I’m going in.’ What a brave, little girl. When my sister told me this story, I was so proud of her and it made me emotional too. That’s the right attitude’… I thought to myself. It has also inspired today’s blog post, where I want to talk to you about bravery.

Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone? Is there something you want to be doing, but you are just too scared to take the first step? Do you have any limiting beliefs which have been holding you back? Well, you are not alone. We all have our own fears, we hesitate, we second-guess whether we are able to do something or not.

Some of you who follow my Mystic Butterfly posts for a while might have heard this story from my pilot training. When I was learning to fly I was excited about flying, but I was also scared. Especially when it came to the first, few solo flights. My heart would be raising, my palms would sweat and I would feel very uneasy every time I was about to take the aeroplane up to the skies on my own.

Well, ever since I can remember I have been quite a fearful person. At school I was afraid to raise my hand and speak up when I had to, I used to be quite apprehensive to make a complaint at the department store, which I had every rights to make or to stand up for myself when somebody made fun of me. I’m naturally a quiet and introverted person, and to navigate, with my nature, in the world that is definitely built for the outgoing and extroverted people has always been a challenge.

After a while, realising I need to toughen up, I learnt to be stronger and gained some confidence which served me well, even though I’m still an introvert and I always will be. I’ve realised, that if I want to do something, I have to go out there, face my fears and get it. I learnt how to step out of my comfort zone sometimes, even though I was scared. So, despite my fear, I would get out there and do what I was afraid to do. I realised, it is better to ride with a fear than living with a wondering, what if I did that. I also used this strategy while learning to fly and it brought so many rewards into my life, not only my pilot’s license. I learned so much about myself, about my life and what I’m capable of doing when I set my mind to it.

Is there any area in your life where you could you be more brave, more forthcoming, more outspoken, to be more your authentic self? Take a deep breath and despite all the fears and any crazy scenarios and lies your mind comes up with, take a first step. Even the smallest steps can slowly add up to great results. Say a big YES to new things. Do at least one thing that scares you every week, even every day. Be your own encourager and never ever give up.

One dream at the time

This week’s post is a follow-up to the last week’s one. I’m sure you have many dreams you would like to accomplish this year. Do some of them seem crazy to others? If so, good. We should all be dreaming as big as we possibly can, and at the same time protect these dreams. You should never give a permission to anyone to make fun of them. If they think your dreams are too big or impossible, they are basically saying they are out of their reach, but this doesn’t have to be true for you. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and protect them from ridicule.

So, you have dreams, some bigger, some smaller, but there are all yours and all very important. Now, it’s time to start bringing them into reality. When it comes to fulfilling your dreams, I find that focusing on one dream at the time, often gives you the best results. This process is not messy and on top of that, you’ll have clarity in your mind and a peace in your soul.

Many of us want to do so many things and we often want them all at the same time. There is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to our dreams, we also need to be strategic.

I learned this the hard way, because ever since I can remember I always dreamed big and the list of my dreams has always been long. In the past, I would try to do so many things at the same time and often didn’t know what to focus on first. Back then, the whole process looked extremely messy and on top of that, I felt very uneasy, burnt out and I wasn’t heading anywhere. Learning to prioritise and work towards one dream at the time, however, made a huge difference in my life and I finally started seeing the results I was hoping for.

Here is what I did and can help you too:

I took a piece of paper and wrote down all the things I’d like to accomplish in a year time. Then, I narrowed it down to what I’d like to accomplish in the first six months of that year. From there, I chose one thing which is most important to me right now, and I’m going to commit to. This way I gained clarity.

Once I have the dream I’m going to focus on, I make sure I take at least couple of steps towards it every single day. The steps don’t have to be too big, but I do make sure I do something daily (it can be as small as reading a couple of pages of the book of the subject you want to master e.g.). If things get difficult, I remind myself why I have chosen this dream in the first place. I visualise how I’m going to feel once it’s accomplished, I take a deep breath and carry on.

Of course, sometimes we feel tired, demotivated, even exhausted or get sick. It’s good to take some time out too and re-focus our attention to something else for a little while. It is also equally important to look after ourselves every single day, eat healthy food, exercise our bodies and be generally good to ourselves. Find a balance that works for you.

I hope my little strategy will inspire you. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest out. I know your dreams are important to you and you can absolutely bring them into a reality. Keep going, never give up and most importantly, believe in yourself.

Happy New Decade!

We have a brand new year, a brand new decade ahead of us, filled with many opportunities and adventures. Everything is fresh, everything is new. Are you excited?

This is the time when many people start setting intentions to finally do what they always wanted to do, or to things differently than they’ve done them previously. The truth is, we don’t need a new year or a new decade to start fresh. We can decide in any given moment to begin whatever we want to begin. But, because it is a new year, I hope you don’t mind me say a few words about setting intentions, with a hope that it will inspire you.

For me, this new year, is all about following my dreams and letting go limiting beliefs that have previously held me back. I used to have the ‘achieve and succeed’ kind of mindset, and that helped me to accomplish so many amazing things in life. But, in the last year or so, I’ve also started focusing more on enjoying the process of fulfilling my desires, and it is much more fun. After all, life is a journey.

At the same time, I don’t want to be procrastinating and waiting for a better time to begin what is important to me. I’ve decided to claim, that I am worthy of my dreams, even the ones which seem completely crazy to others. If something matters to me, I’m going to do my absolute best to make it happen. I’m not going to let the past, limiting beliefs hold me back anymore from fulfilling my true potential.

And one of the desires which is extremely important to me, is to be of great service to the world. I want to continue to inspire you, motivate you and support you in bringing your own dreams into reality, and to help you live a happier and more fulfilling lives. Of course, to do this, I always need to support myself first. I need to protect my own energy, so I can feel grounded, fulfilled and inspired, and then I can be of help to others.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is to help you step into your own power fully, and realise that you are worthy and more than capable of so many amazing things in life. You deserve it all and more. So, stop getting distracted by the noise of the world, stop being discouraged, demotivated and influenced by other people’s opinions and focus on what matters to you. Focus on it fully. Commit to upgrading your life (whatever this means to you) and start creating the one you want to experience. And most importantly, look after yourself and do it the best way you possibly can. When you are well and happy, than you can also help other people.

To assist you in this process, I’ve created a brand new meditation (some of you may have listened to it already), called the ‘New You Meditation’. This meditation is designed to help you stay on the right track, when you are starting to make a new choices in life. Listen to it as often as possible. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

You can access it here:

My hope and my intention for you is to have a fantastic year. Stay positive, stay motivated, look after yourself and keep your focus on the things that are important to you. And, if I can assist you in any way in this process, please do let me know. You can book your Free Introductory Coaching Session with me here:

With love and best wishes,

Jana x